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2014 – You’ve Been GREAT!

30 Dec , 2014  

Although all the Méduse team are looking forward to having a big bash to celebrate the New Year, we’re also thinking about all the fantastic stuff we’ve been lucky enough to be a part of and how 2014 might just be our favourite year yet!

Firstly we had great time at fashion exhibition Who’s Next where we got to show off our jellies to some of the trendiest people in Paris.

We also got to work with those stylish girls at Paulette, who showed off their chicness in our SUN jellies.

And lastly, but possibly most importantly, we’ve been spreading the jelly love with you guys and in return you have shared your experiences with us through all your snazzy Instagram photos.

So yes 2014 has been ‘jellytastic’, however that just means we have to try even harder to make 2015 even better!

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