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The Jelly Lesson – How to wear jelly shoes with your best friend!

28 May , 2015  

Feature image _ Meduse blog week 213

Your weekly jelly lesson, from us to you.

Jelly Step One: There are many ways you
can match your jellies with your best
friend. But let’s start with colour. How
about a mix of dark and light blue
(like our SUN cobalt and vert d’eau)?

blog illustrations week 21_Besties! - Copy

Jelly Step Two: Or, you could
totally rock the #teamjellies look
by matching your jellies and SOCKS!

blog illustrations week 21_Besties!2 - Copy

Jelly Step Three: You know what
we love? We love a colour contrast! And
who better to do it with, than with your
BFF? Let’s go orange and blue!

blog illustrations week 21_Besties!3

Jelly Step Four: Sorry, we haven’t
finished yet! What’s the ultimate
colour contrast? Could it be a spot of
monochrome magic?

blog illustrations week 21_Besties!4

Jelly Step Five: Or how about going 
all out and showing off a sassy salmon-
pink in SUN and Javana! Two styles. One

blog illustrations week 21_Besties!5

However you rock the #teamjellies look. Double the jellies, double the better! Stand bold and show the world what you’ve got!

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Méduse Original People

Méduse Talks With… Steph!

27 May , 2015  

Steph - Featured image (2)

At Méduse, we strive to seek out the underground talents who share our values. Every week, a new star…

“What I truly love and live for is fashion”

She is a fashion lover and a fierce and fabulous character! Steph from Singapore, brings with her style tips and a creative eye! Check it out!

M: Who are you Jelly lover?
S:  I’m Steph and I haul from Singapore! By day I’m a digital marketer, by night I’m a dancer; specialising the style of Waacking.
But what I truly love and live for is fashion! I love experimenting with styling. Currently I’m running a mini project called “365 ootd” where I aim to wear 365 different outfits! So that takes my creativity and innovation in styling to a new level. You can check them out by searching the tag #mianbaoootd. Through this mini project I hope to inspire more people to be creative with styling. You don’t have to buy new clothes all the time you know. :-)

M: CHALLENGE! We saw your blog article on tropical prints for this season ;-). Can you combine our SUN jellies and tropical print in a styleboard?!
 S – White-based tropical printed romper
    –  Yellow Méduse jelly sandals
    – Yellow bandana hairband
    – Tortoise-shell sunglasses
    – Navy nautical beach bag.
Steph - Styleboard


M: Name 3 things on your Bucket List.
S: 1) To explore the Amazon
     2) Go to Paris / Milan fashion week
     3) To attend either a Saint Laurent / Dior show.

M: Do you prefer to live by day or by night? Why?
S: Day of course! I love exploring places and I think that’s best done in the day isn’t it? (haha)
But I love the sunshine, even though I hate getting tanned and I feel the day is so much more vibrant!

So…we have an amazing styleboard, some top fashion tips and a must see Instagram profile ! Her blog and Twitter are pretty awesome too 😉  

What about you? What designer’s show would you like to attend? Comment here!


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How to pick the perfect jellies for dancing!

21 May , 2015  

set featured image _week 20


Your weekly jelly lesson, from us to you.

Jelly Step 1: Elegant. Graceful. Expressive.
Our girly bow-laced Satine are the perfect
shoes for beautiful ballet.

Meduse dance 2

Jelly Step 2: Jazz! With sassy saxophones and
melodic piano harmonies, you need a
shoe that’s flexible and flat. How about our
sexy Salsada pumps?

Meduse dance 3

Jelly Step 3: Ooh Jive… it’s lively, boppy and
happy. With our Nikita, the heeled jellies
will give you the boost you need to swing and
boogie the night away!

Meduse dance 4

Jelly Step 4: Can you feel the carnival fever
in your feet? The sound of samba screams for
a pair of Javana shoes! A slight heel, with plenty
of movement!

Meduse dance 5

Jelly Step 5: Ahh.. you can pop, lock, and drop
some hip-hop in our SUN jellies. They’re punchy
springy, and they make a statement. Hell yeah!

Meduse dance 1

Our Méduse love to move, prance and dance about! But what about you? Which pair of jellies, would you like to dance in?


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Méduse Talks With… Mélanie

20 May , 2015  

Melanie - featured image

At Méduse, we strive to seek out the underground talents who share our values. Every week, a new star…

“Méduses make my feet happy”

Floral prints, pastel tones and an eye for detail! Welcome to an intriguing world of a true Parisienne, make way for Mélanie…

M: So Mélanie! If your name appeared in a dictionary, what would it say?
MB:  The definition of my name could mean something like ‘to be romantic’. It means to recognise beauty, the sublime, bring special moments and enjoy the little things in life. For example, you why not buy flowers for yourself, frame a postcard, write with a special pen, experience new things, smile, taste new flavours, walk aimlessly,discover new places, and most of all – enjoy the moments.

M: We’re totally in love with your Instagram and your use of soft colours and patterns! What is your inspiration behind your photography?
MB: My inspiration mainly comes from images I find on Pinterest and from other Instagram profiles. I love to follow Jésus Sauvage and Local Milk in particular. I like pictures to feature small details which show a snapshot of everyday life. I like taking ordinary photos and I try to enhance them by showing a specific detail or snapping in a certain angle. I take loads of photos, to make sure I get the perfect photo and I notice that from each snapshot I take, my photos become better and the beauty becomes more alive. It’s a philosophy of life!



M: Can you finish this sentence? ‘Jelly and…?
MB: The first thing that comes to mind is a small slogan “Méduses make my feet smile”. I think it’s a good translation of my state of mind when I decide to wear my pair of Méduses. I know my friends notice them –  first, they smile and then they’re reminded of their childhood. There is always a debate about jelly shoes and I like that. I have been complimented at the train station, in the supermarket and at uni! People are both nostalgic and happy to see Méduses are still on stage! I mainly wear them in Paris, and definitely not as a part of a fancy dress outfit! It’s a fashion accessory – they’re fun, quirky and eye-catching!

M: We know you’re a total jelly lover! So we have a challenge for you! Your mission is to create an outfit which is blinging and sparkling, to match with your glittery gold Méduse! Are you up for it? Send us a photo of your creation!
MB: Here are some photos I took this weekend showing my way of wearing Méduse!



And the outfit is just like we imagined – hip, classic yet swanky! Thank you Mélanie for taking the time to share your story with us. Who’s up for flicking through Mélanie’s awesome Instagram? We are! 

What about you? How would you complete this slogan? Méduse and…? Comment here!


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The Jelly Lesson: How to wear your Méduse Jelly Shoes on the Red Carpet

14 May , 2015  

Untitled design

Your weekly jelly lesson, from us to you.

Jelly Step 1: Remember this awesome blue and silver
patterned dress, sported by none other than
Léa Seydoux? We think it’d be simply parfait with our
sassy silver Capri!


verses 3 and blog ills 35Jelly Step 2: This one’s an oldie, but a goldie. Gold is glam
and going on the red carpet – you’ve gotta be glam. Take
golden tips from Linda Evangelista, and pair it with our
sparkly gold NIKITA.

Linda Eva Gold Dress

nikita glitter illu

Jelly Step 3: On a red carpet, you’ve gotta stand
out. And who else better to admire than  Björk!
This pink perfection number is a match
made in heaven with our Bonbon SUN Méduse.


verses 3 and blog ills 33

Jelly Step 4: You don’t have to wear a dress
to look fab on the red carpet! Just take a
few notes from Kristen Stewart and add a
twist with our Nacre SUN Méduse.

CANNES, FRANCE - MAY 23: Actress Kristen Stewart attends the 'Clouds Of Sils Maria' premiere during the 67th Annual Cannes Film Festival on May 23, 2014 in Cannes, France. (Photo by Jean Catuffe/FilmMagic)

sun nacre

Jelly Step 5: But on the red carpet, going chic
simple and girly is always going to be a winner.
Audrey Tatou’s dress is a piece of magic with
our Jutam Paille.


Whether you’re working the glitter and studs, or classic fabrics, we like to think that wearing Méduse is the piece of magic that will get the paparazzi snapping away.

So, red carpet + jellies = ?

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The Colour Edit: Blue, a Colour for a King / Queen

13 May , 2015  


Blue strip

Colour – it’s what makes our minds tick. 

Discovered when the Egyptians found ‘lapis lazuli’, blue was seen as colour that was rich, royal and
regal. So what is the story of blue, from then to now?

– Around 2500BC, Egyptians experimented with inventing the world’s first artificial pigment,
the ‘Egyptian blue’ – hoorah! The world then followed suit…

– The industrial age was when the perception of the rich blue changed – ‘workaday woad’ was
a plant used to create blue fabric dye. Unfortunately it reeked (as it was made with manure)
and the colour was not as intense. Boo!

– But with the wave of modern manufacturing methods, blue pigments became cheaper. Cue
Picasso and his blue period from 1901…

– And from the 1950’s to present, blue has never been more alive. From Elvis’s Blue Suede
Shoes to the blue and black dress (or white and gold ha!), blue is in all areas of life.

How do you see blue? Rich and regal? Or, awesome and accessible?

Blue strip




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The Jelly Lesson: How to wear plastic… with plastic jelly shoes!

7 May , 2015  


Your weekly jelly lesson, from us to you.

Jelly Step 1: If you’re in the mood for a
night out – how about this perfect plastic
creation by Christopher Kane with our
silver glitter NIKITA?


Jelly Step 2: Raining outside? Well you
can look bloomin’ gorgeous with this
cute floral rainmac from Topshop, teamed
with our Saumon Jumpy boots.


Jelly Step 3: Everyone needs an umbrella!
We’re in love with this birdcage umbrella
by Lulu Guinness, and we think it’s perfect
to go with our Vert d’eau Salsa.


Jelly Step 4: Neon and plastic are a match
made in heaven. And you know what else?
Colour clashing too! This neon bag from New
is ace with our coral SUNLIGHT!


Jelly Step 5: Match what’s on your feet, with
what’s on your face. Sunny sunglasses from
Urban Outfitters, matched with our SUN
jelly sandals.


As Andy Warhol once said ‘everybody is plastic, but I love plastic, I want to be plastic’ – we couldn’t agree more. So guys, how would you wear some fantastic plastic, with our plastic jelly shoes?

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Méduse Original People

Méduse Talks… With Madame Virgule

6 May , 2015  

Meduse - Interview Fanny featured

At Méduse, we strive to seek out the underground talents who share our values. Every week, a new star…

“Ambitious – I’m always pushing onwards and upwards.”

Following Fanny’s footsteps on her blog Madame Virgule, we’re curious to know more about the current fashion trends that are ticking all over Europe. But first, let’s see what the madame has to say!

M: Describe yourself in 3 words?
F: Natural – that’s what my family says, I don’t want to seem pretentious! Chatty – even during the night, oh my poor darling boyfriend haha! Ambitious – I’m always pushing onwards and upwards.

M: If you could live life in one colour, what would it be?
F: Blue, without a doubt! ( That’s the reason why I love the Jumpy vert d’eau!)


M: Name 3 things on your Bucket List.
F: Go on a round the world trip. Have a family (dog included haha). Have my own company.

M: Tell a joke. Go!

F: Well, I am not an expert in making jokes, but I find this one rather cute :)

Two angels are talking:

– What’s the weather like tomorrow?
– Cloudy.
– Good! Then we’ll be able to sit.

It’s cute – but we love it! Thank you Fanny for agreeing to have this lovely chat with us. Catch the Madame herself on Instagram and on her blog.

And what about you – if you could live life in one colour, what would it be? Comment here!




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