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27 Mar , 2015  

Explore ‘A Week With Méduse’ to find our highlights, picks and Méduse photos from fans around the world. 

If you’ve been keeping your eyes peeled this week, you’ll know that we’ve been feeling rather arty and abstract.

Yep, this week was all about expressing yourself (just like Labrinth), and in our case – Expressing Méduse!

So with that in mind, we spoke to two very, very talented girls, who express Méduse in their own individual way.

First we spoke to Ruvé Staneke, an Australian artist who creates self portraits and can dream and sketch jellies!

Ruvé Staneke


And yesterday, we spoke to Virginie! A girl who loves to dive into creating NIKITA and JUMPY! Take a look at this!


Screenshot (34)

And now here we are! Let’s take a look at how YOU have expressed your Méduse this week…

Shining bright like a sparkly Méduse diamond, it’s @whatmatterstomary!

Mary Anderson Jelly Shoes



Next we have is @gloogle who’s ready for the best bike ride EVER in her Vert d’eau jellies!

Gloogle Meduse Jelly Shoes


SPOILER ! And here we have next week’s star! @jo_lignac – of course she’s in pink jellies!

Jo Lignac Jelly Shoes


From all the way in Japan @kuumuuk has opened an early Christmas present 😉 Zebra Jumpy!

Kuumuuk Meduse Jumpy Boots


And last up, it’s @pillapon1 in yet another snazzy outfit with Jumpy!

Pillapon 1 Meduse Jumpy Boots


We love seeing your Méduse pics, so share them on Instagram with the hashtag #Meduse and tag @meduseoriginal to feature on our blog! For now, we’re off, but here’s a clue for next week’s theme…


Who’s there?


Méduse who?




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