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4 Apr , 2015  

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What is a shark’s favourite sandwich?

JELLYFISH of course! *laughter everywhere… which quickly fades away*

Yep, we’ve been cracking out our HILARIOUS jokes this week, as a part of our April Fool’s week! As well as the lols, we caught up with a Nantaise blogger Eva, who took us on a unicorn ride through her world, and Joséphine, who also took us on a trip through her universe in Méduse… and lots and lots of pink!

PicMonkey Collage Eva and Josephine

We’ve also spotted the trio of stars who’ve been working their Méduse this week!

She’s ready for Easter in Jumpy! Hop to it @emmie_eliott 😉

Emma- meduse regram


Just chillaxing by the beach in Jumpy, no better way @oriane.ornithorynque

Ornithorynque - Meduse regram


And @quattrorish! You can never have enough Jumpy boots, right? 😉

Quattorish - Meduse regram


That’s all for this week, but we’re still feeling in the mood for EGGcellent jokes, in time for next week’s ‘Méduse Easter Hunt’ theme – so we’ll leave you with this…

Why did the Easter egg hide? 

Because he was a chicken.

Have a great Easter weekend! X


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