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A Week With Méduse…

10 Mar , 2015  

Ahhhh… that’s the sound of us putting our jelly feet up. A rest is needed after the week we’ve had! On Monday, we finished off an amazing 4 days at teh fashion trade show Who’s Next 2015, and boy did we finish it off in style. In a true Méduse fashion, the wrap up went on until late into the night, glow in the dark style! Have you checked out our SUNLIGHT jellies yet? Put it this way – they’re the perfect pair of shoes to go rave the night away!

PicMonkey Collage rave

Of course, we showed off our upcoming collection – we’re talking new styles, colours and designs that are destined to be a perfect fit for you. I guess you can’t wait to see it too now! Overall the experience was great – we were on our feet all day, setting the scene, meeting new faces and keeping ourselves caffeinated. Here are some snapshots, from our weekend! Jumpy galore!

whos next 6whos next 5 whos next 4








We also had a chance to catch up with you guys, and as always – you continue to impress us with your Méduse magic. We’re wrapping up this week, with these Instagram heroes, who know how to work the Jumpy and jelly world. Step this way!

First up we have @audeboudard who is making Méduse footprints in the sand…



Next up is @chatfoin who is enjoying a spot of sparkly snow in Flampail!

@m_ham_muler has ticked off her winter checklist! Duffle coat – check! Snuggle scarf – check! Black Jumpy boots – CHECK!



Strolling the streets in Méduse… @margauxlgr



Bootiful in brown Jumpy boots @yukarisienne!


There’s only one Méduse! Isn’t that right @lescamaindemariecarla? 😉

lesacamaindemariecarla 2


And there you have it! Another week over, many more to come! Have a great weekend guys! Which is your favourite picture?

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