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Ballad of Jen’s Jellies

10 Mar , 2015  

Hi! I’m the Jen to my jellies, and this is the ballad to my Méduse.

I’m in the wonderful city of London. Beautiful sights. An adventure of senses. And with me on my journey, are my Méduse.


Blue- chosenedited blue-chosenedited2

As much as I love strolling around for a chilly walk, there’s nothing quite like running around in my summer SUN jellies, in the beautiful tropics. I’m always dreaming of exotic places – aren’t you too?! I can just feel the rush of the waves filling in the gaps of my Méduse jellies… that is summer.

But that’s one thing I like about London – the nature. Even though it’s a hustling and bustling city, there’s always a patch of green. The overgrown leaves remind me of palm trees and my deep blue Salsa Méduse are the perfect pair shoes to spark my memories of a dark blue sea…


pink chosen edited

pink chosenedited

If there’s a shoe that is going to put a spring in my step, it’s got to be my sweet, pink SUN jellies! Look how funky they are! They take me on a candy-filled journey, full of adventure and new surprises. When I wear these, all I want to do is search for the nearest sweet shop or patisserie and gorge on strawberry bon bons and pink icing! Mmm…


yellow chosen edited yellow chosenedited

And finally my sunny yellow SUN jellies – boy, do they stand our from the crowd! If you need a statement piece, or boost of energy, these jellies are definitely the ones to wear when you need a little POP! In the city of London, the colour yellow is used to alert and shine out from all other colours – something that my sunshine yellow jellies, fit perfectly into ;-).

So that’s my story and I want to know about yours! What Méduse do you wear in the city?

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