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Méduse talks with… Le Laboratoire des Modes

23 Sep , 2015  

Last week we spoke to Yiyou from Mars… but this week it’s all about speaking to Le Laboratoire des Modes!
La Laboratoire des Modes is a Méduse superfan with a true passion for fashion! She reveals what life as a fashionista is like, including blogging, funny moments in fashion and what you can get up to in Nantes!

There has got to be rain shoes that are both chic and lovely, right? This is why I bought my first pair of adult Méduse!”

Adeline, blogger from Nantes, France

M –  We discovered you sporting a lovely outfit in Méduse on Instagram. Who’s behind the pseudo Le Laboratoire des Modes?
L – My name is Adeline Turbé-Mitard. After being a fashion secretary to the press in Paris for more than 10 years (for well and less-known brands, in women, men, luxury kids fashion, lingerie and jewellery), I settled in Nantes 4 years ago. Passionate about fashion, today I’m a freelance copywriter. I work with fashion brands but also brands that are beauty or tourism related (and other fields too, if there’s the opportunity!). Between press releases, e-commerce content, designers’ biographies, interviews, etc… my computer is my best friend ;-). I have also managed the blog ‘Le Laboratoire des Modes’ over the past 3 years, to keep a freedom of writing style, tone and themes. It’s also the opportunity for me to talk about my local and regional favorites and to meet designers behind a brand or a shop. For all of that, I’m constantly on the lookout for trends, news, projects in progress, shop openings, both in Nantes and elsewhere.

Outfit with Méduse Camaro


M – You’re a veteran fashionista with an established career in fashion! Do you have any crazy stories to tell us about?
L – Anecdotes about fashion? Needless to say, I have tons! The one I have in mind is in regard to the Paul Smith Junior collection launch in 2010. For the occasion, Paul Smith had re-created a classroom and a school yard in their showroom. That day, Paul Smith himself answered journalists’ questions sitting in a… child’s ride-in toy car! And he seemed so at ease!

Outfit by lelaboratoiredesmodes

M – You’re currently living in Nantes, right next to where Méduse is originally from! What would you recommend to our fashion-addicts stopping by or living in this beautiful city?

L – Nothing’s better to discover Nantes and its dynamism than the incredible area of the Machines de l’île! Such an amazing dose of creativity that, even after running 1000 times across the giant elephant (and even a dragon-mare), or after trying the Seaworld’s Carousel 1000 times (and staying at least 45 minutes in a merry-go-round), we are still amazed! For anyone craving shopping there is of course the rue Crébillon with all the unmissable major brands, but I’d especially recommend a visit to the Passage Pommeraye and its shops and then the Bouffay quarter, around the Castle. There are so many good places and stores! The city is so rich that there are hotspots constantly opening: fashion, decoration, kids, bikes, food… be ready to be surprised!

Aurélie taking a selfie

M – The new Méduse collection is out now so we wanna challenge you! We forwarded you a few emblematic shoes of this season – could you prepare a styleboard with your fave pair?
L – I love challenges ;-)! To prepare my styleboard I remembered a professional meeting where I arrived with leather derbies soaked with water, that drove me to come up with 2 statements: 1. It’s neither classy, nor comfortable, to have wet feet :-/ (never again!) 2. There have got to be rain shoes that are both chic and lovely, right? The is how and why I bought my first pair of adult Méduse and where is my styleboard idea coming from. To go non-stop with meetings even on rainy and windy days 😉


To protect yourself from the wind : a BECKSONDERGAARD foulard sold at Rose Cobalt in Nantes
As a rain shield : a two-tone IKKS trench 
To be chic at your meetings : a ONE STEP jacquard jacket with leopard prints
Because it’s a must-have : a striped jersey CLAUDIE PIERLOT
To be comfy : a brut denim I.CODE by IKKS
To keep my things protected : a big bag BA&SH with animal prints 
To take notes : a Diptyque notebook TIGER PAPER 
Last touch to my look : a garnet-colored red polish MANUCURIST
and to keep your feet dry : the essential MEDUSE JUMPERIC Caramel/Noir !


Thank you, Le Laboratoire Des Modes, super-fashionista and Nantes expert! Anyone with a love for fashion and Méduse like you is loved just as much by us! Don’t forget to visit Le Laboratoire Des Modes blog to get to know Adeline even better!





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