From Pink to Rave, a season of fashion trends brought to you by Méduse®!

21 Jun , 2017  


We all know that the catwalks can be confusing and is usually full of outfits that you’d probably never wear in your life. But do not fear, we’ve done our research and discovered what’s going on in the fashion world for Spring/Summer 17. Check out the six most wearable trends this season and how you can make them look great with a pair of Méduse shoes!

Hot (PINK) Chic:

According to the catwalks, pink is undeniably the biggest colour trend of SS17. Princess style is back in fashion! The celestial superpowers that are Chanel, Celine and Givenchy all paid homage to the colour in their shows and helped to make it this season’s must-wear trend. Whether it’s cotton candy or deep cherry, pink was the crowned princess of the catwalks and should also rule your wardrobe this year. Check out our video on how to style it up.

Modern Utility

A more subdued trend – we can all agree with that – but definitely one that is tough to ignore. Bring back the boilersuits and trench coats this spring because utility is trending. Colours to look out for are khaki, cream and tan using thick cotton materials with functional fastenings. Make sure you have a structured silhouette and finish the look off with a pair of Jumpy boots, for that playful feel that this trend needs!

Exotic Prints

Channel those South American vibes this summer because exotic prints are in. Have a dig through your wardrobe, find your floral colours and make sure you’re looking as bright as sunflowers for your summer holiday or summertime festival. Don’t be shy with colours either, the brighter the better and crazy prints look GREAT too! Bright motifs and bold colours were given a nod of approval by McQueen, Libertine and Balenciaga, so hopefully you’ll nod too!

Vertical Stripes

They say a tiger never changes its stripes, but why shouldn’t you? Hide your old breton tops because the stripes are going a different way this season. Whether it’s monochrome or bold colours, or a loose pinstripe suit or a summer striped dress, it doesn’t matter. All that matters is that you get yourself some stripes in your wardrobe. Quick!

Get Waisted

High waists, fold over waists, oversized waist belts and even corsets! Hourglass silhouettes stalked the catwalks of the likes of Kenzo and Hermès this year. Making your figure look fantastic has never been so easy, all you have to do is pinch in that waist and give yourself that perfect hourglass figure.

Rave is Back

Whoever said that the rave years died in the 90’s was definitely lying, and Marc Jacob’s proved it with his catwalk show this year. Don’t worry, you don’t need to wear neon leg warmers and have glow sticks in your hair, but think mini skirts, hot pants and striped over-the-knee socks (if you dare). Sequins are important and bright colours are a must, obviously! You could even try adding some glow in the dark with our Sunlight sandals (add link).

What’s your favourite trend this season? And more importantly, what pair of Méduse shoes would you match with the trend?

Featured,Méduse Original People

Méduse talks with… Yiyou from Mars

16 Sep , 2015  

Yiyou from mars blogger
Last week we spoke to L’Autruche – this week it’s about Yiyou From Mars!
She’s a woman who loves fashion and loves the planet, fusing street style and environment empathy to create an ethic that Méduse adores! Join us in finding out more about exactly who is Yiyou…

“I’m passionate about vintage and retro fashion wear… like Méduse!”

Jupe jean boutons 70 Zara mini buttonned denim skirt top bustier vichy vinrage Lunettes à cils rose Zero UV converse basses blanche panier osier vintage

M – We’ve seen you sporting our SUN Méduses and we’re intrigued to know more about you! So tell us, who is Yiyou from Mars? And why this name ? 😉
A – My name is Aurélie, I’m a happy thirty-year-old feeling good in Méduse! 😀 “Yiyou” is an unpronounceable nickname my sister has called me since we were kids, and “from Mars” is there because I grew up in Marseille before moving to Paris for work, and finally, in 2011, to Bordeaux. I have a nostalgic personality and I like everything that reminds me of my childhood. That’s why I’m passionate about vintage and retro fashion wear… like Méduse!

meduse sun bag and white pants


M – You’ve been blogging about fashion and lifestyle for a while! What drove you to start this blog?
A – I love fashion, but not catwalk fashion: street fashion, where all trends truly begin. I like originality and style that stands loud and clear, style from people that dare to be different. When the ‘blogosphere’ started in 2005/2006, I found so much inspiration on retro and vintage styles from US and UK blogs. I got so inspired that I decided to stop buying fashion magazines in which I wasn’t identifying myself anymore and become a regular reader of a good ten of blogs or so. One day, I thought that if I loved discovering the looks of regular girls like me so much, maybe other girls would be interested in my style! I finally started my blog in 2012, but I’ve only been writing diligently recently.

Screen Shot 2015-09-11 at 17.51.30

M – We’ve noticed that just like Méduse, you care about the environment. Is that influencing your style?
A – Of course. It’s been a while since I realized the impact of our way of consuming the environment and on working conditions of the people manufacturing our clothes. I don’t like waste and I avoid promoting “fast-fashion”, meaning buying a lot of things and changing them often, as much as possible. I try to use  sustainable products by selecting quality fabrics or pieces I’ll be wearing for a long time. Vintage and thrift stores are a great way to fight over-consumption by giving a new life to second-hand clothes. I love digging for the best pieces online and in second-hand shops. Méduse are sturdy: I’m planning on keeping them for a long time!


Thank you, Yiyou from Mars! It’s so important to think about fashion and the Earth together, and you celebrate both – which Méduse LOVES! Don’t forget to head over to Yiyou’s blog to find out more about her super-cool street-inspired style!



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Méduse talks with… L’Autruche

9 Sep , 2015  

L'AUTRUCHE blogger from Nantes

At Méduse, we strive to seek out the underground talents who share our values. Every week, a new star…

Nantes is a super melting-pot of all styles. No one looks alike, that’s awesome!

Last week, you met Nolwenn Crème, one of our two models from the new collection.
This week, Méduse talks with… L’Autruche!


The lovely L’Autruche chats to us about her history and happiness with Meduse. Our second Nantaise blogger to model the new Autumn/Winter 2015/16 collection, there’s so much more to L’Autruche than just her love for jelly shoes!

M – Tell us about your history with Méduse from your childhood to the new Autumn / Winter 15/16 collection photo shoot. We’d love to see some pictures!

L’A – You’re right, my first memories with Méduse come from my childhood, when I used to holiday by the sea with my parents. I was always fooling around on the rocks, so Méduses were necessary to avoid being hurt. Since then, I started wearing the boots and rain boots. In Nantes, it’s often rainy, so having some in my shoe closet is essential.

Outfit Autruche Nantes

M – We’d like to hear a story about the photo shoot! What’s the best memory you’re keeping from this experience?

L’A – When the people in charge were wiping our shoes right before the photoshoot as it was raining so much! It was really fun to see them at our feet ahah 😉

Autruche at Place du Bouffay in Nantes
M – Méduse is touring France for the “style à la française” with the new collection. Starting point? Nantes of course! According to you, what makes Nantes an emblematic city of the “style à la française? Any specific place in the city? A trend? A tradition? Or is it something else?

L’A – I was born there and I’m slightly chauvinistic so I might not be totally objective 😉 But I’d say that Nantes is a super melting-pot of all styles. No one looks alike, that’s awesome!  

L'Autruche place Graslin

M – According to you, what makes the new Méduse collection Autumn – Winter 15/16 original and why?
L’A – For its range! Any style, any taste, there’s plenty to make everyone happy. Living in Nantes, it’s perfect for us :)

M – What should be the next step of Méduse’s tour of France according to you? And why?
L’A – Hmmm, Beaupréau perhaps – because it’s where the Méduse shoes are made.

Yay, thank you L’Autruche! We love how much you love Meduse – we are all about happiness, dancing in the rain and lifelong celebrations of lots of jelly love, which you are too! A heavenly match! If you have as much love for L’Autruche as we do, don’t forget to check out our Nanataise star’s fabulous blog!



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LIVE at Who’s Next! #WSN15

4 Sep , 2015  

We're Hall 1, Stand X29!

IT’S TIME! We’ve been super excited about Méduse at #WSN15 and #MO15 for weeks, but the wait is over!!

 Woohoo! We can’t wait to get stuck in. What have we found first then? Well, if you were on board with us back at Who’s Next in March, you’ll know that we mentioned a super-awesome nail polish patches brand Alfa-K! They’re back – and they still rock when paired with Méduse! How about some jazzy nails to match jazzy jellies??  

What else have we been eyeing? Well, shoes and handbags go together, right?! Of course, at Méduse we love nothing more than lots of colour, and we found the perrrrrrfect handbags to style our gorgeous jelly shoes with! Introducing our new favourites: Divina Castidad Handbags! Sublime!


We hope you love them just as much as we do – don’t forget, if you’re at #WSN15, tweet/instagram us @meduseoriginal with your pics of us at Who’s Next!! We can’t wait to see what you guys have been up to!    So… what else have we seen this afternoon?  

Well, at lunchtime we saw that on instagram, @smart_b_diary had posted this FANTASTIC view of the hall, with all the fashion ready to go before the doors opened! Makes you wanna be there, doesn’t it! Of course, dressed-up jelly shoes aren’t complete without a bit of glam, and naturally we found the most perfect jewellery to pair with our sandals…

These gems from MYSTIC are just beautiful, don’t you think? Again, so much colour, but the gold brings the rainbow alive! We’re so excited to see such great new products and fashion styles coming from accessory and jewellery brands – they compliment new season Méduse amazingly well! What have you spotted this afternoon? What are you looking forwards to this weekend? Share with us on Twitter @meduseoriginal! 😀


As it gets to the end of the first day, what are our last pics from the hours behind us? Weeeeeell…



MYSTIC strikes again! Surely this is a match made in jelly shoe and accessory heaven? We can’t get enough of their beautiful print scarves – the final touch to any Méduse outfit! It’s not just colours that we love. The neutral tones of one stand caught our eye over at Nina Leuca!    

So chic, we can’t get enough! Here at Méduse, we adore these styles from Nina Leuca – the ultimate neutral base to style out with some on-trend noir tones, or use as a foundation for brighter pops of colour. How will you be wearing yours?

Remember, whatever you do at #WSN15 or #MO15, be sure to tag @meduseoriginal on your social media and tell us about who you’ve spotted or how our jelly shoes helped you love the trade shows. We’re around all four days, so today was just the beginning! Get styling some outfits and flaunting your favourite jelly shoes or boots – and remember, always share the jelly love!

Featured,Méduse Original People

Méduse talks with… Nolwenn

2 Sep , 2015  

Nolwenn Crème à Nantes

At Méduse, we strive to seek out the underground talents who share our values. Every week, a new star…

“Every year, I was gifted with a new pair of Méduses,
and I would always go with the most glittery ones!”

Last week, you’ve met Marion. This week, Méduse talks with… Nolwenn!

Nantaise blog star Nolwenn Crème, one half of Meduse’s new Autumn/Winter 2015/16 Collection, takes some time to tell us more about what Nantes, family and jelly shoes mean to her…

Nolwenn crème in skirt

M – Tell us about your history with Méduse, from your childhood to the new Autumn/Winter 2015-16 Collection photo shoot. We’d love to see some pictures!

N – I was so lucky to have grandparents taking me to Brittany at the Fouesnant forest every year in July! Over there, I would meet friends, ride my bike and go ‘fishing’ with my grandfather. We would look for winkles, cockles… and I wasn’t allowed to join without my Méduse! It was a matter of safety :) Thanks to that, every year, I was gifted with a new pair, and I would always go with the most glittery ones!

Nolwenn school is cool

M – We’d like to hear an anecdote about the photo shoot! What’s the best memory you’re keeping from this experience?

N – I loved this photo shoot even though the weather wasn’t so good! Rain, wind, cold temperatures… What was funny is when the rain would wet our Méduse! No big deal of course – thanks to the material, our feet were kept dry, but it still wasn’t aesthetically pleasing! So the Humeau Team would wipe our feet with a cloth between each photo! They were also holding our purses! Treatment for a princesss!!!
The best memory was the entire day, and the people I met. I was already friends with fellow blogger, L’Autruche. Now I know the Humeau brothers, the photographer Alain Moneger, the make-up artist Émilie Brunet… Such awesome and talented people!

Nolwenn Place Graslin

M – Méduse is touring France for the “style à la française” with the new collection. The starting point? Nantes of course! According to you, what makes Nantes an emblematic city of the “style à la française”? Any specific place in the city? A trend? A tradition? Or is it something else?

N – Nantes is an emblematic city of the “style à la française” for so many reasons! The city is charming: it has places like Graslin square, the Anne de Bretagne castle or the Pommeraye pathway; for its gastronomy as there are a lot of chefs in the region; for it’s Brittany influence and the mildly salted butter, for its Loire wines, for its emblematic families…

M – In your opinion, what makes the new Méduse Autumn/Winter 2015-16 Collection original and why?

N – Méduse are not just making kids’ plastic sandals anymore, and we want people to know it! They have such lovely boots and ankle-boots, plain colors, audacious cuts and the addition of leather on some models… I love the new collection: so chic and comfortable!

Nolwenn Crème

M – What should be the next step of Méduse tour of France? And Why?

N – I think that the next step of Méduse France tour should be Bordeaux! The Atlantic ocean runs along the city, and a lot of people, just like me, have memories of Méduse next to the Arcachon Bay, the Pyla sand dune… And also because the Bordeaux bloggers like La Penderie de Chloé or Noholita would be gorgeous in Méduse!

Nolwenn next to la Loire


We have so much jelly love for you, Nolwenn! Keep shining in Meduse and sharing your love for Nantes and nostalgic jelly tales. Thank you for a fab interview! Don’t forget, Meduse fans, to check out Nolwenn’s blog to read more about what makes Nolwenn a Meduse favourite. She’s the crème de la crème!

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Featured,Méduse Original People

Méduse Talks… With Marion

26 Aug , 2015  

Marion Claviere

At Méduse, we strive to seek out the underground talents who share our values. Every week, a new star…

I see Méduse as an extension of French traditions and the evolution of an emblematic shoe’

You’ve already met MeduseColor winners Charlotte and RhiannonThis week, Méduse talks with… Marion!

Earlier this summer, we challenged you guys to get colour crazy for our competition #MeduseColor. Many of you entered and showed off your colour creations, but there were three stand-outs who made it to the top! Introducing one of our winners: Marion Clavière, a lifestyle blogger with a passion for fashion, books, socks and Méduse!


Méduse –  Woohoo! You are now part of the Méduse family! So tell us a bit more about yourself – who are you, jelly lover?

Marion – I’m a 24 year old community manager and communication consultant, but I’m also a blogger who’s addicted to books and pretty socks!

Meduse jumpy salmon

Méduse – Méduse brings a lot of stories and memories from the past and present. What’s your story with Méduse?

Marion – Méduse is a story that’s stuck with my family; my grand-parents and parents don’t have the best memories but they were made to wear them if they went on holiday or if they went fishing! But to me it’s different. I see it as an extension of French traditions and the evolution of an emblematic shoe, made in France. Back in the day it was made to be worn when at the sea or by the lake, but now they are suitable for city life, going to work or even for wearing at parties!

Meduse sun black

Méduse – Sticking with the #MeduseColor theme, what’s your favourite colour? What does it represent to you?

Marion – I‘m definitely a person who loves classic things, so I’ll always opt for black or navy Méduses, but I must say, I fell for the straw-coloured Paille SUN during my holiday! They’re more colourful but they’re also cute and subtle – a perfect match for my classic look.

Sun black and bag


Méduse – Speaking of fashion, you won 3 very different pairs of Méduse shoes! How will you style each of them up? Where will you journey to in them? We’d love to see some pics!  

Marion – I will be wearing my black SUN sandals everywhere this autumn, and I’ll be styling them with socks, tights, jeans or a skirt. I’ll either style them up with a complete black look for a fun touch, or in a preppy style with a skater skirt and a pretty blouse. But for work or meetings with clients, I’ll wear them with jeans and a blouse, for a smart / casual look.
My salmon JUMPY are so punchy! I picture wearing them for a casual rainy day ride or for a stylish Sunday morning at a market. They are absolutely perfect when worn with light colours, during summer rain.
My SALDANO are perfect to enjoy a good book sitting on the grass or by the shore of a lake!

saldano bronze leopard fuschia

Well Marion, you’re getting us ready for autumn – we’ll be rocking the socks and jellies look, don’t you worry! 😉 Many thanks for having a little chit-chat with us! We love your photos, and we know you’re gonna style up our Méduse just the way we like it – fun, French and original! Keep up to date with Marion’s blog Books & Socks here!

Marion in sun black




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Have fun with Méduse!

13 Aug , 2015  

rio jutam

Your weekly jelly lesson, from us to you.

Jelly step 1: Take time to LAUGH. It’s summer,
which means seriousness is cast away with the clouds.
And what better footwear is there to have a giggle
in the sun with, than well, our SUN sandals? Pick Paille to match the rays!


Jelly step 2: Start saying YES. Yes, you’re not working late,
and you will get some ice cream instead. Yes, you will take
more time to hang out with friends. Yes, you think that the
perfect pair of shoes to say ‘yes’ in is Vert d’eau JUTAM.

jutam vert d'eau
Jelly step 3: Remember to have FUN. Swap work
for silliness and make room for some excitement,
be it going out or staying in. Let your feet match
the fun by wearing a pair of Groseille SALSADA!


Jelly step 4: Be ADVENTUROUS. Nothing says
adventure more than Gris/Bleu RIO: be ready
to explore and discover, and be brave enough to
take the leap into the unknown.

rio gris bleu

Jelly step 5: EMBRACE LIFE. Be ready for the
day ahead, enjoy change and look forward
to the future: the classic Vieux rose/Crêpe JUMPY
boot will be with you every step of the way!


Where are you planning to go with your pair of Méduse? We’re off to get some of that ice cream ASAP to enjoy the hot weather while it lasts! Don’t forget to have a bit of fun – wearing Méduse is your little reminder that there’s always time to enjoy every day!

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Featured,Méduse Original People

Méduse & Charlotte Hollycat

12 Aug , 2015  

Charlotte hollycat

At Méduse, we strive to seek out the underground talents who share our values. Every week, a new star…

‘I hope my Méduses tour the world!’

Méduse talks with… Charlotte!

Cats and Méduse – probably the two coolest things on the planet, and y’know what? Charlotte knows it! Let us introduce you to Charlotte Hollycat – a happy-snapping photography lover, rainbow adorer and #MeduseColor winner!

M – You are now part of the Méduse family! Who are you Jelly lover?

C – My name is Charlotte or @ _Hollycat on Instagram, I’m nearly 25 and I’ve been living in Montpellier since the start of this year. I’m passionate about photography, a summer-lover and I’m a big kid! It’s one of the reasons why I took my Méduses to live with me, down in the south of France with my boyfriend. It’s funny that you say that I’m part of the Méduse family, it’s true because my boyfriend is fascinated by jellyfish! I’m currently working for a mobile and fibre network but I hope to change soon, but I’m not sure what field just yet!



M – Méduse often recalls sentimental memories and stories from the past and present. What’s your story with Méduse?

C – Indeed, I think that with everyone Méduse reminds us of our childhood – when we went to the seaside with our parents, we wore our Méduses in the water. It wasn’t for style purposes, but more to avoid cuts from shells or stings from sea creatures; but today, we wear Méduse to show off its fashion features. Youngsters and older generations are wearing their Méduses to go to the beach or even downtown – they’re so comfortable! When I hear the word  « Méduse » I think of the shoes, but also the animal, naturally because of my boyfriend! I find the animal fascinating as they’re so colourful, just like your lovely shoes! Colours that make you think about summer, happiness… life.


M – Going back to #MeduseColor! What’s your favourite colour and what does it represent to you?

C – It’s a tough choice, as I love many colours, and I have my phases. Many will say red because it’s the colour of sensuality and love – it’s the colour to give a ‘pizzazz’ to a woman’s face. But if I had to choose a particular colour I would go for blue, sky blue, because to me it represents freedom, the ability to fly away and to travel. But also, all the beings that are now up above, that we love and won’t forget… they are watching us from the sky. There is also ocean-blue which is a reminder of the vast stretch where jellyfish live, I’m absolutely fascinated with sea life, but at the same time it scares me a little. But as I said, I love summer, beaches and Méduse!


M – Speaking about fashion! You won three pairs of Méduses, each with a very different style. What outfit will you match them with? Where will you journey to in them? We’d love to see some snapshots!

C – I’m not the kind of girl who will prepare her outfit the night before, or ask herself how she is going to wear a specific piece of clothing. I’m more of a ‘wanna try any style combination’ type of person, even if I’m running late! I love looking through my stuff to experiment with numerous outfits. So it’s hard for me to answer your question. I will style my Méduses with dresses, jeans, shorts… ANYTHING! It’s really down to the spur of the moment. And where will I walk in them? Well anywhere I’ll be going, I love to travel! I hope my Méduses tour the world!


You promised that your Méduses would go on adventures – and you’ve kept it ;-). Charlotte, we hope you make many more memories with Méduse! Whether you’re hanging by jellyfish in your SUN Méduse or simply going for a stroll in your Jumpy boots during the Autumn showers! Keep up to date with Charlotte’s daily snapshots on her Instagram here!




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Méduse on the beach

6 Aug , 2015  

Meduse blog

Your weekly jelly lesson. From us, to you.

How to wear your Jellies with beachwear.

Javana KIINI


Jelly Step One: Pose in pretty pastels, with this cute
crochet bikini from KIINI! Built with high-tech fabric,
it’s ideal for a day by the sand and sea! Match with our
Saumon JAVANA Méduse to complete your look!

sunlight corail


Jelly Step Two: Ooh… this one piece makes
us dream about a tropical trip to Hawaii!
Show off your glamorous side with this
sassy swimsuit from Mikoh! It’s gotta go with
our bright Corail SUNLIGHT Méduse!

jutam Lisa Marie  Fernandez

Jelly Step Three: Ahhh this retro piece by Lisa Marie
, has us dreaming about topping our tan

and being simply fabulous by the Amalfi coast! Team
the marine shade with our Jutam jellies!

Marysia sun translu


Jelly Step Four: Step out and look bright in white!
A scallop shaped two-piece from Marysia screams
Hollywood hotness! Add our our Translu SUN
Méduse to perfect your swim style!

 Emamó gold glitter SUN Méduse

Jelly Step Five: And last but not least, this two piece
by Emamó is nothing but pure exotic excellence, which
will have you looking like a million dollars. With wild prints
and embellished with crystals and tassels, it’s a
winner with our gold glitter SUN Méduse!


We’re bang in the middle of holiday season, so if you’re planning your getaway or about to jet-set off around the world, grab these summer swimwear essentials teamed with our Méduse recommendations! After all, Méduse were made for the beach! 😉



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Featured,Méduse Original People

Méduse Talks… With Lauren de Samonac

5 Aug , 2015  

Lauren bloggeuse

At Méduse, we strive to seek out the underground talents who share our values. Every week, a new star…

‘I actually have a ‘Jelly Fish’ tattoo on my ankles – it just shows that Méduse will live with me forever.’

She’s a sassy entrepreneur with a keen eye for fashion! She loves mixing retro styles with the fashion of the now, and she can’t help but bounce, skip and prance in her Méduse! We speak to Lauren, a blogger and proud owner of a vintage e-store. Et voila!

M – First things first! We’ve seen you sporting our straw-coloured Méduse and we’re intrigued to know more about you! So tell us, who are you Lauren or Loraine? 😉

L – Lauren Samonac is a very long name meaning a lot of things… My name is actually Loraine but Lauren is much quicker to spell 😉 ! I am the daughter of a village shopkeeper and I always learned to deal with myself, as my ten fingers led me to be the independent person I am today. My mum was always busy, doing tons of things other than shopping; my mum wasn’t a fashionista but a talented entrepreneur. As I’m a kinesthetic learner, my education took an artistic turn – I built up my professional experience in the world of show business as an actress, a light and sound technician and a stage decorator! Some wonderful experiences which led me to try my luck as an entrepreneur today.


M – We’ve noticed that not only do you run a personal blog, but you’re also a part of a second-hand / vintage project! Could you tell us a bit more about Duffledud? How does this project have an effect on your own personal style?

L – Duffledud was born in 2012 and allowed me to share my love of bargain-hunting and wearing fashion pieces mixed with cool vintage bits! It’s a way for me to feel like a kid: like being my own person, showing off my own style – that’s what fashion should be about! But Duffledud is slowly coming to an end unfortunately… Because of the big retail industry competition and their low prices, my e-shop is going through a rough patch, despite holding on to budget prices and ‘little-old-me’ trying to keep it up, until the big CRACK! It’s so much easier to buy a basic pink blouse that everyone has, than buy a pink blouse with a little character :-/. This has been a rich experience; from seeing my blog blossom, I decided to focus my energy on building a new project (still secret) to keep going! 

lauren hat - Copy

M – You shared a lovely story with us where you mention how our Méduse were a part of your childhood! What place do our jellies have in your life today?

L – Méduses ?? Definitely my childhood !!! As my parents were working a lot, we didn’t go on holiday much, but when we did, we went to the seaside! I’m very sensitive on the feet as my father used to tickle me to wake me up! I never really liked the burning heat of the sand and I really didn’t like the idea of ​​knowing that my feet could walk on something strange, like a hook! (true story!). Fed-up with my complaints, my mother bought me my first pair of Méduses when I was 6 and they were navy blue. Then, when I was about 8, I got a transparent pair, and I felt like I was wearing dolly shoes – so practical as there are no laces!  Moreover, the idea of ​​being able to set foot in the water without risking anything is just great! Even though I’m 28, my habits have not changed and I am pleased that I’ve been able to find a pair of Méduses because they are so useful, they have a nostalgic touch, and not many people dare to wear them yet, but they are missing out on this true fashion accessory! I like the origin and the history – it is a French product, with a unique style for both men, women, youngsters and oldies – it’s even worn by fashionistas around the world! As they say: ‘never two without three’, my third pair of SUN Paille are well into my ‘shoesing’ and this time, I’m sure my feet won’t grow anymore ;-).

lauren jellies

M – And now for your challenge! We challenge you to create a styleboard inspired by your Paille SUN Méduse! Are you up for it? 😉

L – I’m taking up your challenge! It is a great honour for me to highlight my pair of Méduse! It’s if my story with Méduse was written in the stars… I actually have a ‘Jelly Fish’ tattoo on my ankles – it just shows that Méduse will live with me forever.


Lauren – we love you. You’re officially the coolest cat around! Having Méduse tattooed shows you’re a true jelly lover, and we won’t forget that! Thanks for sharing your stories and style tips with us! It just goes to show that we too love mixing vintage styles with hip-happening fashion – YOU GOT IT! Keep up to date with Lauren’s blog and her retro store DuffleDud!


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