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A week with Méduse…

10 Mar , 2015  

Méduse zebra Jumpy boots by adelinefrln

We’re coming to the end of the week and we have a spring in our step. Why? Because it’s been one those weeks were everything has been pretty ‘fan-tastic’!

Firstly we’ve seen Méduse friends across the world go voting mad for #GetJumpy – big thanks to you guys and of course to our awesome submissions. What fun :)

So finally, fantastic entries came down to one winner, and we’re pleased to announce that @Tukibomp has won herself a pair of our stylish Jumpy boots with this picture.


But she isn’t the only Méduse fan we’ve been celebrating this week.

All you jelly movers and shakers make us smile on a daily basis – so today, here’s a pick of our fave fashionistas a la Méduse.

Our Monday blues were brightened up by this beautiful shoot by @adelinefrln. Showing that the beach is the perfect place to show off your fashion style! Thank you also to @helenes44!

adelinefrln 1

@amberclaire_ made us dream of warm summer days in meadows avec jellies.


@madhujennyito Woke up with style with a pair of her black Jumpy boots.


@lenamichelet Showed off a little jelly shoe heritage with her childhood Méduse collection! Style through the years!

4 lenamichelet

Finally, this fabulous shot from @sogirlyblog. Keeping it cool, keeping it chic, even in the rain.

3 sogirlyblog

But that’s not all folks!

We’re wrapping up our week in style, with the French fashion show Who’s Next kicking off today! Check out our blog post yesterday for our top exhibitors we’re looking forward to seeing and make sure to visit our live updates here.

So that’s been our week. Pretty amazing isn’t it?

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LIVE at Who’s Next!

10 Mar , 2015  

meduse who's next stand

Put your Méduse on, get stylish and ready to dance to the fabulous sounds of Breakbot tonight at Who’s Next !
maxresdefaultPastels from Pepa Loves – perfect with peachy coloured Méduse Sun jellies….or blue, whichever you fancy. You can find them at our stand – hall 7.1 W09 for the A/W15/16 collection.






Ok. So we’re feeling creative – what about…we decorate our Méduse with these funky little details? We’re all about customizing your look like SkinFeeling . Another fave from Who’s Next ! Which jellies would you jazz up?

Wahouu ! Brighten up your days ! Alfa K. came up at Who’s Next exhibition this morning with its new design for Glow in the dark nails ! The perfect match for our very own glow in the dark SUN LIGHT jellies.



We’re on the look out for you guys, but have you found our footsteps? If you’re at Who’s Next we want to see your faces! W09 Hall 7.1

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#Spotted at Who’s Next 2015

10 Mar , 2015  

whos next

The curtain will soon be opening on Who’s Next ’15/16 exhibition in Paris. We can’t wait to see what the new, young, trendy designers have in store at the capital of fashion, Porte de Versailles. It’s going to be good and we’re very proud to be part of it !

We’ve been checking out our fellow exhibitors and a few favourites caught our eye. Here’s a little taster of what’s to come.

JUMPERAS + Jump from Paper? Now there’s a thought. Keep Jumping with Jump From Paper ! The designers Chay Su and Rika Lin stand out so far with their amazing bags that look as if they’ve come to life from a cartoon.

Neypo is already well-known from the last exhibition of 48h Maison de Mode. We think, their caps of happiness accessorize perfectly our brand new Méduse Jumperas!

And to finish off this Méduse et. al. masterpiece, there’s nothing better than one of this tasteful  Batabasta shirts from Spanish/Japanese duo Clara A.Montsalvatge and Leticia Cano Baba.


Here we go ! Now it is your turn, what are you looking forward to seeing? What accessories would you pair up with your Méduse?  Share your best findings with us on Twitter @MeduseOriginal  with the hashtag #wsn15.

See you there!

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SS15 Pantone Palette – Are You Ready For Spring?

10 Mar , 2015  

Collage Pantone ss15 & Méduse Jumpy boots

We love colour – everyone knows that! And Pantone’s fashion colour report for spring 2015 has totally captured our mind.

This spring, it’s time to take a step away from the bold and bright, as Pantone are opting for “soft, cool hues” to “blend with subtle warm tones to create a soothing escape from the everyday hustle and bustle.” Think about it – everyday, you’re faced with thousands of commuters. No rest. No peace. You arrive home, and you just want to relax! What better way than to chill in a room filled with a warm colour? Take a look at the following tones… which one would you pick?


But our favourite shades from SS15 are the dreamy Strawberry Ice and the minty Lucite Green, they just give off a real summery vibe! We’re not the only ones who are into these shades as designers  Yiqing Yin, John Galliano and Julien David, have all incorporated these pretty pastel colours in their SS15 collections.  We bet after looking at these creations, you can’t wait for spring too!

PicMonkey Collage Pink & Green

But we have a little surprise for you…

Our Méduse match the SS15 palette! Take a look at our Jumpy Vert d’eau/Crêpe, Jutam Paille and Nikita Saumon for some new season jelly ideas…


Come on spring!


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Get Jumpy – The Contenders!

10 Mar , 2015  

Méduse Jumpy boots Get Jumpy by julie gilberte

OH YES! We’ve been on the edge of our seats, and now the time is here! Entries to Get Jumpy are over, and we can finally reveal our Get Jumpy stars to you guys! But it’s up to YOU to decide who you think should be the grand winner of a bootiful pair of Jumpy boots!

Voting begins now (16:00 G.M.T on Friday 16th January 2015) until 17:00 (G.M.T.) on Thursday 22nd January 2015. Vote for the contestant you like best, on the Get Jumpy Facebook album. One like = one vote. The winner will be notified by e-mail no later than 23:59 (G.M.T.) on Monday 26th January 2015. Please do read the full Terms & Conditions.

But let us reveal to you our 13 contenders…

1) Our first entry is from @AimeeRancer, who’s set the bar high!

Aimee Rancer


2) This is awesome! @drshne could be in The Matrix!



3) ‘Jump and you will find out how to unfold your wings, as you fall’ – it’s @ir.liar!


4) @jaszobolass is jumping for the sun! jaszobolass


5) @kete1687 is a snow angel in the air!



6) @lejournaldeprisci is game for #GetJumpy!

Le Journal de Prisci


7) The sun goes down… @melomelo16 jumps up!



8) She may be in disguise, but she’s getting Jumpy! @nevritatriana nevritatriana

9) Beach + blue skies = You have to Get Jumpy like @niiikkie!



10) OH SO HAPPY! @SipGallagher is jumping for joy!

Sip Gallagher


11) @Tadf.7 doesn’t want to Get Jumpy once, but four times!


12) A wild Get Jumpy shot from @tukibomp!





13) It’s raining? You have to Get Jumpy in puddles, like @melimelo_c!

Wowzers! What can we say? We’re so impressed! You’ve leaped, danced, pranced and reached for the stars! We’d like to thank all contestants for their submissions and we can only wish them the best of luck. Who do you think deserves to be a proud owner of a pair of Jumpy boots? Vote now for your winner!

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Get Jumpy – Contest Ending Soon!

10 Mar , 2015  

Méduse Jumpy boots blue and burgindy get jumpy

Tick-tock, tick-tock! You guys have just a few hours until the clock strikes midnight tonight, to enter Get Jumpy for a chance to win a pair of our oh so snazzy Jumpy boots!

blue and burgindy get jumpy


We’ve had a wide range of entries so far, and we cannot wait to show you the contestants! Stay tuned for tomorrow, where you can vote for your favourite Get Jumpy entry, by simply liking the photo you like best, on our Facebook album.

Of course, we encourage you to join in the last minute Get Jumpy fun, by entering our contest before it closes at midnight tonight (16/01/15)! Just submit a photo of you jumping in the air on to Instagram or Twitter tagging @meduseoriginal and including the hashtag #GetJumpy.


All entries will be uploaded on to a Facebook album on our page, where the public will ‘like’ their favourite photo. Voting ends at 5pm on Thursday 22nd January 2015 and the photo with the highest amount of likes will win a pair of Jumpy boots!

So come on guys! Get your camera out, snap your jump and enter to win a pair of Jumpy boots!


1 - Nolwenn C GET JUMPY


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Ballad of Jen’s Jellies

10 Mar , 2015  

Collage Méduse Jelly shoes Pink Candy

Hi! I’m the Jen to my jellies, and this is the ballad to my Méduse.

I’m in the wonderful city of London. Beautiful sights. An adventure of senses. And with me on my journey, are my Méduse.


Blue- chosenedited blue-chosenedited2

As much as I love strolling around for a chilly walk, there’s nothing quite like running around in my summer SUN jellies, in the beautiful tropics. I’m always dreaming of exotic places – aren’t you too?! I can just feel the rush of the waves filling in the gaps of my Méduse jellies… that is summer.

But that’s one thing I like about London – the nature. Even though it’s a hustling and bustling city, there’s always a patch of green. The overgrown leaves remind me of palm trees and my deep blue Salsa Méduse are the perfect pair shoes to spark my memories of a dark blue sea…


pink chosen edited

pink chosenedited

If there’s a shoe that is going to put a spring in my step, it’s got to be my sweet, pink SUN jellies! Look how funky they are! They take me on a candy-filled journey, full of adventure and new surprises. When I wear these, all I want to do is search for the nearest sweet shop or patisserie and gorge on strawberry bon bons and pink icing! Mmm…


yellow chosen edited yellow chosenedited

And finally my sunny yellow SUN jellies – boy, do they stand our from the crowd! If you need a statement piece, or boost of energy, these jellies are definitely the ones to wear when you need a little POP! In the city of London, the colour yellow is used to alert and shine out from all other colours – something that my sunshine yellow jellies, fit perfectly into ;-).

So that’s my story and I want to know about yours! What Méduse do you wear in the city?

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Diary of a Little Leopard Jumpy Boot

10 Mar , 2015  

Méduse Jumpy boot panther animal print

After launching our ‘Get Jumpy’ competition, we started daydreaming about life in Jumpy boots… we then thought, what would it be like to be a Jumpy boot! Our imagination (as expected) ran away with us – we wondered and pondered about the life of a little leopard Jumpy boot….

So! What would a day be like if we were a leopard print jumpy boot…? Would we be stylish? Chic? A little bit wild?


‘Finally rolled out of bed this morning after scrolling through Instagram, I’m forever looking to put new stuff in my apartment! I tend to find myself regularly pining over pictures of some really funky interior – but, OMG! This morning, I must have stared at this beautiful fur collar for 20 minutes? Yep, I want it. But anyway, it’s got me thinking – maybe I need something else to be obsessed with lol! Too often I wear the same Fedora hat. I mean come on – everyone has that one thing they feel completely lost without. I suppose for me at the moment, it would have to be that Fedora hat haha!




As a writer, I tend to find papers and all sorts of crazy notes all over the place! But after I FINALLY  organise my stuff together, I leave with a spring in my step – I just can’t get enough of this tune. Have you heard it? It’s ‘My Head is a Jungle’ from Méduse Jungle playlist – OH IT’S TOO GOOD! But anyway, today I’m going out to find some ideas for a writing about art – crazy abstract, beautiful art.

It’s great being in a job where being outspoken and expressing my opinions is a good thing… because, that’s what I’m best at! The streets of Paris are all I need for some ideas – the gritty-ness of the streets, alongside the chic, elegance of Paris overall. The street art is pure inspiration. Look at how awesome this is – need I say anymore?











People always question abstract and street art, but I think it’s punchy, bold and a statement – art should never be boring, right? Working for myself means doing everything for myself, so my day to day life varies so much. One minute I find myself with a non-stop, crazy calendar, and the next is as peaceful as floating in the sky…

Anyway! I’ve got to go now! I’m off to an arty-get-together – I told you life gets crazy!


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Monday Music – The #GetJumpy Mix

9 Mar , 2015  

Collage Get Jumpy Mix w/ Méduse Jumpy boots

You’re on a train, with your headphones plugged in… and uh-oh – that electro-foot-stomping-ear-swarming song comes on. All you want to do is kick, thump, and Get Jumpy!

We all have that one song that fuels us with energy, gets us toe-tapping and fires our adrenaline – and for you guys, we’ve created the Get Jumpy playlist that will tick all these boxes!

So if you haven’t entered our competition Get Jumpy, you should follow some VERY important instructions ;-):

1) Play the #GetJumpy mix below

2) Let the tunes sink in

3) Pick up your camera

4) Photograph yourself jumping in the air / getting Jumpy

5) Upload your photo on to Instagram or Twitter with the hashtag #GetJumpy and tagging @meduseoriginal

6) Get voting for your favourite ”GETJUMPY’ shot on Facebook from 16th – 22nd January! Photo with the most votes WINS a pair of groovy JUMPY boots of their very own.

For more information on our contest, check out the details here:

Enjoy the playlist and Get Jumpy y’all!

PS: Don’t forget to follow us on Spotify, for Méduse-style musics!

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The 3 Jumps of #GetJumpy

9 Mar , 2015  

Méduse Jumpy boots Get Jumpy by little tree

Wowzers! As you may know, we have kick-started our brand new competition #GetJumpy! We asked our dear bloggers to reach new heights and snap themselves jumping in their Jumpy boots. The results so far? They’re fantastic.

These guys certainly know how to Get Jumpy – from ‘Jumping for Joy’ to ‘Singing in the Rain’, here are the 3 types of Jumpy jumps that have set Get Jumpy off to a flying start.

The ‘Jumping for Joy’ 

The jump where you feel on top of the world.

La Vie En Rose Get Jumpy
Erica Cats Eyes Gt Jumpy

The ‘Singing in the Rain’ 

Singing in the Rain or Mary Poppins – whichever, it’s still the magic jump.

nicolene defy get jumpy

keshia get jumpy

The ‘Just Jumpy’ 

Well the Jumpy boots speak for themselves!

julie gilberte get jumpy



Now here’s where you get involved!

For a chance to win your very own Jumpy boots, simply upload a photo of you jumping in the air onto Instagram or Twitter with the hashtag #GetJumpy and tagging @MeduseOriginal onto your post.

But hurry as you have until Thursday 15th January to enter the competition! All entries will be uploaded on to a Facebook album on our page, where the public will ‘like’ their favourite photo. Voting ends on Thursday 22nd January and the photo with the highest amount of likes will be the winner.

So come on, Get Jumpy, show us what you’ve got and win that pair of Jumpy boots!

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