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Diary of a Little Leopard Jumpy Boot

10 Mar , 2015  

After launching our ‘Get Jumpy’ competition, we started daydreaming about life in Jumpy boots… we then thought, what would it be like to be a Jumpy boot! Our imagination (as expected) ran away with us – we wondered and pondered about the life of a little leopard Jumpy boot….

So! What would a day be like if we were a leopard print jumpy boot…? Would we be stylish? Chic? A little bit wild?


‘Finally rolled out of bed this morning after scrolling through Instagram, I’m forever looking to put new stuff in my apartment! I tend to find myself regularly pining over pictures of some really funky interior – but, OMG! This morning, I must have stared at this beautiful fur collar for 20 minutes? Yep, I want it. But anyway, it’s got me thinking – maybe I need something else to be obsessed with lol! Too often I wear the same Fedora hat. I mean come on – everyone has that one thing they feel completely lost without. I suppose for me at the moment, it would have to be that Fedora hat haha!




As a writer, I tend to find papers and all sorts of crazy notes all over the place! But after I FINALLY  organise my stuff together, I leave with a spring in my step – I just can’t get enough of this tune. Have you heard it? It’s ‘My Head is a Jungle’ from Méduse Jungle playlist – OH IT’S TOO GOOD! But anyway, today I’m going out to find some ideas for a writing about art – crazy abstract, beautiful art.

It’s great being in a job where being outspoken and expressing my opinions is a good thing… because, that’s what I’m best at! The streets of Paris are all I need for some ideas – the gritty-ness of the streets, alongside the chic, elegance of Paris overall. The street art is pure inspiration. Look at how awesome this is – need I say anymore?











People always question abstract and street art, but I think it’s punchy, bold and a statement – art should never be boring, right? Working for myself means doing everything for myself, so my day to day life varies so much. One minute I find myself with a non-stop, crazy calendar, and the next is as peaceful as floating in the sky…

Anyway! I’ve got to go now! I’m off to an arty-get-together – I told you life gets crazy!


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