From Pink to Rave, a season of fashion trends brought to you by Méduse®!

21 Jun , 2017  

We all know that the catwalks can be confusing and is usually full of outfits that you’d probably never wear in your life. But do not fear, we’ve done our research and discovered what’s going on in the fashion world for Spring/Summer 17. Check out the six most wearable trends this season and how you can make them look great with a pair of Méduse shoes!

Hot (PINK) Chic:

According to the catwalks, pink is undeniably the biggest colour trend of SS17. Princess style is back in fashion! The celestial superpowers that are Chanel, Celine and Givenchy all paid homage to the colour in their shows and helped to make it this season’s must-wear trend. Whether it’s cotton candy or deep cherry, pink was the crowned princess of the catwalks and should also rule your wardrobe this year. Check out our video on how to style it up.

Modern Utility

A more subdued trend – we can all agree with that – but definitely one that is tough to ignore. Bring back the boilersuits and trench coats this spring because utility is trending. Colours to look out for are khaki, cream and tan using thick cotton materials with functional fastenings. Make sure you have a structured silhouette and finish the look off with a pair of Jumpy boots, for that playful feel that this trend needs!

Exotic Prints

Channel those South American vibes this summer because exotic prints are in. Have a dig through your wardrobe, find your floral colours and make sure you’re looking as bright as sunflowers for your summer holiday or summertime festival. Don’t be shy with colours either, the brighter the better and crazy prints look GREAT too! Bright motifs and bold colours were given a nod of approval by McQueen, Libertine and Balenciaga, so hopefully you’ll nod too!

Vertical Stripes

They say a tiger never changes its stripes, but why shouldn’t you? Hide your old breton tops because the stripes are going a different way this season. Whether it’s monochrome or bold colours, or a loose pinstripe suit or a summer striped dress, it doesn’t matter. All that matters is that you get yourself some stripes in your wardrobe. Quick!

Get Waisted

High waists, fold over waists, oversized waist belts and even corsets! Hourglass silhouettes stalked the catwalks of the likes of Kenzo and Hermès this year. Making your figure look fantastic has never been so easy, all you have to do is pinch in that waist and give yourself that perfect hourglass figure.

Rave is Back

Whoever said that the rave years died in the 90’s was definitely lying, and Marc Jacob’s proved it with his catwalk show this year. Don’t worry, you don’t need to wear neon leg warmers and have glow sticks in your hair, but think mini skirts, hot pants and striped over-the-knee socks (if you dare). Sequins are important and bright colours are a must, obviously! You could even try adding some glow in the dark with our Sunlight sandals (add link).

What’s your favourite trend this season? And more importantly, what pair of Méduse shoes would you match with the trend?

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