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Diary of a Zany Zebra Jumpy Boot

10 Mar , 2015  

Born free, strutting my striped stuff down the street.

Whether it’s black with white stripes or white with black, monchrome is my mantra. Jumpy Zebra boots clip clop along the pavement, my zebra hip-hop sweatshirt shouts safari bling, a long black cape billowing like a tail behind me as I walk, and black skinny jeans which have been running in the wild.

I am the urban zebra.

This is my city safari.


Find me with my herd  – my closest friends, sitting for hours in some ‘tucked away’ South African restaurant. Or whiling away the day in a hidden green spot in the city. Bring me the sun, all day, everyday and I could happily sit and wonder in a park, away from the busy city.


Zebra Moodboard


But, don’t think I’m boring… I’m flighty! I’m easily distracted. I’m constantly curious. Play a sound over there and I’m tuned in, listening, following the urge to jump around in my wild Jumpy boots.


Oh, and whilst I might not dress in colour, I live in a colourful world, with a room decorated in mismatched shades, with paints and sketches surrounding me. This is my favourite piece…I wonder why!? ;p

Screenshot (51)

As much as I love zooming around my city safari when the sun’s out, I really come alive when the sun goes down. My eyes POP – I’m always in search of that night time pulse. Strobe lighting, arty food for my dinner, secret pop-ups that’s only my secret, you name it – I’M THERE.

I’m going to shut my eyes now, I’ll see you at dawn… Zzzz…

Items on styleboard:

Sweatshirt – Wolf & Badger 
Jeans – Topshop
Ring – ShopBop
Boots – Zebra Jumpy Méduse 

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