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Light Up the Night!

10 Mar , 2015  

This year’s Who’s Next got us dreaming…about full moon parties. YES! Thousands of people gathering on the beaches of Kho Phangan each month with one fashion rule in mind – glow in the dark. Luminous paints aren’t the only accessory though – and Who’s Next Future of Fashion collaboration had one aim – to celebrate futuristic glow in the dark any way you can!

Who’s Next joined forces with 12 emerging designers to paint a glowing fashion story through a select few pieces – everything from a suitcase to a pair of socks featured in all their phosphorescent glory. A whole host of items we’re totally jelly of, and the perfect companions to our very own SUNLIGHT jellies!


The #GlownInTheDark trend was given centre stage on Sunday evening with a darkened corner of Who’s Next ‘graffiti’d’ with glow in the dark ink. It was a cool space that we felt pretty at home in – and we even spotted a photographer Gabriel Misfire who captured this awesome shot featuring his blog name – Will Shoot People for Food.

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So here are a few of our glowing picks from this year’s event. SUNLIGHT jellies at the ready and bring on the full moon dance!

Raise your hands and rival the moon with the amazing nails from Alfa K.


As the night draws on – you may find yourself in need of one of these amazing jerseys from Louise de Testa, with their fluorescent futurist designs, it’s our kind of playful! Louise de Testa owns it.



Then, there’s something a little left field but quite up our street – we are in love with Cornaërt socks, because well, your feed need accessorizing too – and why not get a little funky and pair jellies with socks?

Oh and a cool Tokyo fashion statement from Serious Wapanese (it’s a cool look, we promise!)

Aaand lastly, but certainly not least, our SUNLIGHT jellies.  Perfect whether you’re prancing on the sand or splashing in the ocean! Something for the fish to look at too :)

What do you think to the glow in the dark trend?


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