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Méduse Diary: Mamie Méduses Has Left the Coast of Biarritz & Its Surfers…

11 Mar , 2015  

As you all know Méduse friends, we love celebrating #MeduseOriginalPeople and their story. This one is a special one. It truly means a lot to us and we would like to thank Guillaume B. for bringing it to us.

Tuesday, December 30, 2014, surfers in the “Côte des Basques” in Biarritz honoured a person who recently passed away. She was considered as one of their own because she bathed every day in the same spot: Liliane Sager, also known as Mamie Méduses.

Her nickname comes from the jelly shoes she always carried with her. She visited the Côte des Basques for decades, and thus became a person who was a legend to this scene.

Surfers are known to pay dedicated tributes, when one of their peers passes away. With their surfboard in hand, dozens of surfers went off with flowers, drew a circle and recalled treasured memories about Liliane Sager.

We spoke to a member of the “Côte des basques Surf Club” to share his story about Mamie Méduses, and here is what he had to say:

“We saw her every day, coming to soak her feet in the sea. She gave us advice on how to walk safely down the rocky steps without slipping and she had a lot to say about the temperature of the sea – but we knew nothing about her… The oldest members of the club mentioned that she was in fact a grandmother when they started their surfing days, and they are now grandparents themselves! But there was one thing we knew about her – she would wear her Méduse every day!”

And it’s not only the surfers who remember this legend, a mural painting was created to celebrate her story.

10882202_10206008701596031_3951463309014337123_nPicture and mural painting by Laurent Inne

We would like to send our deepest condolences to Mamie Méduses’ family and friends, and honour the memory to this lady who discovered the secret of eternal youth: sea bathing in a pair of Méduse.

A massive thank you to Guillaume Barucq from for this amazing story.

Do you have a story about Mamie Méduses? Please share it with us in the comment section.

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  1. jon says:

    Pour info l’hommage a été rendu par le Cote des Basques Surf Club a sa propre initiative.
    Mamie meduze etait l’une des notres.

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