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Méduse Diary – A Tour Through Méduse…

16 Apr , 2015  

Each week we cover a theme that is close to our jelly-hearts. We love to dig deep and write our thoughts on trends, fiction and culture in our diary here! 

Bonjour ! SPRING / SUMMER IS OFFICIALLY HERE GUYS! And I couldn’t be more excited to prance about in fields of daisies. But anyway! We have to be quiet, shhh! I’m taking you on a journey through Méduse. That’s right – did you ever wonder how I became a bootiful Jumpy boot? Are you curious to have a sneak peek of what goes on in the Méduse factory before I walk around with you and your feet? Well, the door is open, so come and join me on my tour around Méduse!

Ahhh, there’s my twin! My fellow Vert d’eau Jumpy. How’re you doin’ gal? ‘I’m cool, just chillin…’



Ooooh! And what’s that? A Jumpy in the making? Yes it is! Let’s keep walkin’…



You must know that we love a party, and in particular a plastic party! We recycle all of our leftover plastic, that’s been moulded into colourful, funky shapes. One plastic party goes, and another comes in!

DSC_0663 IMG_1154


And we party together! We’re a family. Whether we’re a SUN jelly, or a JUTAM, we all hang out together in the seasons that pass us by. We are all Méduse.



Yeah we are Méduse! And we like to make our mark! Y’know – show everyone who we are, and how we’re iconic, like no other. And this stamp says it all…




I hope you enjoyed your tour of the ins and outs of Méduse! Say hello, next time!
Au revoir, for now! X

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  1. Ashlee says:

    These boots in the mint green color are amazing!!

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