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Méduse Diary – Expressing Méduse

26 Mar , 2015  

Each week we cover a theme that is close to our jelly-hearts. We love to dig deep and write our thoughts on trends, fiction and culture in our diary here! 

Our Méduse – they’re a character which can be expressed in many ways! It’s our best friend and we can take them wherever we want, whenever we want. But it got us thinking about how we express our Méduse. And well… we came to the conclusion, that there is no answer.

You can express them in any way you want. And they can be expressed in any way possible. Whether sketched, or worn with crazy colourful socks, or even left to hang on a window. Each Méduse, in any setting expresses something different.

Take a look!

Hanging by a window… orange SUN sandals are lost in their own thoughts…



Jumpy in abstract – what do you make of this expression?



Ready to hit the road. Ready to take on the world.



Who wants to spring into spring? We’re ready.



Bundles of energy. Out on an adventure.

yellow chosen edited


How do you express your Méduse? Share your Méduse expression on our Instagram by uploading your photo tagging @meduseoriginal and using the hashtag #Meduse. Show us your world and we’ll share it in our world!


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