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Méduse, Jelly Shoes and Revolution

9 Mar , 2015  

There used to be some clichés about fashion: it should be superficial, the demonstration of a consumption-society which goes totally mad. And if it’s true that fast-fashion might sometimes flirt with danger, it does not necessarily mean that all fashion lovers are weirdos.

Remember Coco Chanel? Style was a statement, for emancipation. Know Cara Delevingne? Beyond the badass attitude, there’s also an amazing call for freedom. Style details actually tell a lot about someone… and about the community you live with.

More recently, in 1968, one of the most famous mottos was: “Under the paving stones, the beach”. A call for rethinking values, borders, what we all fear to break.

Revolutions don’t necessarily need to be violent; revolution is a spirit, a state of mind. An exploration of the world we live in, that we interrogate.

Wearing jelly-shoes and Méduse is a sort of statement: how about wearing them in the rain? Who would be shocked actually? And who would be smiling?

Dare to Méduse-map your world.


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