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Méduse talks with… Nolwenn

2 Sep , 2015  

At Méduse, we strive to seek out the underground talents who share our values. Every week, a new star…

“Every year, I was gifted with a new pair of Méduses,
and I would always go with the most glittery ones!”

Last week, you’ve met Marion. This week, Méduse talks with… Nolwenn!

Nantaise blog star Nolwenn Crème, one half of Meduse’s new Autumn/Winter 2015/16 Collection, takes some time to tell us more about what Nantes, family and jelly shoes mean to her…

Nolwenn crème in skirt

M – Tell us about your history with Méduse, from your childhood to the new Autumn/Winter 2015-16 Collection photo shoot. We’d love to see some pictures!

N – I was so lucky to have grandparents taking me to Brittany at the Fouesnant forest every year in July! Over there, I would meet friends, ride my bike and go ‘fishing’ with my grandfather. We would look for winkles, cockles… and I wasn’t allowed to join without my Méduse! It was a matter of safety :) Thanks to that, every year, I was gifted with a new pair, and I would always go with the most glittery ones!

Nolwenn school is cool

M – We’d like to hear an anecdote about the photo shoot! What’s the best memory you’re keeping from this experience?

N – I loved this photo shoot even though the weather wasn’t so good! Rain, wind, cold temperatures… What was funny is when the rain would wet our Méduse! No big deal of course – thanks to the material, our feet were kept dry, but it still wasn’t aesthetically pleasing! So the Humeau Team would wipe our feet with a cloth between each photo! They were also holding our purses! Treatment for a princesss!!!
The best memory was the entire day, and the people I met. I was already friends with fellow blogger, L’Autruche. Now I know the Humeau brothers, the photographer Alain Moneger, the make-up artist Émilie Brunet… Such awesome and talented people!

Nolwenn Place Graslin

M – Méduse is touring France for the “style à la française” with the new collection. The starting point? Nantes of course! According to you, what makes Nantes an emblematic city of the “style à la française”? Any specific place in the city? A trend? A tradition? Or is it something else?

N – Nantes is an emblematic city of the “style à la française” for so many reasons! The city is charming: it has places like Graslin square, the Anne de Bretagne castle or the Pommeraye pathway; for its gastronomy as there are a lot of chefs in the region; for it’s Brittany influence and the mildly salted butter, for its Loire wines, for its emblematic families…

M – In your opinion, what makes the new Méduse Autumn/Winter 2015-16 Collection original and why?

N – Méduse are not just making kids’ plastic sandals anymore, and we want people to know it! They have such lovely boots and ankle-boots, plain colors, audacious cuts and the addition of leather on some models… I love the new collection: so chic and comfortable!

Nolwenn Crème

M – What should be the next step of Méduse tour of France? And Why?

N – I think that the next step of Méduse France tour should be Bordeaux! The Atlantic ocean runs along the city, and a lot of people, just like me, have memories of Méduse next to the Arcachon Bay, the Pyla sand dune… And also because the Bordeaux bloggers like La Penderie de Chloé or Noholita would be gorgeous in Méduse!

Nolwenn next to la Loire


We have so much jelly love for you, Nolwenn! Keep shining in Meduse and sharing your love for Nantes and nostalgic jelly tales. Thank you for a fab interview! Don’t forget, Meduse fans, to check out Nolwenn’s blog to read more about what makes Nolwenn a Meduse favourite. She’s the crème de la crème!

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