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Méduse Talks… With Alice Dufay

10 Mar , 2015  

At Méduse, we strive to seek out the underground talents who share the same values as us – bold, colourful and original. Each week, we talk to a rising star about their art, talent, predictions and how Méduse features in their life. Another week, another star…

Following Nina’s Gosse’s interview, we are continuing on our quest to highlight and chat to rising stars, and we couldn’t be any happier than to start this new year with a very special guest. We are taking a step back to the festival Cabourg Mon Amour where Paulette Magazine had organised a workshop to personalise our Méduse jelly shoes. We decided to reach her back, so she could share her experience at Cabourg Mon Amour and showcase an insight into her artistic life. Make way for Alice Dufay

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Who or what is the main inspiration for your art and illustrations? For example, you illustrate leaves in your art. How did that come about?

My inspiration is everywhere: music, cinema, streets, nature, exhibitions. I grow flowers at home: apple seeds, clementines and papyrus seeds. I like the shape, the details and the colours of the leaves. It leaves me feeling passionate, and I have the patience to draw it.


Tell us about your experience at Cabourg Mon Amour – did the setting of the beach provide you with any jelly memories of your own?

Paulette Magazine invited me to be part of their workshop ‘Custom de Méduse.’ The beach in Cabourg is beautiful. I am from Normandy, and it’s great because I can enjoy some fresh air, take a walk in the dunes and on the beaches during summer and winter.

Being in this environment for drawing really pleases me. To watch people walking around the festival in their jellies, enjoying the beach, listening to music whilst sipping a cocktail, remembering summer souvenirs – it’s so relaxing! When I was a kid, I used to wear jelly shoes – I walked through seaweed, pebbles and played with fish in the sea.

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Give us three words you’d use to describe your Méduse customisations. What did you enjoy most about the process?

Freshness, simplicity, lines. I enjoy the last few steps – when I don’t want to stop drawing, I focus on small colourful details. And it’s really nice to work on plastic, as it’s so smooth.


How would you go about designing a motif for our Jumpy boots? Can you give us a scribble? ;p

I would work around the upper part of the Jumpy boots, the bit around the ankle. It would look like an anklet – a thin collar with coloured tones and lines.

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NEWS LEAK! Tell us about your next cool project! What are you up to?

I am working with a ready-to-wear fashion brand from Montreal. My drawings will be printed in their next collection. For autumn 2015, I will go with a collection of silk-screened scarves, from a Parisian brand.


How does colour affect your work / how does it inspire you?

I often work with black and white, but I add a coloured touch to my drawings. I am very sensitive to colours and the feelings they can trigger. Serenity, glamour, freshness, violence etc. I can perfectly remember my art teacher from when I was younger, at Les Beaux Arts. He taught me to observe things, study colours etc. I drew what I thought I was seeing, what I believed I was seeing. but that was different from what I was actually seeing. A tree does not have to be green and brown, neither does a sky have to be blue.


Those last words will make us dream… Our little chat with Alice has really inspired us to get stuck into all things creative – to imagine, to create, to colour! Are you feeling arty? Share your Méduse jelly world with us on Instagram with the hashtag #Meduse! Make us dream for 2015!


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