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Méduse Talks… With Boutique Addict

11 Mar , 2015  

At Méduse, we strive to seek out the underground talents who share our values. Another week, another star…

You guys have been making us ROAR all week! So much so, that the king of the jungle, would be jealous!

We said goodbye to caffeine as we were buzzed by our animal print theme this week, and the weekend is set to look fierce! We went to a land far, far, away to explore the animal print world, and to end this week we spoke to a true Méduse star who has consistently shown her apt for trendy fashion and styles. We give you Virginie, of Boutique Addict who shares her opinions on the fashions she’s fallen in love with!

boutique 3

Is it the way you dress that influences your mood? Or rather your mood inspiring the way you dress?

My mood inspires my daily look 😉 and the weather forecast of course! When it’s raining, I like to dress with lots of colour, or some quirky accessories. When it’s cold, I like to dress with soft shades and I make sure that I’m comfy

boutique 1

Does wearing your zebra Jumpy or leopard print Jumpy make you feel wilder? More energetic?
I like my zebra Jumpy because they are have a fashionable quirkiness. I wear them whenever it’s raining and I find that they enhance my outfit. So yes, I feel more energetic when I wear them and I can stay stylish even if it’s raining!
What colour do you prefer to wear with this kind of animal print?
I prefer to wear them with coordinating the beige colour to highlight the zebra print of the boots. :-) I find that grey also matches well.
boutique 2
Could you draw an animal that represents you? ( No worries, we are not expecting a piece of art, a quick sketch on Paint will be perfect :-D )
Here is the sketch:


It’s not a secret that we adore the accessories you pick every day. That’s why we challenge you: take a picture of yourself or your team, wearing some animal print accessories whilst posing like a wild animal! Challenge accepted? If you complete the challenge, you can challenge us to do something! ;-)

Here is the picture of myself (right) with my assistant!

unnamed (2)


Watch out! She’s coming to get you!

Thank you Virginie! We hope to come and visit you in Bordeaux sometime soon! We’re dreaming of discovering your wild treasures and chatting about exotic fashion with you!

Follow the queen of styling accessories on her Instagram and Facebook! She snaps quirky styling tips and shows how certain items can mix and match with one another. She’s a fashionista to keep an eye on!


Ciao for now! 

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