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Méduse Talks… With Céline Rodrigues

10 Mar , 2015  

At Méduse, we strive to seek out the underground talents who share the same values as us – bold, colourful and original. Each week, we talk to a rising star about their art, talent, predictions and how Méduse features in their life. Another week, another star…

As you know, we’re dishing out a lot of love, kisses and jelly hugs for our love themed week. And now, once again, we dedicate our love to you, our fans! Today we’re speaking to a very special Méduse lovin’ fan! She goes by the name of Céline Rodrigues, and she caught our eye when she declared her Méduse love on our Facebook page! So here goes – we hand it to you Céline, tell us about YOU! 

Multi Coloured Meduse

Céline, we know you’re a Méduse lover! Can you tell us 3 reasons why you love jellies?

First of all, I never wore Méduse when I was a kid. People often tell me today: ‘Oh, I had the same pair as you, when I was a kid!’ Well, I didn’t! So, Méduse was a late discovery to me. BUT I love the originality and the style Méduse gives. I like catching people’s attention on the underground in Paris. It is a social channel :-) The vintage side of the brand also corresponds to my personality too. Comfort is also important. It is difficult to find the right pair of shoes you feel comfortable in, but Méduse makes it possible to combine style and comfort. Finally, might I add, Méduse is ‘Made in France’ and that’s something we can be proud of.


You mentioned that you would pick blue or purple Méduse jellies – what’s the reason behind that?

To be fair, I like all colours ! I wish could have them all. I picked blue and purple because I have the transparent ones at the moment. Blue or purple would be perfect with dark clothes, like a high-cut skinny jean, a grey or black t-shirt and a flashy accessory. A perfect combination to my idéal dress.


We love adventure. Where would you take us?

Everywhere ! To the beach or for a rainy walk. I’m not afraid to scratch them – they’re indestructible. And this is also true for Jumpy boots. And I always dare to jump in puddles! I have the leopard print Jumpy boots, and they are great!


What one thing, do you think nobody has, but yourself?

I don’t really like to compliment myself but from an appearance point of view, I would have to say my style. I have always been wearing this rock/vintage style since my 20’s. Whether I’m at work or with my family, the way I dress defines who I am. I kind of like my clothes to have that shock factor, even though I am not always wearing odd accessories. People are shocked by the way I dress! And then, there is my elegance and beautiful nature (joke) (!) Also, I would mention my love for life – there is no time to be morose, but it is not always easy.


If you could live life in one colour, what would it be and why?

Black is my happy color.

It would be black. Not a sad black though. A happy dark colour. Back is a synonym with sobriety, elegance and maturity. Black is my happy colour.

Name 3 things on your Bucket List.

This is a tricky question… I will spontaneously say do a round-the-world trip (obviously with my Méduse), visit as many places as possible! Learn to play the guitar or drums. To be in a rock band – this one of my biggest regrets. And give birth. It would be a shame to not have this opportunity.


You’re the Queen for one day – what do you do?

It’s simple: NOTHING. Not go to work, be spoilt with massages, having my hair and make-up done etc. So, being truly pampered!


What’s the best feature a person can have?

Indifference. Taking a step back from routines, worries and concerns. Life is too short for this :-)


What superpower do you wish you had?

I wish I could read minds. It would have been very helpful in some situations (especially with boys haha!)


Finish the sentence: Jelly and…

Méduse and I! Because Méduse are made for me. I feel complete with my Méduse!


Those final words, said it all! What did you think of that interview with super-fan Céline? A true jelly-lover right? If you’d like to feature on our blog, then share your words with us on our Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or in the comments section here! You love us. And most importantly, we love YOU! <3


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  1. Angie says:

    Super article! Egérie de la marque méduse: Céline! Sans aucun doute.

  2. @Angie effectivement, Céline nous fait rêver!!! :)

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