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Méduse Talks… With Mary Yasmine Arrouche

11 Mar , 2015  

At Méduse, we strive to seek out the underground talents who share our values. Another week, another star…
A preppy badass who’s always daring to wear a splash of colour and print. She turns heads and she stops traffic – and well, we knew she was a star to chat to for this week’s ‘French Rising Stars’ theme! Our friend, fashion editor, journalist and style-lover Mary Yasmine Arrouche shared a few words with us on future French fashion and trends, and her world with Méduse! Check it out!
How do you think your style reflects Frenchness? What particular features stand out? My style reflects Frenchness in the sense that I don’t put that much effort into thinking about what I’m going to wear so it’s all very effortless even if it doesn’t look like it! I love wearing skirts and dresses and rarely, if at all, wear trousers. My favourite houses are all French and I think the fact that I am so committed to wearing skirts and dresses reflect the old school glamour that comes to mind when referring to French style. I have a soft spot for tailored men’s shirts and coats too, I like to think of the way it can be perceived, as a woman, to wear men’s clothes. It’s all very sexy… French!
Your blue Méduse – describe how they make you feel in 3 words. Comfortable, quirky and lively.
Do you think French style is revolutionising? Is it still classic and chic, or is it audacious and punchy? Oh French style is so varied and rich. I think what truly makes French style is the attitude, the effortlessness that is attached to it, so in that sense it is very much revolutionising!Where would you take your Méduse in the day and night? I would wear my Méduse at the music festivals in London during the summer, which last way beyond sunset…


What fashion trends do should we look out for later this year? What colours do you think will make an appearance? 

I really like the sportswear trend and how technical fabrics are integrated in high fashion, it brings a visual punch of colour and modernity to the silhouette. Also the 60s/70s revival with its palette of earthy colours and bucolic naïveté.

BAM! There you have it! With an apt for spotting hot fashion trends, we’re certainly keeping an eye Mary’s fashion predictions!

 What upcoming fashion trends, do you think will be in hyped this year? And most importantly, how would you style them with Méduse? Share your predictions in the comments!Big up to Mary Yasmine, for her time with us! You are a true jelly star! Keep up to date with Mary’s
musings, words and snapshots on her Instagram and Twitter!

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