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Méduse Talks… With Rhiannon

19 Aug , 2015  

At Méduse, we strive to seek out the underground talents who share our values. Every week, a new star…

Aside from my current jelly shoe addiction…’

Méduse talks with… Rhiannon!

This week we have Méduse super-fan and second #MeduseColor winner Rhiannon to talk about what inspires her jelly love! She loves colour, loves pattern, and she nabbed one of our winning titles with a cute and quirky jelly snapshot! Welcome to the Méduse family, Rhiannon!

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M-Woohoo! Firstly, congrats on being crowned as one of the winners of #MeduseColor – we know you’re a true jelly shoe lover! Aside from this, tell us a bit more about yourself?

R – Thank you very much – the #MeduseColor competition was so much fun! Aside from my current jelly shoe addiction I also practise Karate and I love camping with the family – I have two children, 5 and 6 years old, so they keep me very busy!


M – Méduses have been kicking around since 1946, believe it or not! Do you have any fond memories of jelly shoes? We’d love to hear a story…

R – My most vivid jelly shoe memory was on a family holiday to Croatia when I was younger. We had been told that there were sea anemones in the lagoons and had to wear jelly shoes in the water at all times to avoid getting stung. As a child, having to wear shoes in the sea was pretty weird and exciting but it kept us safe!

M – For the #MeduseColor competition we received a wave of photos – all different and great in their glory! Your snapshot really stood out to our friends and followers! How did you come up with the snapshot? Is there a story behind it?

R – The photo is of my daughter, Annabel, who also has a big collection of SUN Méduse. The photo itself was quite candid – she had stopped to peek at the picture hidden inside the metal bollard and I snapped it!

photo gagnante

M – Now that you’ve got a range of our Méduses, we imagine your brain is racing with ideas on how to style up with them! So we have a challenge for you! We’d like you to send us some snapshots of how you would style up your three different models of Méduses! Up for it? We hope you dive in!

3 styles


Thank you, Rhiannon, for that sweet interview! We’re so glad you involve Méduse in your daily life, and that your daughter loves jellies just as much as we do! We’ve got nothing but a whole load of jelly-love for you Rhiannon! Catch Rhiannon’s Instagram here and step into a jelly packed world!


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