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Méduse Talks… With Ruvé Staneke

25 Mar , 2015  

At Méduse, we strive to seek out the underground talents who share our values. Every week,  a new star…

Ask yourself this – how do you express your Méduse? Is it by simply dancing with the colours on your feet? Or is it a sketch? Or something unknown?

Today we’re talking to a very special talent in the arts field. Her name is Ruvé Staneke, from sunny Australia and she’s a dreamer, thinker and true artist. She’s sketched Méduse jellies, and her other works drift you off into a dreamland. We’ll let Ruvé take stage now!

Ruve Staneke Meduse Jelly Shoes Sketch


WOW! You’ve got quite a lot going on this year! Tell us about your latest projects and what are hoping to achieve?

Yes I do have many exciting things planned for this year! I have two exhibitions on display and through the two shows I am hoping to gain a higher status as an emerging artist in my community and bring about change through creativity. I am also currently working on pieces for major national and international art competitions. Art isn’t just about creating a pretty picture. It’s about creating works that are evocative. I want my pieces to be my voice when I am not literally speaking.


We know that you dream a lot as we saw your amazing self-portrait ‘Dreamer’ … where do you see yourself between dream and reality?

Thank you! For me, dreams are not intangible, they are not just thoughts, speculations, or ideals I wish to reach at a future time. My life is my dream. If I have a thought and I decide within myself that, that thought or ‘dream’ should come to pass, then I instantly act upon it and make plans on how to achieve it. There aren’t two state of minds, it is the one mentality: my dreams are my thoughts, and my thoughts become my words, which then become my reality.

Dreamer, by Ruvé Staneke


What makes your art so unique? How do the colours, techniques and textures define your art being individual to you?

Simply the fact that I did it makes it unique! Apart from that, I believe it is unique conceptually. In a world full of despair, hopelessness, and insecurity, I aim to bring life through the stories that my pieces tell. Regarding colours, techniques, and textures, there’s really nothing much that is unique, because everything has already been done in previous generations. However, I do enjoy the realism and hyper-realism style, so my brush strokes are often very carefully calculated, as too are the colours and textures, so that the end result looks as close to real life as possible.

Warrior by Ruvé Staneke


At Méduse, we’re all about living the colourful life! What are the little things in life, which give you that happy, buzzing feeling?

Making other people smile, and laugh. When I went to Cambodia on a mission trip last year, I went out to one of the slums to help build a small house. When I was there, I blew up balloons and played with the local children who were living in a tin shack. They had so little, yet they were the happiest children I’ve ever seen. I also love just sitting on the grassy lawn, eyes on the stars, taking in the expanse of mystery and extreme beauty that lay above me, listening to cicadas chirp as the summer breeze washes over me.

Ruve Staneke Sketch Meduse Jelly Shoes


RANDOM QUESTION! Imagine you had Play Doh in your hands – what would you make?

I’d have to say roll it into the good old play dough ball and then use it as a stress ball and knead it till it sticks to my hands! Or I’d just throw it at people 😉


10 SECOND SKETCH! We challenge you to time yourself and sketch what ‘jelly love’ means to you. Go!

I did it three times, one is jelly 😉

Ruvé Staneke Jelly Meduse Sketch Challenge


And now it’s our turn to send back our jelly-love! Ruvé – we know you’re gonna make it! Your work is incredible, like no other. We’d love to thank you for your contribution to Méduse, we know you’re busy forever sketching, so we truly appreciate it!

If you’d like to see more of Ruvé’s works, you can discover her art on her website and Instagram.

Au revoir, for now!



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