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Méduse Walks in France

8 Mar , 2015  

This week we have been celebrating our friends around the world, to get in touch with our cultural side. French culture, to be specific. Well it’s obvious isn’t it? Méduse = FUN, ORIGINAL… FRENCH!

So dear friends, let’s explore ‘the Hexagon’ and discover the hidden treasures! And to start off this tour guide, we’re focusing on the homeland of Méduse, Pays de la Loire in France.

So what first? Something the whet your appetite – because, well, we love our shoes almost as much as our food. Whether you like sweet or salt more, the Guérande salt marshes provide the ultimate ingredient for our salted caramel treats. And to top it off, who doesn’t appreciate a traditional Crêpe, dripping in deliciously, sticky caramel? Get your French cooking on and check out this recipe!


source: www.caramelaubeurresale.net/recette-bonbons/

source : http://cotegourmandises.canalblog.com/


And so to Nantes, the home of many talented individuals – take us as proof ;p We share this beautiful city with a famous band – C2C. Have a listen and transport yourself to the Nantaise harbour side with its yellow cranes and Loire river running by.


Last but by no means least, this region is home to our two Méduse stars – bloggers Nolwenn C. and L’Autruche. Embodying the Nantaise style and the Méduse charm, they were a perfect choice to play top models for our new A/W ’15/16 campaign. Intrigued? Well,  we’ll just have to leave you in suspense for now…

Nolwenn_creme partage la couverture du catalogue AW 15/16

So, admit it. Life in Western France is pretty enticing no? Pop on your Jumpy and start exploring the region for yourself.

Got a story or recommendation for us from Pays de la Loire? Share your tips and tricks on the best sites, flavours and experiences for jelly friends alike to check out!

Until next time…

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