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Plastic is fantastic

9 Mar , 2015  

Coco Rocha photographed by Craig McDean
Originally published in W Magazine (October 2006)

The fantastic thing with plastic is that it fits with all moods, styles, regardless the colour of the sky. How easy it is to create a multitude of looks throughout the year.

With Meduse, your feet could be the main character of a Kim Ki Duk’s movie, “Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter… and Spring“. All the time, everywhere. Satine, Sun, Jumpail, Flumpail… and Satine.

Wearing plastic is like red lipstick. It makes you stand out. Either you want to add a poetic, futuristic or intriguing touch of boldness and creativity. It can be combined with the more classic outfit and inject a fresh breeze of playfulness and coolitude. Materials blend together, tranparency makes it aerial, colour conbination are endless.

From catwalk to everyday life, plastic comes now in all sort of wearables, clothes and accessories.  It’s not audacious to say that the simplest detail that create the most sophisticate effect.

Here are few ideas to add an interesting twist to your outfit:

liquid-filled plastic collar
Liquid-filled plastic collar • Christopher Kane

Half sheer bag
Haf sheer Bag • Jil Sander

Plastic bra


Wanda nylon, transparent biker jacket • Farfetch

Runway accessories

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