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Bikers are the new ‘Garçonnes’

9 Mar , 2015  


Who said a Garçonne has to have short hair and a smoky suit?

At Méduse, a pair of Noir & Rouge Jumpy Boots, a bomber jacket, and a red biker helmet with a simple backpack is WAAAAY cooler than that!

Meduse Jumpy Boots black & red

Think of Lisbeth in The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo or the badass girls in the film, Fast and Furious. (SCREAM GUARANTEED! Ryan Gosling in Drive! Yep, we thought of you!).

And for a softer reference, check out Ari Fitz’s style series for tomboys. Here are the must-have pieces for the new Garçonne style =D

Now jump on your motorbike with our Noir & Rouge Jumpy Boots!

Vroom! Vroooooom!

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