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27 Jan , 2016  


In our last interview, we met Slanelle, an influential top fashion blogger who loves nothing more than updating her wardrobe with eye-catching finds, and playing her guitar in her spare time.

This week, we meet 5Pockets, a blog dedicated to jeans and denim! Curious? Read here!

‘We’re going for your Flamille High Boots which are really awesome!’


M – Hello Team 5Pockets! We’ve had a look on your blog and it’s certain to say that you guys are devoted to denim! Can you tell us a bit more about how your project started?
P – Indeed, we are devoted to denim! We think that all wardrobes need to have a nice selection of jeans as they are at the centre of fab outfits. We launched our blog almost one year ago, with an aim to be part of the online denim world. We chose the name ‘5 Pockets’ because it represents the 5 famous pockets of the denim.


M – We’ve noticed that your blog also shows another dimension, about well-being – which we love! Do you have any tips on feeling fantastic this winter?
P – We launched our well-being section because we think that feeling comfortable in your own clothes is feeling comfortable in your own skin. Our beauty tips for this winter: tea, tea and tea! We’re crazy about tea – not only do we drink it, we also apply it on our eyes when we find it tricky to wake up in the mornings. Nevertheless, you need to choose a good tea – be careful with supermarkets brands! Also, don’t wait till the summer to take up a sport – sport is built for everyday! It’s important to feel good in your jeans, even when you’re hiding under a big coat 😉


M – What are the jeans that are hot on the scene right now? Do you have a style that is a must-have this season? If so, how should we style them up?  
P – This is not an easy question! It depends on your shape. Today, more than ever, the fashion market is divided and a lot of niche trends exist. We advise you to have a look at our Ebook (free of course) which will help you to find your shape, the perfect pair of jeans for you and some outfits for inspiration.  


M – And now for your challenge! That’s right, we challenge you to pick a pair of jeans along with a few other seasonal fashion pieces that would match with a pair of our Meduse boots! You can create the ‘styleboard’ or you can pick the items and our designer will mock it up for you.
P – Let’s go! We’re going for your Flamille High Boots which are really awesome! Paired with black skinny jeans, a beige jumper and a long camel coat (we love this kind of outfit at the moment!). Something like this.


Bootcut, skinny, mom – we’re spoilt for choice! Thanks for joining us Team 5Pockets! You’ve just made us even more obsessed about denim! Take a look at their blog here for tips and tricks on how to work the best out of your jeans.

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Méduse Original People

Méduse Talks… With Marie, of Synonym of Happiness

8 Apr , 2015  

150408_Facebook_itvMarie_Easter Hunt by Meduse

At Méduse, we strive to seek out the underground talents who share our values. Every week, a new star…

We search high. We search low. We’re always on the hunt to pick out the cool, quirky talents from around the world, and today we’re talking to a girl who lives all over the world! That’s right, she’s lived in Paris, our hometown Nantes and now Krakow in Poland! Today’s chat is with globe-trotter Marie, of blog Synonym of Happiness. Here we go!

So! Who are you jelly lover?

My name is Marie, I was born in Paris, but later moved to Nantes. I decided to leave France for Poland and I’ve been here for 4/5 years now! Krakow is an awesome place. You should come! My blog is about my travelling family of 3. I write about our adventures and travelling in general. I love to write! I actually told my husband yesterday “I write in English, speak in Polish, read in French and think with all languages! It confusing, ha!” But it describes me and my life well – I am a mix of everything.

Marie & Family Interview with Meduse

We know you love travelling all around the world! If you could take Méduse on an adventure, where you to take us?

The first answer would be… everywhere! But that’s not really helping, right? So here is my list: Mongolia, Japan, Laos, Kenya, Tanzania, South Africa, Peru and Argentina!

Marie Travel Photos, Interview with Meduse

What are the few items that you need with you, when you’re on a journey?

Ahaha! Méduse? ;-)One time we were snorkelling in Egypt, when I saw a snake near my foot! Now, I always take my Méduse to the sea. Of course my luggage, a nice light backpack (it’s the best bag ever!) And my phone… a basic water, shock and dustproof phone.

Meduse in the sea with Marie

What’s the best surprise you discovered on your travels?
That I do not need a country to belong to. Wherever I go, that’s my home.

Marie Meduse Interview

We like to eat a lot of jelly during Easter (surprise, surprise!) What do you like to do during Easter?
Eat chocolate!! There is tartarska sauce in Poland, you eat it with eggs. I am totally crazy about this sauce!! Maybe we should go away for Easter? Praga, Czech Republic? 😉


CHALLENGE! We asked you earlier, where you would take Méduse on an adventure, so we’d like to see this come to life! What would Méduse look like in your chosen destination?

This year… my Méduse will be going to Croatia and Indonesia! And next year, we’ll be hitting Africa.
How will it look…? Well you’ll have to wait and see… 😉

Marie and her family, Meduse Interview

Ahhhhhhhhh… teasing, we hate teasing – we want to see your Méduse adventure now! But fine.. we’ll sit back and hold tight Marie ;-). Thank you very much for having a little chat with us, Marie! We know you’re busy globe trotting! You can check out Marie’s blog ‘Synonym of Happiness‘ and her Instagram here, to discover the sounds and sights from all over the world.

Au revoir for now!


synonym-of_happiness Meduse

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Meduse world

Welcome to Méduse world!

9 Dec , 2014  

Black-Rayures Méduse Camaro boots

Welcome to our webzine! This is going to be the place where you can share, speak and discover the latest happenings in the world of Méduse®.

We’re proud to say that we’re bold in our Frenchness and fashion, and colourful in our style and thoughts. So expect to see plenty of topics which keep our Méduse® minds ticking, interviews with upcoming stars in fashion, music and art, and style services from us and our friends alike.

Welcome to Méduse webzine

We’ve been journeying with our jellies since 1946 and today we’re venturing into the universe of pop culture and innovative French fashion. Our webzine will play host to the snapshots and thoughts of Méduse® in the pop culture world. Not only will it be a place where we talk about what’s on our mind, but we will showcase exclusive pieces for your eyes only.

We hope you get stuck into our playground and keep up to date with the quirky world of Méduse®!

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