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Méduse Talks… With Lauren de Samonac

5 Aug , 2015  

Lauren bloggeuse

At Méduse, we strive to seek out the underground talents who share our values. Every week, a new star…

‘I actually have a ‘Jelly Fish’ tattoo on my ankles – it just shows that Méduse will live with me forever.’

She’s a sassy entrepreneur with a keen eye for fashion! She loves mixing retro styles with the fashion of the now, and she can’t help but bounce, skip and prance in her Méduse! We speak to Lauren, a blogger and proud owner of a vintage e-store. Et voila!

M – First things first! We’ve seen you sporting our straw-coloured Méduse and we’re intrigued to know more about you! So tell us, who are you Lauren or Loraine? 😉

L – Lauren Samonac is a very long name meaning a lot of things… My name is actually Loraine but Lauren is much quicker to spell 😉 ! I am the daughter of a village shopkeeper and I always learned to deal with myself, as my ten fingers led me to be the independent person I am today. My mum was always busy, doing tons of things other than shopping; my mum wasn’t a fashionista but a talented entrepreneur. As I’m a kinesthetic learner, my education took an artistic turn – I built up my professional experience in the world of show business as an actress, a light and sound technician and a stage decorator! Some wonderful experiences which led me to try my luck as an entrepreneur today.


M – We’ve noticed that not only do you run a personal blog, but you’re also a part of a second-hand / vintage project! Could you tell us a bit more about Duffledud? How does this project have an effect on your own personal style?

L – Duffledud was born in 2012 and allowed me to share my love of bargain-hunting and wearing fashion pieces mixed with cool vintage bits! It’s a way for me to feel like a kid: like being my own person, showing off my own style – that’s what fashion should be about! But Duffledud is slowly coming to an end unfortunately… Because of the big retail industry competition and their low prices, my e-shop is going through a rough patch, despite holding on to budget prices and ‘little-old-me’ trying to keep it up, until the big CRACK! It’s so much easier to buy a basic pink blouse that everyone has, than buy a pink blouse with a little character :-/. This has been a rich experience; from seeing my blog blossom, I decided to focus my energy on building a new project (still secret) to keep going! 

lauren hat - Copy

M – You shared a lovely story with us where you mention how our Méduse were a part of your childhood! What place do our jellies have in your life today?

L – Méduses ?? Definitely my childhood !!! As my parents were working a lot, we didn’t go on holiday much, but when we did, we went to the seaside! I’m very sensitive on the feet as my father used to tickle me to wake me up! I never really liked the burning heat of the sand and I really didn’t like the idea of ​​knowing that my feet could walk on something strange, like a hook! (true story!). Fed-up with my complaints, my mother bought me my first pair of Méduses when I was 6 and they were navy blue. Then, when I was about 8, I got a transparent pair, and I felt like I was wearing dolly shoes – so practical as there are no laces!  Moreover, the idea of ​​being able to set foot in the water without risking anything is just great! Even though I’m 28, my habits have not changed and I am pleased that I’ve been able to find a pair of Méduses because they are so useful, they have a nostalgic touch, and not many people dare to wear them yet, but they are missing out on this true fashion accessory! I like the origin and the history – it is a French product, with a unique style for both men, women, youngsters and oldies – it’s even worn by fashionistas around the world! As they say: ‘never two without three’, my third pair of SUN Paille are well into my ‘shoesing’ and this time, I’m sure my feet won’t grow anymore ;-).

lauren jellies

M – And now for your challenge! We challenge you to create a styleboard inspired by your Paille SUN Méduse! Are you up for it? 😉

L – I’m taking up your challenge! It is a great honour for me to highlight my pair of Méduse! It’s if my story with Méduse was written in the stars… I actually have a ‘Jelly Fish’ tattoo on my ankles – it just shows that Méduse will live with me forever.


Lauren – we love you. You’re officially the coolest cat around! Having Méduse tattooed shows you’re a true jelly lover, and we won’t forget that! Thanks for sharing your stories and style tips with us! It just goes to show that we too love mixing vintage styles with hip-happening fashion – YOU GOT IT! Keep up to date with Lauren’s blog and her retro store DuffleDud!


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Jelly lesson – How to wear jelly shoes like fashion bloggers!

25 Jun , 2015  

#MeduseColor (1)

Your weekly jelly lesson, from us to you.

Jelly Step One: Smash the block colour
look like Jen, who works floaty red dress
and an electric blue cardi, teamed with her
classic jet black Nikita jelly shoes.


Jelly Step Two: Or you could go for
a lighter look, like Keshia! Teaming
paille sandals with a floral blazer and
chic pinstripe jeans! We love it!


Jelly Step Three: Or maybe a tropical
bomber jacket with matching shorts
is more your style? We’re loving Victoria’s
blue colour combo and exotic prints with

our sea-green Méduse.

Processed with VSCOcam with hb2 preset

Jelly Step Four: What’s hot this season?
The vintage-bohemian festival look is
the trend to rock this summer and Joey
shows you how you can work it with

some jelly shoes! Suede tan? PARFAIT!


Jelly Step Five: Vivid prints and crazy colours
is always a style statement that works its magic!
How about rocking a mini dress with reds and
yellows with our SUN Méduse, like Ashlee?
Primary colours that are a match made in heaven!


So there you have it! An essential fashion lesson on how fashionistas around the world are wearing their Méduse jelly shoes! As you can see, these girls have their own style and you should dare to show off your personal look! Get inspired!

What’s your original style like? How do you style up your jelly shoes? Comment here!

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Méduse Talks With… Samantha – Let’s travel around the world!

24 Jun , 2015  

Meduse featured image - Samantha

At Méduse, we strive to seek out the underground talents who share our values. Every week, a new star…

‘I would definitely take your Méduse Jumpy boots travelling anywhere’

A fashion blogger, curious spirit and globe trekker – Samantha has it all! Coming from all the way down under (Australia), this cool cat came to our attention when we spotted her original sense of style. Not only is she up for the #MeduseColor challenge, she’s also game for our interview! Check it out…  

M – So jelly lover, how would you introduce yourself in a few words?
S – My name is Samantha and I run my own Fashion/Travel Blog called Rapunzille. I’m Australian but I am always seeking my next adventure!
I use fashion as a way to express who I am and how I feel. I love to travel often to continuously throw myself into new situations. I find that it helps me grow as a person – especially my last trip to Canada for nearly 7 months!
I’m a Graphic Designer, so I’m infatuated with prints and colours! Which drew me to Méduse’s amazing collection of shoes! I associate colour with being happy and also the summertime! My two favourite things!

M – So we had a sneaky look at your blog (it’s too good!), and saw that you like to visit our beloved Paris! What makes you love the place so much? Is it the French culture? Fashion? Food? Or something else?
S – Oh my goodness! Paris is divine! The architecture makes me feel as though I’ve stepped into a fairytale. The fact that so many influential fashion designers are based in Paris makes me infatuated with the city! However, the food, the language and the lifestyle is far different than to what I’m used to! This excites me and makes me want to keep visiting Paris, and also explore the rest of France! At one point last year I was learning French, and I had so much fun doing it, but life got in the way. I do need to start practising again soon!

Meduse - Samantha2

M – Your snapshots are shot in beautiful settings, such as Canada! If you were to have a photoshoot in our Jumpy boots (our take on the Chelsea boots), where would you go?
S – Thanks! Canada was beautiful ! I’ve done sooooo much travelling (more countries to be added to the blog soon) that I’m finally back in Australia and appreciate the amazing natural wonders that I have in my own country! I would definitely take your Méduse Jumpy boots travelling anywhere, they are so versatile and really jazz up the average fashion boot! I would climb rocks on the beautiful sandy Australian beaches with my Jumpy boots and go on adventures in the Blue Mountains etc! I would also definitely pack them for my next trip to Europe!

M – And finally! You’ve just submitted a superb photo for #MeduseColor contest – well done! What was the inspiration behind your outfit? Do you like to mix and match colour?
S – Thank you ! The inspiration behind it actually was that I got that dress in a little shop in Nice, France. I thought it would be perfect to enter a dress I bought in France for the competition! The patterns remind me of the detail on the architecture in Europe! The patterns on the dress, mixed with the red colour and brown and white bag, create a casual summer look that mixes up colours in a fun vibrant way !

MeduseColor - samanthajay4

Well Samantha we hope you take us on your next trip! We can DEFINITELY fit in your suitcase… 😉 It’s been awesome chatting to you, thanks for the style tips and we’re always happy to meet jelly lovers from around the world! We wish you the best of luck for #MeduseColor! Take a look at Samantha’s inspiring Instagram and blog for tips on travel and fashion!

What about you guys? Where would you take your Jumpy boots if you were off on an adventure?

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Méduse Talks… With Madame Virgule

6 May , 2015  

Meduse - Interview Fanny featured

At Méduse, we strive to seek out the underground talents who share our values. Every week, a new star…

“Ambitious – I’m always pushing onwards and upwards.”

Following Fanny’s footsteps on her blog Madame Virgule, we’re curious to know more about the current fashion trends that are ticking all over Europe. But first, let’s see what the madame has to say!

M: Describe yourself in 3 words?
F: Natural – that’s what my family says, I don’t want to seem pretentious! Chatty – even during the night, oh my poor darling boyfriend haha! Ambitious – I’m always pushing onwards and upwards.

M: If you could live life in one colour, what would it be?
F: Blue, without a doubt! ( That’s the reason why I love the Jumpy vert d’eau!)


M: Name 3 things on your Bucket List.
F: Go on a round the world trip. Have a family (dog included haha). Have my own company.

M: Tell a joke. Go!

F: Well, I am not an expert in making jokes, but I find this one rather cute :)

Two angels are talking:

– What’s the weather like tomorrow?
– Cloudy.
– Good! Then we’ll be able to sit.

It’s cute – but we love it! Thank you Fanny for agreeing to have this lovely chat with us. Catch the Madame herself on Instagram and on her blog.

And what about you – if you could live life in one colour, what would it be? Comment here!




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Méduse Talks… With Marie, of Synonym of Happiness

8 Apr , 2015  

150408_Facebook_itvMarie_Easter Hunt by Meduse

At Méduse, we strive to seek out the underground talents who share our values. Every week, a new star…

We search high. We search low. We’re always on the hunt to pick out the cool, quirky talents from around the world, and today we’re talking to a girl who lives all over the world! That’s right, she’s lived in Paris, our hometown Nantes and now Krakow in Poland! Today’s chat is with globe-trotter Marie, of blog Synonym of Happiness. Here we go!

So! Who are you jelly lover?

My name is Marie, I was born in Paris, but later moved to Nantes. I decided to leave France for Poland and I’ve been here for 4/5 years now! Krakow is an awesome place. You should come! My blog is about my travelling family of 3. I write about our adventures and travelling in general. I love to write! I actually told my husband yesterday “I write in English, speak in Polish, read in French and think with all languages! It confusing, ha!” But it describes me and my life well – I am a mix of everything.

Marie & Family Interview with Meduse

We know you love travelling all around the world! If you could take Méduse on an adventure, where you to take us?

The first answer would be… everywhere! But that’s not really helping, right? So here is my list: Mongolia, Japan, Laos, Kenya, Tanzania, South Africa, Peru and Argentina!

Marie Travel Photos, Interview with Meduse

What are the few items that you need with you, when you’re on a journey?

Ahaha! Méduse? ;-)One time we were snorkelling in Egypt, when I saw a snake near my foot! Now, I always take my Méduse to the sea. Of course my luggage, a nice light backpack (it’s the best bag ever!) And my phone… a basic water, shock and dustproof phone.

Meduse in the sea with Marie

What’s the best surprise you discovered on your travels?
That I do not need a country to belong to. Wherever I go, that’s my home.

Marie Meduse Interview

We like to eat a lot of jelly during Easter (surprise, surprise!) What do you like to do during Easter?
Eat chocolate!! There is tartarska sauce in Poland, you eat it with eggs. I am totally crazy about this sauce!! Maybe we should go away for Easter? Praga, Czech Republic? 😉


CHALLENGE! We asked you earlier, where you would take Méduse on an adventure, so we’d like to see this come to life! What would Méduse look like in your chosen destination?

This year… my Méduse will be going to Croatia and Indonesia! And next year, we’ll be hitting Africa.
How will it look…? Well you’ll have to wait and see… 😉

Marie and her family, Meduse Interview

Ahhhhhhhhh… teasing, we hate teasing – we want to see your Méduse adventure now! But fine.. we’ll sit back and hold tight Marie ;-). Thank you very much for having a little chat with us, Marie! We know you’re busy globe trotting! You can check out Marie’s blog ‘Synonym of Happiness‘ and her Instagram here, to discover the sounds and sights from all over the world.

Au revoir for now!


synonym-of_happiness Meduse

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Méduse Talks With… Eva, of Girls’n Nantes

31 Mar , 2015  

GirlsNantes - Meduse interview 3

At Méduse, we strive to seek out the underground talents who share our values. Every week,  a new star…

We’re whisking you off to a fairy-tale land with Eva, a blogger from Nantes who rides on her unicorn and sprinkles her glitter dust all around her town. She’s quirky, cool and leaves a sparkly trail of Méduse wherever she goes!

GirlsNantes - Meduse interview 2

Who are you Jelly lover?

Eva, 34 years old, and still in good shape ! I have 2 kids, who are 4 and 6 (rock’n’roll!). I write a lifestyle blog, where I make my readers discover Nantes on a unicorn’s back. My favorite colour is a sparkly pink !


What makes you an eccentric person?

Good question, I have always felt a bit different! I would say that I sparkle from head to toe.

 GirlsNantes - Meduse interview 4

Tell us something crazy you have done!

I lived in Paris for 10 years! Unbearable for a country girl, or someone like me coming from a smaller city. I’m kidding, I enjoyed my life in Paris. I do crazy things everyday and I want every minute to be a burst of laughter.


One word to describe Méduse 😀 ?

Only one ? FUN.


We read a recent article on your blog about the “do’s & don’ts” for Spring. What would be your ‘do’s’ for wearing Méduse this summer?

At the beach, on the rocks, at parties with sparkling socks and a mini skirt, and in town of course. There’s no specific reason. Everything goes with Méduse!


We have a lot in common Eva – we are also from Nantes :-). If you were to take someone to visit Nantes, where would you go?

Ooh, a neighbor from Nantes <3

I would take them on a traditional tour to the “Les Machines de l’Ile”, a visit to the Chateau des Ducs de Bretagne where I am living of course! … not really ;-).

Then, I’d go for a stroll in Trentemoult, a drink at the bar Le Nid, and try out all the good restaurants.. because food is life!

 GirlsNantes - Meduse interview

Et voila! We’re off now, to hop on Eva’s unicorn and fly back to our hometown of Méduse! Fancy joining?

We’d like to send a huge jelly-hug to Eva, for her interview! You’ve been a star – or should we say unicorn 😉

Discover Eva’s blog, Twitter and Facebook  to see what magic she sparks in her world!

Au revoir for now!


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Méduse Talks With… Victoria, Laugh of Artist

18 Mar , 2015  

Processed with VSCOcam with p5 preset

At Méduse, we strive to seek out the underground talents who share our values. Every week,  a new star…

She is a rock’n’roll artist full of inspiration and style. From her little blue cloud, Victoria tells us the story of her blog, Laugh of Artist. She kindly shares with us her inspirations, her travels and propels Méduse in a new world!



You called your blog “Laugh of Artist”. It is a very pretty name! Where does it come from?

You must know that I have this motto tattooed below my left rib. This sentence is a wink to the world I used to evolve in and still am: the artistic domain. I also named my Instagram after it and when I decided to launch my blog, it obviously came to my mind.

You know at Méduse we are fond of colours, which one will you choose to celebrate the coming Spring?

A soft blue, sky blue?

You know how to remain chic and fashion in the city as well as in the countryside. What 3 items would you wear with your Méduse for the city-life?  And what about countrylife?

For the country? Definitely some destroyed boyfriend style jeans tucked up on a pair of khaki Méduse – the cool style mastered! Who said we cannot be stylish in the countryside! For the city? Some black slim-fit jeans and a pair of fuchsia Méduse SUN jellies teamed with a small black party bag. Chic but quirky :-)Victoria3

At Méduse, we are absolute adventure fans! Where would you take us and why? 

To the USA. It was my longest and most recent travel and I had the chance to go on a road trip, to discover fascinating villages and various climates. It would be perfect since I could wear my Méduse sandals during the day and change to my Jumpy boots when the weather gets wet at night :-)

Processed with VSCOcam with p5 preset

A pair of Méduse never travels alone; what accessories (newspaper, book,CD… anything you love…) would you bring with your Méduse?

In my suitcase, I would take my Paulette Magazine, an iPad, a soft pullover, a cosy coat, a pair of slim-fit jeans, a pair of boyfriend jeans, my book of the moment, my fave rings, a pair of boots (glittery Jumpy boots / Jumpail) and a pair of Méduse heeled sandals  (Nikita argent).

What kind of music would you dance to in your Méduse? 

A good summer mix for the sandals and real rock with the boots :-)


La la la! We are now dancing all over the place! Victoria, you definitely are a star and you brought the best ideas to kick-off spring with bundles of energy. Thank you!

Besides daydreaming on her blog, we are following Victoria on Twitter and Instagram. Guys, you should do the same!


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Méduse Talks… With Darishini Thiyagarajan

11 Mar , 2015  

Méduse jelly shoes by Darishini T.


At Méduse, we strive to seek out the underground talents who share our values. Another week, another star…


She’s fierce. She’s fabulous. And man, she knows how to #GetJumpy! Holding her pose, like a stunt from The Matrix, blogger, writer and fashionista Darishini T. caught our eye, when we saw her incredible Get Jumpy entry! A true jelly lover and a new friend from way over in Singapore, we knew we had to highlight this talented star as a part of our ‘Méduse Map: Stars Around The Globe’ theme. So here we go!


Tell us about your Get Jumpy photo you entered! Where did you take the photo? What was your mood? Was there any music in your mind at that time? What were your ideas behind your pose?

Well a friend of mine loves taking jump shots, and he introduced me to the art of getting the perfect jump shot a few months back. The energy I feel when taking a jump shot is something I’ve never experienced before, and the adrenaline rush is what I love about it. I took the photo at my polytechnic campus here in Singapore, Temasek Polytechnic! (Our campus actually has pretty good spots for photo shoots) Before taking a shot, I usually compose myself – rid myself of any thoughts, so there was nothing in mind at that point of time! As for my pose, I usually try to go for something effortless. I look for inspiration on Instagram, but otherwise it’s mostly improvisations!

We notice that you’re incredibly creative, so here’s a challenge! Can you write a short poem about Méduse jelly shoes?  

It’s been a while since I cracked my head over a poem, so here’s a haiku for you!
how wonderful it
would be to dance about with
colours on your feet

As a student in journalism, you must look out for all things cultural. When we say ‘Frenchness’ what does that mean to you?

Definitely! I absolutely love places rich in culture! Hmm, I would say that ‘Frenchness’ means beauty and sophistication to me. France is a beautiful country, and so are the people – I really would love to come down someday!


We notice you wear your jelly shoes often. Imagine if one day you interview Anna Wintour, what jelly shoes would you wear to impress her and give you that extra confidence?

Well, the day I interview Anna Wintour would be the best day of my life! I would love to try something new, something different from the conventional jelly sandals I look to. Chelsea boots are to die for, and combining that with French elements is a brilliant idea. (That’s the Jumpy boot)



You’ve got a great taste in music, so we give you the power to be our guest DJ! Pick the 5 songs that have you toe-tapping!

Why thank you! My current favourite songs are all from very different genres HAHA!
Great taste in music – check! Knows how to Get Jumpy – check! A true jelly lover – check! Darishini, you tick all the boxes gal! If you’d like to keep up to date with her fashion, photography, writing and jelly journeys, then tune into her Instagram and her blog! They’re both ones to keep an eye on!

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Méduse Talks… With Claire Etchell

11 Mar , 2015  

Collage Méduse Jumpy boots by Claire


At Méduse, we strive to seek out the underground talents who share our values. Another week, another star…


From our SUN jellies to our kicking Jumpy boots, Méduse leaves a trail of footprints all around the globe. This time, we’re highlighting the UK! We got in touch with a jolly Jumpy lover, and she goes by the name of Claire Etchell, a London based fashion PR professional and a true wordsmith! Her blog Naked PR Girl is daring, witty and unafraid to go behind the ‘smoke and mirrors’ of society and the fashion industry.

So here we go, get yourselves a steaming cuppa tea, and get ready to dive into Claire’s world!

Processed with Rookie


Since you are the Naked PR Girl, here is your chance to reveal something you’ve NEVER said before – what is it? 

I have a thing for flowers. There’s a beautiful flower market on Columbia Road in London. It’s open every Sunday 8am-3pm. It’s where I’ll have sloped off to if I go missing over a weekend. Stalls and stalls of incredible flowers. I always come back with armfuls and spend the rest of the day surrounded by them as I work on my blog. You’ll know where to fine me!


At Méduse, we love to dare, just like yourself. What’s the most daring thing you’ve ever done?

Going travelling! It was the best and most exciting experience visiting Australia, New Zealand, Fiji, Cook Islands, LA and San Francisco. I drove a 4×4 on Fraser Island, went diving in The Great Barrier Reef and my biggest challenge was climbing Franz Joseph Glacier in New Zealand. Going up was easy… going down a little like a ski slope, minus the skis.


Challenge 1: Tell a joke. Go!

You know these fashions with skinny jeans. I can’t get into them.


 We’ve noticed you hike to some beautiful spots, but if you could take Méduse somewhere, where would it be and why?

That’s a tough one. Well you’re French so you already appreciate France so how about we go Thailand? Koh Phi Phi island would be a great place to try out the jelly shoes in the sea. While we’re there we’ll have seafood from a local restaurant I know and travel by boat to Maya Bay which was made famous through The Beach featuring Leonardo DiCaprio.



When we say French / Original / Fun – you say?

Nice to meet you. I’m London/Fashion/Fun. Shall we hang out?


What kinda gal are you? Ballet or Hip Hop?

Ballet. I love watching a performance in a beautiful setting like the Royal Opera House in Covent Garden in London. I don’t ask for much 😉 ! A psychic told my mum way before she met my dad that I would be a famous dancer… I’m still waiting for that to come true.


You’re a wordsmith – so here’s the second challenge for you! Can you write us a haiku about a day in a pair of jellies? 

Squishing round in my jellies

The sand is so hot

I skip to the cool ocean


You know how to snap a good shot – tell us, do you prefer shooting in the dawn or dusk?

I’m all about the sunset. A sunrise for me is usually when I’m on my way to work at the office as I walk through Hyde Park every day. A sunset is something I can enjoy on my way home via the Serpentine Lake and once in a while they will be truly breathtaking.

Processed with Rookie

If you could live life in one colour, what would it be and why?

Blue. Blue skies, blue seas, they always look beautiful so that works for me!


Finally, what does jelly love mean to you?

Having fun, being adventurous and exploring nature.


Leaving a trail of Jumpy footprints in city spots such as Hyde Park, the Royal Opera House, Columbia Road Flower Market – Claire is a true London girl! You can follow her footsteps on her blog, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter!

Have you ever worn your Méduse in the streets of London? Upload your photo on to Instagram with the hashtag #Meduse and we will share it on our Friday wrap up and on Instagram!

Au revoir for now!

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Méduse Talks… With Artlex

10 Mar , 2015  

Jumpy boots-léopard-Meduse (1)

At Méduse, we strive to seek out the underground talents who share the same values as us – bold, colourful and original. Each week, we talk to a rising star about their art, talent, predictions and how Méduse features in their life. Another week, another star…

We know it. You know it. Just like a tiger in a wild savannah – animal print lives in our wardrobes.

To paraphrase Baudelaire, modernism is this fleeting half of the art whose second part is eternal. Eternal, just like the spots and the stripes of the animal kingdom. We at Méduse have re-invented these exotic prints with our zebra Jumpy, leopard print Jumpy and leopard print tall boot Flamac. (see below). It’s modern. It’s mode. It’s Méduse.



We wanted to know how this trend is perceived by others. And by others, we asked none other than fashion blogger Artlex who gives her view on this timeless trend. 

Méduse: How your outfit influence your state of mind? Does it have an impact on your mood, or does your mood have an impact on your outfit?

Artlex: My outfit, my make-up and even my hairdressing reflect my mood. If I’m happy, motivated by a project, or if it’s sunny (and not only outside, in my heart too!), I want it to shine through! I treat my hair, refine my make-up and take a lot of pleasure in choosing my clothes. On the other hand, if I get up on the wrong side of the bed, tired and grumpy, I put on the first thing that I see, lol! I just wrap a duvet around my head, dust on a bit of powder for my make-up and that’s enough for my day!
M: Do your Jumpy boots with a Zebra or Leopard print make you feel a bit wilder and ready for action? 
A: Ha ha! Wilder, maybe not, but more original, that’s for sure. The little leopard touch makes all the difference among my numerous pairs of shoes. 😉 The big advantage, since I have my Jumpy is that when it rains, it’s almost a pleasure to go out in the rain!


MWhich colours do you like to wear with your leopard print Jumpy boots?
A: When I wear my Jumpy, I initially associate it with natural colours: the camel, the beige and brown are perfect.
M:Draw us an animal which embodies who you are! (no worries, we’re not expecting a work-of-art, a quick sketch on Paint would be awesome 😀 )


How cool is this cat? Or should we say, how cool is this jelly-loving cat?! WE’RE IN LOVE! Thank you so much Artlex! Keep up to date with Artlex’s world on her blog, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter & Pinterest !

And you, our Méduse friends, what’s your take on animal print? On a scale of 1 (not your taste) to 10 (absolutely awesome!) how much do you love it? Let us know in the comments!

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