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The Jelly Lesson: How to style your French nails with Méduse

30 Apr , 2015  

French Nails With Méduse

Your weekly jelly lesson, from us to you.

Jelly Step 1: Choose a colour that suits
your mood for the day. The sky’s blue, so
we’re going blue!

nail varnish drawings_step 1

Jelly Step 2: Dream. Imagine and feel your
Frenchness come to life! This tune by Paradis
usually helps 😉

step 2.2_drawing

Jelly Step 3: The fun part – start painting!
What patterns are French? We’re going
for girly-chic stripes and polka-dots.

step 2_drawing

Jelly Step 4: Add your final French touches
with a spot of quirkiness. You’re styling
with Méduse afterall!

step 3_drawing

Jelly Step 5: Et voila! Match your blue
French nails with a pair of our Vert d’eau
Jumpy boots.
Frenchness at its finest.

step 5_drawing

Practice and perfect your French nails, like ‘dullikeglitter’. Whether you’re in the mood for monochrome stripes to match your Zebra Jumpy, or a soft pink to pair with our Salmon Pink range, there are French nails for every Méduse. 

Parisian Nails Dull Like Glitter

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