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#GetJumpy 2015 – Highlights

11 Nov , 2015  

Love is in the air and so was the world for #GetJumpy! Our kickin’ contest this year is now over, and well – it was the BEST one yet! Our bloggers were challenged to not only style up the Jumpy boots they were given, but to leap, bounce and JUMP in their new Méduse. And ever since the fashionistas showed off their take on #GetJumpy, you guys entered into the fun and took on the challenge for yourselves.  And now? We have three lucky winners.
Let’s take a look at some of the bloggers who showed off their magic…
Jumpin’ in Jumpmat Caramel is blogger Fanny of Madame Virgule, who’s ready for lift off!


Back in black and lookin’ effortlessly cool is Marlene of Dans la Bulle de Kenny. She’s certainly working a rock and roll style in our biker buckled JUMPAT boots!

Not only can she skate, she can also #GetJumpy! Jumping in her pink soled Jumpy boots, we have Rach from Koko Luxe!

Jumping into the Méduse spirit with her splash of colours, Leigh Travers of Fox & Feather works the stripes with this stylish #GetJumpy snapshot!

With her monochrome kimono-cape, she’s a superhero in style and in jumping! Wearing her Jumpy Marron / Bordeaux boots, it’s Amélie of Naturellement Blonde!

Those were just some of the awesome bloggers who got stuck into our challenge, and inspired you guys! If you haven’t seen the awesome ‘jumpers’ who entered #GetJumpy, take a look here!
We loved the entries from @cle.bourhis (top) and her mum @natbourthis (bottom) – full of funky art and colour!

Showing some near-impossible stunts, @o_tennessee (top) and @bobelini (bottom) caught our attention with these acrobatic jumps!


We loved how @aabstraact (top) and @dawnaddict (bottom) not only raised the bar with their jump, but snapped an awesome nature-esque background!


Looking stylish as ever and effortlessly cool for #GetJumpy, we have @fanytrueba (top) and blogger Sophie of @Les idées SoAddict (bottom)!

All you guys who entered did such a fab job and we cannot thank you enough! Check out the rest of the entries this year here – their snapshots will certainly give you tips for Instagram! It’s been an amazing year, and we’d love to thank our bloggers who joined us for this project, and everyone else who got involved. Well done to the three winners – you totally deserved it!
That’s a wrap!  

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Méduse lover Amalia!

15 Jul , 2015  

set feature image blogger2

At Méduse, we strive to seek out the underground talents who share our values. Every week, a new star…

“We used to wear the Méduse shoes when we were young… and we still wear them today!”

You guys know it – it puts a great big smile on our face when we hear from jelly lovers around the world. And now? We couldn’t be more chuffed with this little star who popped along for a sweet chat. Let us introduce Amalia – the hero, the creator behind the Facebook group #LoveMyMeduses. Make way!
amalia photo contest


M – Tell us: how did you come up with the idea of creating a group for Méduse-lovers?

A – I am in charge of a boutique shop for the #TEXTO brand, and we currently sell Méduse jelly shoes. My of-the-wall personality and a shred of nostalgia made me get back to the Méduse basics, in a modern and feminine way! For the story, I created the #LoveMyMeduses fan club right after a hen party with my friends. I brought a pair of jelly shoes with me in my suitcase for this special occasion. All the girls literally fell in love with my Méduse outfits. A few days later, the bride-to-be posted a message on my Facebook wall, telling me she had bought the same shoes, then a second girl did the same, then a third… After that, I simply commented “what if we create a fan club?”. #LoveMyMeduses was born.

amalia wedding NEWjpg


M – How would you best describe the group?

A – #LoveMyMeduses is made for all the nostalgic people willing to take a leap back to their childhood – which really feels good from time to time ;-). We used to wear the Méduse shoes when we were young… and we still wear them today!  Growing up with my Méduse shoes, and wearing them again this summer, makes me super happy. Of course, you guys are all welcome to the facebook group!


amalia lovemymeduses


M – What are your best memories with Méduse?

A – I have some good memories with #Meduse. My first go back to my childhood, at our country house, during the summer holidays. We used to go to the nearby river, which we intimately called the “La Vanne à patauger nos petons” (the pond). I was with my grandmother and sister, and we were splashing around in the water with our hats and Méduse shoes on, to protect ourselves from the sun and the rocks. I remember eating our favorite LU cookies – the two biscuits with a delicious layer of chocolate in the middle. To be honest – these holidays were my sweetest childhood memories – simple, comforting…

M – Challenge! You know that we love fashion 😉 ! What is the best Méduse outfit to match with  your style?

A – Here’s a picture of me… 25 years later, on the same riverside, wearing my Méduse shoes:


amalia style NEW


A – I hope I managed to meet your expectations! Thank you #Meduse for being present in our lives. I am excited to see your next collection. You’ve definitely got a fan !! 😉

M – You Amalia, is what we call a stylish, super, SUPERFAN. Thank you very much for speaking to us and sharing your stories from the past to present. We hope you have many more moments with your Méduses in the future!


If you want to join her jelly-loving crew – join #LoveMyMeduses here!

Until next time folks!



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Méduse Original People

Méduse Talks With… Elsa!

3 Jun , 2015  

elsa image (4)

At Méduse, we strive to seek out the underground talents who share our values. Every week, a new star…

“I always loved wearing Méduses because we you can do anything with these shoes!”

She stands loud and proud from our beloved city of Nantes, and she snaps her Méduse footsteps with her adorable little dog – and y’know what? He’s jelly! In this interview, we walk through her favourite highlights of Nantes and her love for Méduse!

M: So tell us! Who are you, jelly lover?
E: So, who am I? I was born and bred in Nantes and I have lived there for 19 years, up until now, as I’m studying Art in Rennes’ University of Human Science. (Rennes 2.) So, I can’t say I am 100% “nantaise” anymore!

M: Challenge : Well,  we would love to see a picture of you dress up with the perfect outfit to wear with your black jellies!
Voilà !

Meduse - Elsa1

M: It’s pretty cool how we’re both from the Nantes region! Where do you like exploring in Nantes? And where would be the best place to hang out in your jellies?
E: In Nantes, the best places to hang out with my jellies are Trentemoult (even though it’s not really in Nantes) and the island of Nantes and the city centre of course! In fact, as soon as the sun is out, I go everywhere with my jet black jellies! They suit all kinds of places!

M: Your jet black jellies (we love them 😉 ) – how do you like to style them up?
E: I always loved wearing Méduses because we you can do anything with these shoes! You can dip in the water, stroll on the sand, walk in the countryside, garden, in the city – you can even wear them to a party!


Now you guys now know exactly where to go and walk in your Méduses in Nantes! Thanks Elsa for all your tips and tricks! We’ll definitely be following your footsteps! You too can follow Elsa on her Instagram to see the snapshots of her life!

And what about you? In which part of your city would you take your Méduse with you? Leave your comment below!

Meduse Regram - elsa adms



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Meduse world

A Week With Méduse…

10 Apr , 2015  

Meduse wrap up

Explore ‘A Week With Méduse’ to find our highlights, picks and Méduse photos from fans around the world. 

Here we go. The end of another fun-filled and EXCITING week in the Méduse world. First we took you through a challenging game of Hide&Seek with our Spot Meduse picture! Did you manage to find all 6 pairs of Méduse on Monday’s post ? Then, we gave you a little style inspiration with our Fashion hunt, featuring Fifi Lapin – how could we not!?

We were also very happy to talk to Marie, Synonym of Happiness who took us on a journey of wanderlust and DearJoy who gave us an injection of inspiration and a touch of the supernatural ;p

And now, here come our stars !

Cherryblossom field for @aimiishii and her Jumpy – Spring is definitely happening in Japan. :-)
meduse wrap-up 2


We found another marvelous creative spirit with @berrym_af – Méduse is everywhere, even in digital format! 😉 !

meduse wrap-up 1

What about celebrating those sunny days with a new brand pair of Nikita ? We think about @nolwenn_creme’s!

meduse wrap-up 3


@yuka_rin3 goes rainy day chic in Marron/Noir Jumpy boots . And we love the splash of colour and fun from her yellow umbrella. We almost wish it were raining…almost ;p

meduse wrap-up 4


 Voilà ! Stay tuned people, you’re gonna looove next week’stheme. All will be revealed, very soon. And by that, we mean, next week!

Happy Weekend !

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Meduse Life

A Week With Méduse…

4 Apr , 2015  

Trio of Jumpy boots (2)

Explore ‘A Week With Méduse’ to find our highlights, picks and Méduse photos from fans around the world. 

What is a shark’s favourite sandwich?

JELLYFISH of course! *laughter everywhere… which quickly fades away*

Yep, we’ve been cracking out our HILARIOUS jokes this week, as a part of our April Fool’s week! As well as the lols, we caught up with a Nantaise blogger Eva, who took us on a unicorn ride through her world, and Joséphine, who also took us on a trip through her universe in Méduse… and lots and lots of pink!

PicMonkey Collage Eva and Josephine

We’ve also spotted the trio of stars who’ve been working their Méduse this week!

She’s ready for Easter in Jumpy! Hop to it @emmie_eliott 😉

Emma- meduse regram


Just chillaxing by the beach in Jumpy, no better way @oriane.ornithorynque

Ornithorynque - Meduse regram


And @quattrorish! You can never have enough Jumpy boots, right? 😉

Quattorish - Meduse regram


That’s all for this week, but we’re still feeling in the mood for EGGcellent jokes, in time for next week’s ‘Méduse Easter Hunt’ theme – so we’ll leave you with this…

Why did the Easter egg hide? 

Because he was a chicken.

Have a great Easter weekend! X


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Meduse Life

A Week With Méduse…

27 Mar , 2015  

Blue Bike Jellies

Explore ‘A Week With Méduse’ to find our highlights, picks and Méduse photos from fans around the world. 

If you’ve been keeping your eyes peeled this week, you’ll know that we’ve been feeling rather arty and abstract.

Yep, this week was all about expressing yourself (just like Labrinth), and in our case – Expressing Méduse!

So with that in mind, we spoke to two very, very talented girls, who express Méduse in their own individual way.

First we spoke to Ruvé Staneke, an Australian artist who creates self portraits and can dream and sketch jellies!

Ruvé Staneke


And yesterday, we spoke to Virginie! A girl who loves to dive into creating NIKITA and JUMPY! Take a look at this!


Screenshot (34)

And now here we are! Let’s take a look at how YOU have expressed your Méduse this week…

Shining bright like a sparkly Méduse diamond, it’s @whatmatterstomary!

Mary Anderson Jelly Shoes



Next we have is @gloogle who’s ready for the best bike ride EVER in her Vert d’eau jellies!

Gloogle Meduse Jelly Shoes


SPOILER ! And here we have next week’s star! @jo_lignac – of course she’s in pink jellies!

Jo Lignac Jelly Shoes


From all the way in Japan @kuumuuk has opened an early Christmas present 😉 Zebra Jumpy!

Kuumuuk Meduse Jumpy Boots


And last up, it’s @pillapon1 in yet another snazzy outfit with Jumpy!

Pillapon 1 Meduse Jumpy Boots


We love seeing your Méduse pics, so share them on Instagram with the hashtag #Meduse and tag @meduseoriginal to feature on our blog! For now, we’re off, but here’s a clue for next week’s theme…


Who’s there?


Méduse who?




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Méduse Talks… With Emma Eliott

20 Mar , 2015  

Close Up Emma's Meduse Jumpy Boots

At Méduse, we strive to seek out the underground talents who share our values. Every week,  a new star…

It’s officially Spring today! Yes, the clouds may still be hanging about, but we’re certain that the sun will shine… soon!

But to get us prepped and ready for Spring fashion trends, we spoke to a fashionista who’s in love with vintage style, photography and is a total Jumpy lover! Her Instagram is a place where you can daydream about walks in nature, scrummy food and life in her Jumpy boots (there’s lots of them!). It’s Emma Eliott!

Emma in Black Jumpy Boots
Spring is coming!  Are you more flower power or rockstar?

I would say I am more “flower power!”
I am nowhere near cool enough for Rock Star!
I try to be a really happy and positive person and I love to put a quirky spin on any style I embrace, I love to look at things a little differently!
Emma Eliott in Black Jumpy Boots
Describe this season in 3 words.
I think for me especially in my role in retail, I get such a thrill buying and seeing each new season unfold.
This season to me can be summed up as, pastels, monochrome, and prints. (So hard for me not to say AMAZING, INSPIRING, ASPIRATIONAL before each one!)
Emma's Meduse Jumpy Styleboard
Which colour Méduse says ‘spring’ to you and why?
I have to say that the colour Méduse that makes me so excited and totally embodies spring for me is the SUN Paille sandal.
They are so fresh and cheerful in daffodil yellow that they would look super cute with pretty ankle socks and boyfriend jeans right now and amazing in the hot sun with a pretty little summer dress. Just gorgeous!!
Emma's Meduse Jumpy Boots
We love your pics on Instagram… Tell us, what is your favourite Instagram filter? What does it say to you?
Posting pictures on Instagram gives me such pleasure! And has really allowed my confidence in my style to grow.
My favourite filter is for sure Valencia, it works so well at diffusing the light in a gentle way, with a cool yellow tint that really brings my pictures to life. It says “fresh” which resonates with me as I love to look at fashion and styling in a fresh and new way.
Screenshot (29)

Quirky question alert!

When is your birthday and what would be your ideal gift?

Well! My birthday falls on September 23rd and I have to be honest I have got my heart set on a pair of Méduse Jumpy in Saumon/Crêpe.
I love, love this colour! It is neutral enough enough to work with any outfit and pretty enough to cheer up any rainy September days that Autumn may bring! Heaven!
Emma Eliott in Black Jumpy Boots 2
What superpower do you wish you had?
Oooooo! If I had a super power it would definitely be the ability to be invisible!
Just imagine all the front row shows at Paris fashion week I could sneak into!!! Wearing my Méduse Jumpy’s of course!!
Emma, you’ve totally got us in the mood for Spring. COME ON SUNSHINE!
Screenshot (28)
We hope you have lots of fun with all your Jumpy boots, and we want to thank you for your contribution to the Méduse world!
And to all our dear friends, check out Emma’s Instagram here. It will make you smile, for sure! X

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A Week With Méduse

13 Mar , 2015  

Méduse jelly shoes in Holi festival by noknee3

Explore ‘A Week With Méduse’ to find our highlights, picks and Méduse photos from fans around the world. 

Bonjour all! How’s your week been? 

We’re not gonna lie, but ours has been pretty damn cool! We’re super excited to move into the spring / summer season and boy, we have some awesome Méduse surprises in store. But we’ll talk about that later 😉

We were feeling all French and fashion-fantastic this week, as a part of our French Fashion Star week. We spoke to style-obsessed editor Mary Yasmine Arrouche who showed her preppy badass attitude in our Méduse! You can check out her interview here!


Other than our very Frenchie week, we’ve been snapping tons of photos of our spring / summer collection. We just can’t get out of the shoes! We might even wear them in bed tonight…

2015-03-12 19.44.01

And as always, we’re celebrating you guys and your pics of Méduse! If you wanna feature on our blog, like these heroes, then upload a photo of your Méduse on to Instagram with the hashtag #meduse and tag @meduseoriginal.

@jo_lignac‘s is rocking the candy stripes and sugar pink jellies! meduse blue camaro copie


@v_cappoen sketching NIKITA! <3



@emmie_eliott smoothie in hand, Jumpy on roll! 10956260_409355715903422_2016178935_n


@noknee3 colour splash! Happy Holi in Méduse! 11049189_580239968778369_421829241_n


@quattorish chic French fashion at its finest 😉


That’s all for now folks! Look out for our ‘Spring is Here!’ theme next week!

Au revoir for now!

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Méduse Talks… With Elodie of Tukibomp

11 Mar , 2015  

Méduse Jumpy boots by elodie of tukibomp


At Méduse, we strive to seek out the underground talents who share our values. Another week, another star…

We have to say, we still have that Get Jumpy fever! Our blogger Elodie of Tukibomp recalls her exciting memories of our Get Jumpy contest. And yes, it was a contest that changed her life – seriously! Indeed Méduse still manages to work its magic on new fans, whatever the style and whenever the age.


Our big winner received our prized Jumpy. And, SURPRISE! She’s in love. Elodie tells us about how her new Jumpy boots, are a part of her world.


Totalement fan de mes nouvelles bottines Méduse encore merci!” 


Congrats once again for winning #GetJumpy! How are you planning to style your boots? We’d love to see a photo!

For me my Méduse are synonymous with comfort (they’re just so snug!), so I’m opting for a very a classic pair of blue petrol jeans, a cosy sweatshirt (below is my French Disorder sweatshirt made in Bordeaux) and a maxi Pimkie scarf!

unnamed (3)

How did you come to your winning jump? Where did you take the picture, and what inspired the shot? 

The photo of the contest was taken in my lounge, at 7am in the morning – I was more than motivated to do this – I had my tripod to help me, and I was done in three shots! Now that I have a pair of Jumpy boots, I can take a proper photo of me getting Jumpy!

unnamed (4)


If you could pick three things to wear with your Jumpy boots in your favourite place, what would you pick and where would you go? 

Three things? A camera, sunglasses, a book and I’d pick the beaches on Arcachon – since I’ve got my Méduse, I can go down to the coast to snap photos without getting wet and I fit the scenery, with my blue Méduse Jumpy!


When we say Get Jumpy, you say…?

I think of enjoying every moment, even the little things.

unnamed (5)


What would be the ideal song to Get Jumpy to? 

Happy by Pharrell Williams, Get Jumpy > Get Happy!


When we talk about the ‘French Touch’ – what does it mean to you?

For me, who’s not a total fashionista, the ‘French Touch’ is about celebrating French creators such as Méduse, wearing the ‘Made in France’ label and wearing it with pride.

unnamed (1)

And it’s you who makes us proud! We’d like to say a big thank you to Elodie for her contribution to Méduse. Check out her very own post on herself jumping, prancing and dancing in her Jumpy here! Stay tuned with Elodie’s updates on her blog, Facebook, Instagram & Twitter!

We hope to meet many more with the Méduse spirit just like Elodie, in the next years, decades and centuries!


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Méduse Talks… With Boutique Addict

11 Mar , 2015  

Méduse Jumpy boots by boutique addict

At Méduse, we strive to seek out the underground talents who share our values. Another week, another star…

You guys have been making us ROAR all week! So much so, that the king of the jungle, would be jealous!

We said goodbye to caffeine as we were buzzed by our animal print theme this week, and the weekend is set to look fierce! We went to a land far, far, away to explore the animal print world, and to end this week we spoke to a true Méduse star who has consistently shown her apt for trendy fashion and styles. We give you Virginie, of Boutique Addict who shares her opinions on the fashions she’s fallen in love with!

boutique 3

Is it the way you dress that influences your mood? Or rather your mood inspiring the way you dress?

My mood inspires my daily look 😉 and the weather forecast of course! When it’s raining, I like to dress with lots of colour, or some quirky accessories. When it’s cold, I like to dress with soft shades and I make sure that I’m comfy

boutique 1

Does wearing your zebra Jumpy or leopard print Jumpy make you feel wilder? More energetic?
I like my zebra Jumpy because they are have a fashionable quirkiness. I wear them whenever it’s raining and I find that they enhance my outfit. So yes, I feel more energetic when I wear them and I can stay stylish even if it’s raining!
What colour do you prefer to wear with this kind of animal print?
I prefer to wear them with coordinating the beige colour to highlight the zebra print of the boots. :-) I find that grey also matches well.
boutique 2
Could you draw an animal that represents you? ( No worries, we are not expecting a piece of art, a quick sketch on Paint will be perfect :-D )
Here is the sketch:


It’s not a secret that we adore the accessories you pick every day. That’s why we challenge you: take a picture of yourself or your team, wearing some animal print accessories whilst posing like a wild animal! Challenge accepted? If you complete the challenge, you can challenge us to do something! ;-)

Here is the picture of myself (right) with my assistant!

unnamed (2)


Watch out! She’s coming to get you!

Thank you Virginie! We hope to come and visit you in Bordeaux sometime soon! We’re dreaming of discovering your wild treasures and chatting about exotic fashion with you!

Follow the queen of styling accessories on her Instagram and Facebook! She snaps quirky styling tips and shows how certain items can mix and match with one another. She’s a fashionista to keep an eye on!


Ciao for now! 

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