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Plastic is fantastic

9 Mar , 2015  


Coco Rocha photographed by Craig McDean
Originally published in W Magazine (October 2006)

The fantastic thing with plastic is that it fits with all moods, styles, regardless the colour of the sky. How easy it is to create a multitude of looks throughout the year.

With Meduse, your feet could be the main character of a Kim Ki Duk’s movie, “Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter… and Spring“. All the time, everywhere. Satine, Sun, Jumpail, Flumpail… and Satine.

Wearing plastic is like red lipstick. It makes you stand out. Either you want to add a poetic, futuristic or intriguing touch of boldness and creativity. It can be combined with the more classic outfit and inject a fresh breeze of playfulness and coolitude. Materials blend together, tranparency makes it aerial, colour conbination are endless.

From catwalk to everyday life, plastic comes now in all sort of wearables, clothes and accessories.  It’s not audacious to say that the simplest detail that create the most sophisticate effect.

Here are few ideas to add an interesting twist to your outfit:

liquid-filled plastic collar
Liquid-filled plastic collar • Christopher Kane

Half sheer bag
Haf sheer Bag • Jil Sander

Plastic bra


Wanda nylon, transparent biker jacket • Farfetch

Runway accessories

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Bikers are the new ‘Garçonnes’

9 Mar , 2015  


Who said a Garçonne has to have short hair and a smoky suit?

At Méduse, a pair of Noir & Rouge Jumpy Boots, a bomber jacket, and a red biker helmet with a simple backpack is WAAAAY cooler than that!

Meduse Jumpy Boots black & red

Think of Lisbeth in The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo or the badass girls in the film, Fast and Furious. (SCREAM GUARANTEED! Ryan Gosling in Drive! Yep, we thought of you!).

And for a softer reference, check out Ari Fitz’s style series for tomboys. Here are the must-have pieces for the new Garçonne style =D

Now jump on your motorbike with our Noir & Rouge Jumpy Boots!

Vroom! Vroooooom!

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New Year’s – It can only mean GLITTER & GLAM!

31 Dec , 2014  

Méduse Jumpy boots jumpail Style board

Can you believe it? This year has whizzed past and suddenly it’s 2015 tomorrow – are we dreaming?!

Speaking of dreaming, we know that you’ve all been thinking about how to dress to impress for your New Year’s Eve parties! But we’ll give you a hint that will make you stand out from the crowd – GLITTER.

A New Year’s Eve party calls for sparkle, as it’s the one day which speaks glam. Champagne and glitter – it’s like your jelly and ice cream, or your Brad and Angelina. It’s meant to be!

With picks from Topshop, Lazy Oaf, OPI and our beloved glitter Jumpy boots, our sparkly styleboard is set to have you shining like a star!

Here’s to going out of 2014 with a bang!


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Marsala – The Best Hug You’ll Ever Get

26 Dec , 2014  

Méduse burgundy-high-boots-styleboard

Aside from its deliciousness, there’s something very satisfying about staring at the deep, dark colour of red wine as it sits in your VERY large glass.

We know we’re not the only ones who adore this earthy colour, as Pantone have chosen the ‘Marsala 18-1438’ tone as their colour of the year.

Pantone describe it as ‘a naturally robust and earthy wine red, Marsala enriches our minds, bodies and souls’ ­­- it’s a colour which seduces you into it’s warmth and comfort and it definitely gives you the best hug anyone can offer.

So what does Marsala mean for Méduse? Well when we sport this colour, it makes us feel elegant and confident, even when we match it with other colours. It’s a strong statement colour which we think will be perfect to show off this Christmas! Take note guys!


Now where’s that Marsala at…? Our glass is nearly empty.

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A Cosy Christmas with Méduse…

24 Dec , 2014  

Méduse Jumpy boots marron Style board

We felt inspired, it’s Christmas after all! Just one look at our chestnut coloured JUMPY boots got us

in the mood for, well, ‘chestnuts roasting on an open fire’.

It’s been a busy year and we’ve got lots of exciting things lined up for 2015. Get ready for Who’s

Next in January, our new S/S ’15 campaign release and much more!

But before all that excitement…we’re thinking of coming in from the cold, kicking off our Méduse

and putting on some Nat King Cole and Bing Crosby to really put us in the mood.

Candles lit. Fluffy hat? Of course. Crackling vinyl – playing. Marron / Noir Jumpy boots waiting to be

taken out for a walk tomorrow? Certainly.

What about you?


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Red – King of the Rainbow

17 Dec , 2014  

red Méduse Jelly shoes collage

When we say red – you say? *cue you*

Red is one of those colours that stand proud as the king of the rainbow; it’s bold, bright and bloody beautiful. When we slip into our classic red Méduse it makes us feel audacious, playful and on top of the world. A definite mood changer! So why are we talking about red?

Well… stating the obvious, it’s the first colour of the rainbow. And, it’s EVERYWHERE this season. From Tom Ford to Carolina Herrera, rouge is splashed on from head to toe. It’s a great colour for fashion to feature; Vogue describe the appearance of red this season as ‘more dazzling than deadly, these red are healthy, warm and vibrant, proving fashion’s heart beats strong and sure.’ We agree.

Believe us, there’s a red out there for you. Red is versatile as ‘the mood red conveys changes dramatically when you lighten it (sweet and innocent pink) or darken it (sophisticated burgundy).’ Shades of red are the colours which will turn heads and literally stop traffic. As Bill Blass quotes when in doubt, wear red – it’s the ultimate colour which will always conjure sexiness and confidence.

But let’s forget about fashion for the minute, and go back to a little history. Red is in our blood. For us Frenchies, it was the colour which represented our revolution, but for others the colour evokes other sentiments. As mentioned by Trend Tablet ‘red is a colour that is liberated from political possession and without an ideological identity; since the end of the Cold War red has been redefined by Coca-Cola, the Pope, Nancy Reagan and most recently by the omnipresent red carpet.’ Think about it – the red carpet wouldn’t be as glam, iconic and daring if it were another colour.

It’s a colour for winners – yep, that’s right. Believe it or not, but a study found that football teams wearing red were more likely to win than teams sporting other colours. Allez les rouges? Don’t think it has quite the same ring to it…

You probably get the point – we LOVE red. So much so, that we often spend a lot of time daydreaming on our Fiery Red Pinterest board. Mmmmmm….  Okay we’ll stop talking now and listen to Red Alert by Basement Jaxx.

Until next time folks x

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You know you’re a Méduse jelly lover when…

11 Dec , 2014  

i love meduse french flag

We all have our vices…ours are, well, Méduse jellies. All shapes, styles, colours, sizes. Who’s with us?


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Meduse world

Welcome to Méduse world!

9 Dec , 2014  

Black-Rayures Méduse Camaro boots

Welcome to our webzine! This is going to be the place where you can share, speak and discover the latest happenings in the world of Méduse®.

We’re proud to say that we’re bold in our Frenchness and fashion, and colourful in our style and thoughts. So expect to see plenty of topics which keep our Méduse® minds ticking, interviews with upcoming stars in fashion, music and art, and style services from us and our friends alike.

Welcome to Méduse webzine

We’ve been journeying with our jellies since 1946 and today we’re venturing into the universe of pop culture and innovative French fashion. Our webzine will play host to the snapshots and thoughts of Méduse® in the pop culture world. Not only will it be a place where we talk about what’s on our mind, but we will showcase exclusive pieces for your eyes only.

We hope you get stuck into our playground and keep up to date with the quirky world of Méduse®!

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