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Méduse in Nantes / City Guide

25 Sep , 2015  

Nolwenn C, l'autruche nantaise, the great elephant
In case you didn’t know, Nantes is home to an elephant. Not Nelly, not Elmer but The Great Elephant. It’s also home to two fabulous fashion bloggers who model our current Autumn / Winter collection, Nolwenn & L’Autruche. From kicking their Méduse soles in our Nantes photoshoot, today they share their favourite fashion pieces to wear in the hotspots of the city!

Nantes and the erdre

Where to Eat!
Looking for some fab food to munch on this weekend? For tastes that are out of this world, L’Autruche recommends Afghan restaurant L’Ariana and Indian foodie place Inde et Vous for some fantastic flavours! If you’re looking for something a little closer to home, why not make a visit to 180g? In L’Autruche’s words it’s the ‘perfect pizza’ place!
Feeling adventurous? Nolwenn suggests having a surprise 3 course meal at Les Chants d’Avril! That’s right – notice the word ‘surprise’; it’s a mystery restaurant where no one knows what they’re going to be dining on! Or, if you’re after something with a little extra, Don Peppe’s pizza house is the place to try – the chef’s uber-coolness is happy to let you try some of his tastes – for free!
Nantes European Green Capital
What to Wear!

When visiting Nantes, you’re free to work your own style! This season, L’Autruche has an eye on an oversized cardigan from Topshop, teamed with a bright hmong bag from Ethnic Lanna and spectacular specs by DKNY! We think these trendy pieces will go perfectly with our JUMPER boots!
styleboard autruche
Contrarily, Nolwenn thinks simplicity is the way to style up, in Nantes this autumn! Wearing tones of black, grey and white matches the chic atmosphere – all that’s needed is a swipe of red lipstick! We think a trip to downtown Nantes calls for a black embellished skirt by Reiss, paired with a simple white blouse from H&M and a grey backpack by ZARA! All that’s left are our sparkly JUMPAIL boots, to help you trot around the city!

Lookboard nolwenn

What to do!
From now till Tuesday 29th September, the Wave exhibition is in town with a range of fun free events! In an open air garage, you’ll have the opportunity to discover the craziest mopeds, live gigs, t-shirt printing, market stalls and plenty more! serigraphy, free market and micro-shops… you don’t want to miss all that !

And another thing! Today, all the locals will light up one of the Nantes machines – Kadi, the wicker giant! From 6:30pm in the heart of the Savèze Park, come down to enjoy live music and all kinds of activities! Plus – stay late to watch an explosion of fireworks, to end the night with a bang!


And there you have it! Whether you’re down for shopping, dining or simply strolling the streets showing off your autumn fashion, Nantes is the place to hit this season! Now you have the tips from the experts, what are you waiting for? Hit the town!




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Méduse Talks With… Samantha – Let’s travel around the world!

24 Jun , 2015  

Meduse featured image - Samantha

At Méduse, we strive to seek out the underground talents who share our values. Every week, a new star…

‘I would definitely take your Méduse Jumpy boots travelling anywhere’

A fashion blogger, curious spirit and globe trekker – Samantha has it all! Coming from all the way down under (Australia), this cool cat came to our attention when we spotted her original sense of style. Not only is she up for the #MeduseColor challenge, she’s also game for our interview! Check it out…  

M – So jelly lover, how would you introduce yourself in a few words?
S – My name is Samantha and I run my own Fashion/Travel Blog called Rapunzille. I’m Australian but I am always seeking my next adventure!
I use fashion as a way to express who I am and how I feel. I love to travel often to continuously throw myself into new situations. I find that it helps me grow as a person – especially my last trip to Canada for nearly 7 months!
I’m a Graphic Designer, so I’m infatuated with prints and colours! Which drew me to Méduse’s amazing collection of shoes! I associate colour with being happy and also the summertime! My two favourite things!

M – So we had a sneaky look at your blog (it’s too good!), and saw that you like to visit our beloved Paris! What makes you love the place so much? Is it the French culture? Fashion? Food? Or something else?
S – Oh my goodness! Paris is divine! The architecture makes me feel as though I’ve stepped into a fairytale. The fact that so many influential fashion designers are based in Paris makes me infatuated with the city! However, the food, the language and the lifestyle is far different than to what I’m used to! This excites me and makes me want to keep visiting Paris, and also explore the rest of France! At one point last year I was learning French, and I had so much fun doing it, but life got in the way. I do need to start practising again soon!

Meduse - Samantha2

M – Your snapshots are shot in beautiful settings, such as Canada! If you were to have a photoshoot in our Jumpy boots (our take on the Chelsea boots), where would you go?
S – Thanks! Canada was beautiful ! I’ve done sooooo much travelling (more countries to be added to the blog soon) that I’m finally back in Australia and appreciate the amazing natural wonders that I have in my own country! I would definitely take your Méduse Jumpy boots travelling anywhere, they are so versatile and really jazz up the average fashion boot! I would climb rocks on the beautiful sandy Australian beaches with my Jumpy boots and go on adventures in the Blue Mountains etc! I would also definitely pack them for my next trip to Europe!

M – And finally! You’ve just submitted a superb photo for #MeduseColor contest – well done! What was the inspiration behind your outfit? Do you like to mix and match colour?
S – Thank you ! The inspiration behind it actually was that I got that dress in a little shop in Nice, France. I thought it would be perfect to enter a dress I bought in France for the competition! The patterns remind me of the detail on the architecture in Europe! The patterns on the dress, mixed with the red colour and brown and white bag, create a casual summer look that mixes up colours in a fun vibrant way !

MeduseColor - samanthajay4

Well Samantha we hope you take us on your next trip! We can DEFINITELY fit in your suitcase… 😉 It’s been awesome chatting to you, thanks for the style tips and we’re always happy to meet jelly lovers from around the world! We wish you the best of luck for #MeduseColor! Take a look at Samantha’s inspiring Instagram and blog for tips on travel and fashion!

What about you guys? Where would you take your Jumpy boots if you were off on an adventure?

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The Jelly Lesson: How to style your French nails with Méduse

30 Apr , 2015  

French Nails With Méduse

Your weekly jelly lesson, from us to you.

Jelly Step 1: Choose a colour that suits
your mood for the day. The sky’s blue, so
we’re going blue!

nail varnish drawings_step 1

Jelly Step 2: Dream. Imagine and feel your
Frenchness come to life! This tune by Paradis
usually helps 😉

step 2.2_drawing

Jelly Step 3: The fun part – start painting!
What patterns are French? We’re going
for girly-chic stripes and polka-dots.

step 2_drawing

Jelly Step 4: Add your final French touches
with a spot of quirkiness. You’re styling
with Méduse afterall!

step 3_drawing

Jelly Step 5: Et voila! Match your blue
French nails with a pair of our Vert d’eau
Jumpy boots.
Frenchness at its finest.

step 5_drawing

Practice and perfect your French nails, like ‘dullikeglitter’. Whether you’re in the mood for monochrome stripes to match your Zebra Jumpy, or a soft pink to pair with our Salmon Pink range, there are French nails for every Méduse. 

Parisian Nails Dull Like Glitter

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Méduse Talks… With Joséphine L.

3 Apr , 2015  

Jo Lignac Socks & Jellies Set Featured Image

At Méduse, we strive to seek out the underground talents who share our values. Every week, a new star…

Yo! Yo! Between Paris, where she is living her student life – let’s be honest, that’s really PARTY, PARTY, PARTY (haha) and Bordeaux, where she is loving life under the sun and on beaches – well, for us – that still means party, party, party! 😉 Joséphine is painting the town pink!

Jo7 - Meduse interview

On your Instagram you describe yourself as a girl between two cities! How do you identify yourself as a Parisian? And as a Bordelaise girl?

I would say that Paris represents my student life, filled with cultural activites. It’s a city I really love, every street corner is beautiful, I could walk for hours on end, if I had time!

Bordeaux is a place for my holidays – I love the sun and the beach life. It’s my family town, where I spent my childhood.  

Jo5 - Meduse interviewJo1 - Meduse interview

We spent some time on your Instagram, and we noticed that you love pink! So what does this colour mean to you?

Oh yes indeed, I have a little addiction for the colour! For me, it’s a colour which represents softness and childhood, as well as femininity and sensuality. And well, it’s pink – it always makes people happy!

Jo8- Meduse interview

We love going on an adventure! Where would you take Méduse in Bordeaux?

Without any hesitation, I would take you to the Miroir d’Eau. It’s not very original but Méduse would be perfect to be in, by the water. Otherwise, I would take my Méduse to Karl for brunch, walk around St Catherine street and enjoy the taste of cannelés on a terrace. Once, I put on my Méduse during shopping, and people were very surprised, to see me wearing these kinda shoes on the street. But I am 100% proud to wear them!

Jo2_Meduse interview

You’re the queen for the day, what do you do?

I would demand that pink would be the dress-code for everyone, or people would have to pay a fine! And of course, having free shopping / shop without paying 😉


What do you have in your bag?

  • Red lipstick (I can’t live without it)
  • A nail file
  • Hand sanitiser
  • A toiletry bag
  • My pink Ipod
  • My pink notebook
  • My glasses
  • My purse, of course


Jo4 - Meduse interview

Challenge! We’d like you to tell a joke for April Fool’s!

I’m really rubbish at jokes but I’ll give it a go!

What’s a Méduse (jellyfish) in chocolate called?

A Kinder chocolate!
…. I told you I was rubbish.


Ah come on! That’s a very sweet joke! If it’s mentioning Méduse – we will always love it 😉

Thanks Joséphine! We’re hoping for more surprises on your Instagram! Guys, we encourage you to have a look her awesome / arty photos – it’s even better than her joke! Haha 😉


Jo9 - Meduse interview


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Méduse Original People

Méduse Talks With… Eva, of Girls’n Nantes

31 Mar , 2015  

GirlsNantes - Meduse interview 3

At Méduse, we strive to seek out the underground talents who share our values. Every week,  a new star…

We’re whisking you off to a fairy-tale land with Eva, a blogger from Nantes who rides on her unicorn and sprinkles her glitter dust all around her town. She’s quirky, cool and leaves a sparkly trail of Méduse wherever she goes!

GirlsNantes - Meduse interview 2

Who are you Jelly lover?

Eva, 34 years old, and still in good shape ! I have 2 kids, who are 4 and 6 (rock’n’roll!). I write a lifestyle blog, where I make my readers discover Nantes on a unicorn’s back. My favorite colour is a sparkly pink !


What makes you an eccentric person?

Good question, I have always felt a bit different! I would say that I sparkle from head to toe.

 GirlsNantes - Meduse interview 4

Tell us something crazy you have done!

I lived in Paris for 10 years! Unbearable for a country girl, or someone like me coming from a smaller city. I’m kidding, I enjoyed my life in Paris. I do crazy things everyday and I want every minute to be a burst of laughter.


One word to describe Méduse 😀 ?

Only one ? FUN.


We read a recent article on your blog about the “do’s & don’ts” for Spring. What would be your ‘do’s’ for wearing Méduse this summer?

At the beach, on the rocks, at parties with sparkling socks and a mini skirt, and in town of course. There’s no specific reason. Everything goes with Méduse!


We have a lot in common Eva – we are also from Nantes :-). If you were to take someone to visit Nantes, where would you go?

Ooh, a neighbor from Nantes <3

I would take them on a traditional tour to the “Les Machines de l’Ile”, a visit to the Chateau des Ducs de Bretagne where I am living of course! … not really ;-).

Then, I’d go for a stroll in Trentemoult, a drink at the bar Le Nid, and try out all the good restaurants.. because food is life!

 GirlsNantes - Meduse interview

Et voila! We’re off now, to hop on Eva’s unicorn and fly back to our hometown of Méduse! Fancy joining?

We’d like to send a huge jelly-hug to Eva, for her interview! You’ve been a star – or should we say unicorn 😉

Discover Eva’s blog, Twitter and Facebook  to see what magic she sparks in her world!

Au revoir for now!


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Méduse Diary – Expressing Méduse

26 Mar , 2015  

cut strip

Each week we cover a theme that is close to our jelly-hearts. We love to dig deep and write our thoughts on trends, fiction and culture in our diary here! 

Our Méduse – they’re a character which can be expressed in many ways! It’s our best friend and we can take them wherever we want, whenever we want. But it got us thinking about how we express our Méduse. And well… we came to the conclusion, that there is no answer.

You can express them in any way you want. And they can be expressed in any way possible. Whether sketched, or worn with crazy colourful socks, or even left to hang on a window. Each Méduse, in any setting expresses something different.

Take a look!

Hanging by a window… orange SUN sandals are lost in their own thoughts…



Jumpy in abstract – what do you make of this expression?



Ready to hit the road. Ready to take on the world.



Who wants to spring into spring? We’re ready.



Bundles of energy. Out on an adventure.

yellow chosen edited


How do you express your Méduse? Share your Méduse expression on our Instagram by uploading your photo tagging @meduseoriginal and using the hashtag #Meduse. Show us your world and we’ll share it in our world!


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A Week With Méduse…

25 Mar , 2015  

Méduse Jumpy boots by kkiyoshiii

Explore ‘A Week With Méduse’ to find our highlights, picks and Méduse photos from fans around the world. 

Spring is officially here! Yep, that’s right, it’s time for the flowers to bloom and for the SUN Méduse to come out and shine! We have to say – we’re keeping our fingers crossed, that the sun will come out to play, and not hide away like yesterday’s ‘solar eclipse’ haha!

This week brought some fresh Spring fashion tips from fashionistas Victoria Gasperi and Emma Eliott, who gave us the tip-top secrets on spring trends!

Victoria & Emma, Interview with Meduse


And, now we turn to you! Your week in Méduse has been a funny one, we’re talking bubbles, flowers and so on!


@kkiyoshiii has a total shoe obsession! And especially with Méduse!

Méduse Jumpy boots by kkiyoshiii


@rifarejiyugaoka  is getting Jumpy for Spring – 3,2,1!Meudse regram - rifarejiyugaoka @quattrorish ooh la la! Showing off our brand NEW Saumon Jumpy!

Meduse regram - quattorish Jumpy boots


Cosy and cuddly in Jumpy! @Camille_mn <3

Meduse regram - Camille_mn Jumpy boots


The best present ever? Of course it is! @ulyn24 

Meduse regram - Ulyn24 Jumpy boots


And last but not least – @synonym_of_happiness bask in jelly bubble-bliss!

synonym-of_happiness Meduse


Stay tune for next week, it’s going to get ARTY! Here’s a clue!

Have a lovely week-end! <3

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Méduse Talks… With Hélène S.

11 Mar , 2015  

Collage Méduse jelly shoes Jumpy boots by Hélène S.


At Méduse, we strive to seek out the underground talents who share our values. Another week, another star…

Her taste in fashion is certainly evident: ‘So Shoes’ – the story of French shoes, by Frédérique Veysset et Isabelle Thomas, is a book that she currently, can’t put down. She has an artistic spirit about her: she makes us dream about our Jumpy boots playing in the snow! She’s sharp, she’s everywhere at one time and she has an eye for spotting Méduse outside of our playground.

PicMonkey Collage So Shoes

And you know us, we’re always keen to highlight those with the Méduse spirit! So when we conjured up the theme of ‘Méduse Through The Ages’, it seemed obvious to contact Hélène (yes, the girl we’ve just been raving about!), a true Méduse fan. The lady is a real Frenchie, she’s lived with Méduse since her childhood and we can’t be any happier about Hélène sharing her memories with us!


What does Méduse mean to you? How have you grown up with Méduse? (We don’t mean the size!)

The practicality, the playfulness, the style and the French quality.

Méduse also signifies comfort for the rainy journeys to the beach. I’m a big fan of my Zebra Jumpy boots, even if it’s not raining!

Obviously my brothers, cousins and I have grown up with Méduse. We each had our own pair at my grandparents’ holiday home in Pouliguen (close to La Baule) and we spent our days in the rocky coves, on the boat. I couldn’t live without my little plastic shoes. (I even found some photos of my brother and I!)

unnamed (6)

Are you more of a jelly daydreamer OR a Jumpy living in the moment kind of person?

I would say, I’m 85% a dynamic Jumpy and 15% jelly daydreamer. Life is short and sweet and I like to make the most of it.


You get the opportunity to travel through time! Which century would you like to live in?

I would say, the 1930’s! Women were so elegant!


One reason you would pick this décade ?

For several different reasons. You could wear extravagant, elegant and luxurious evening-wear, designed by Coco Chanel.

But it was also the start of annual paid leave, and casual wear started to appear on the scene – hello lovely petite shorts!

Finally, since the 1930’s, the designers started using stones, studs and sequins on their creations, something which I am very fond of – just ask my friends!


RANDOM QUESTION! It’s 1946 – the year Méduse was born. If you were dancing to music in this era, would it be classical? Jazz? Or something else?

Probably American Jazz, from right after the war.


Imagine 1946. What would you wear with your jellies ?

I would opt for a lovely Capeline hat or a ribbon in my hair, a polka dot dress and a flared belted dress, and of course my SUN jelly sandals with well tanned pins!


And there you have a talk on vintage fashion! What are your fashion tips if you were to wear Méduse in 1946? Everyone has their own take! We are truly touched by Hélène sharing her memories and snapshots from her childhood. You can discover Hélène’s world on her Instagram here!

We wish you many more memories with Méduse!

unnamed (1)

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Méduse Walks in France

8 Mar , 2015  

Méduse AW15/16 catalogue Autruche & Nolwenn_creme

This week we have been celebrating our friends around the world, to get in touch with our cultural side. French culture, to be specific. Well it’s obvious isn’t it? Méduse = FUN, ORIGINAL… FRENCH!

So dear friends, let’s explore ‘the Hexagon’ and discover the hidden treasures! And to start off this tour guide, we’re focusing on the homeland of Méduse, Pays de la Loire in France.

So what first? Something the whet your appetite – because, well, we love our shoes almost as much as our food. Whether you like sweet or salt more, the Guérande salt marshes provide the ultimate ingredient for our salted caramel treats. And to top it off, who doesn’t appreciate a traditional Crêpe, dripping in deliciously, sticky caramel? Get your French cooking on and check out this recipe!



source :


And so to Nantes, the home of many talented individuals – take us as proof ;p We share this beautiful city with a famous band – C2C. Have a listen and transport yourself to the Nantaise harbour side with its yellow cranes and Loire river running by.


Last but by no means least, this region is home to our two Méduse stars – bloggers Nolwenn C. and L’Autruche. Embodying the Nantaise style and the Méduse charm, they were a perfect choice to play top models for our new A/W ’15/16 campaign. Intrigued? Well,  we’ll just have to leave you in suspense for now…

Nolwenn_creme partage la couverture du catalogue AW 15/16

So, admit it. Life in Western France is pretty enticing no? Pop on your Jumpy and start exploring the region for yourself.

Got a story or recommendation for us from Pays de la Loire? Share your tips and tricks on the best sites, flavours and experiences for jelly friends alike to check out!

Until next time…

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