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Méduse Talks… With Coralie

10 Jun , 2015  

Coralie featured image

At Méduse, we strive to seek out the underground talents who share our values. Every week, a new star…

“My mum is very classy, she is a real French ‘Maman'”

She knows how to strike a pose and pull a funny face at the same time! Our prized winner of #MamanMeduse contest, Coralie, invites us into her and her ‘mamans’ wonderfully crazy world!

M: Woohoo! First we’d like to say congrats on being the winner of #MamanMeduse! Tell us, what was the inspiration behind the photo with you and your ‘maman’?
C – Well our family is a bit crazy and wild, but we like to stay happy no matter what! So, through this photo I hoped to make people smile but also to show off how we bounce off each other!  

M: You and your ‘maman’ can now rock the ‘team jellies’ look! How will you and your ‘maman’ be planning to wear your Méduse together? Send us a picture!



M: You are well and truly French, so can you describe how your ‘maman’ shows off her French traits? Is it her chic style, or something else?
C – Regarding her French traits, my mum is very classy – she is a real French ‘maman’. Why? Because she doesn’t care about what people think and she lives for herself and her family… and nothing is more beautiful than that!

P.S: She’s super modern when it comes to fashion and she often asks me for advice!

M: Many daughters and their ‘mamans’ like to hang out, whether it’d be for a shopping trip, or watching a chick-flick with a tub of Ben & Jerry’s! What do you two like to get up to, when you’re together?
C – We have so many mother/daughter rituals! The kiss and hug before going to bed. We help each other, we motivate each other and we love to bake in the evenings as well! And when it comes to shopping? Well that’s unavoidable haha!

Ooh! You and your ‘maman’ sure do put a smile on our face. Keep up the spirit! You fully deserved to be the winners of #MamanMeduse and we hope you both share your style tips with Méduse! Stay tuned to Coralie’s Instagram here!

What about you? What fun things do you and your ‘maman’ get up to? Comment here!





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Méduse Diary – It’s Fab & Funny being French…

2 Apr , 2015  

Meduse French Set Featured Image

Each week we cover a theme that is close to our jelly-hearts. We love to dig deep and write our thoughts on trends, fiction and culture in our diary here! 

Ahhh… to be French is many things. We’re unpredictable in our style, our wit and the amount of butter we add to ANYTHING. However, let’s face it – there are some things that are just SO wonderfully French.

Whether it’s instinctively saying “ça va?” and not caring what a person’s reply is, or never wearing sweatpants in public unless it’s 10pm and you’re desperate for a run, praying that no one will see you – these little customs of life, is what makes our Frenchness truly French. So here is a list of the funniest French habits, we’re ALL guilty of…


Waiting an hour, for an artisan loaf of bread, like it’s the most normal thing in the world.


Living off the world’s best diet: 10 cups of coffee a day. Did we say 10? Sorry we meant 18.


Walking in heels for hours-on-end – EASY! 😀


Interrupting anyone who has a different opinion – SHH!


And last but not least… being badass in your Méduse jellies.

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A Week With Méduse…

25 Mar , 2015  

Méduse Jumpy boots by kkiyoshiii

Explore ‘A Week With Méduse’ to find our highlights, picks and Méduse photos from fans around the world. 

Spring is officially here! Yep, that’s right, it’s time for the flowers to bloom and for the SUN Méduse to come out and shine! We have to say – we’re keeping our fingers crossed, that the sun will come out to play, and not hide away like yesterday’s ‘solar eclipse’ haha!

This week brought some fresh Spring fashion tips from fashionistas Victoria Gasperi and Emma Eliott, who gave us the tip-top secrets on spring trends!

Victoria & Emma, Interview with Meduse


And, now we turn to you! Your week in Méduse has been a funny one, we’re talking bubbles, flowers and so on!


@kkiyoshiii has a total shoe obsession! And especially with Méduse!

Méduse Jumpy boots by kkiyoshiii


@rifarejiyugaoka  is getting Jumpy for Spring – 3,2,1!Meudse regram - rifarejiyugaoka @quattrorish ooh la la! Showing off our brand NEW Saumon Jumpy!

Meduse regram - quattorish Jumpy boots


Cosy and cuddly in Jumpy! @Camille_mn <3

Meduse regram - Camille_mn Jumpy boots


The best present ever? Of course it is! @ulyn24 

Meduse regram - Ulyn24 Jumpy boots


And last but not least – @synonym_of_happiness bask in jelly bubble-bliss!

synonym-of_happiness Meduse


Stay tune for next week, it’s going to get ARTY! Here’s a clue!

Have a lovely week-end! <3

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Méduse Diary – Style Inspired by Francoise Hardy & Catherine Deneuve

12 Mar , 2015  

Méduse inspiration French Icon Image

Each week we cover a theme that is close to our jelly-hearts. We love to dig deep and write our thoughts on trends, fiction and culture in our diary here! 

French fashion – yes, people may immediately think CHIC, however there is so much more to our style than just this term.

It’s edgy. It’s dynamic. It’s eye-catching. It’s classic with a twist. It’s simple, yet eclectic.

French Icons

And since 1946, we’ve been inspired by a whole range of icons – where do we start? Well there’s the obvious Brigitte Bardot and Charlotte Gainsbourg. But there are so many other heroes that have sparked us since we were born. Today we’re highlighting two idols whose style is timeless. Of course, there’s a Méduse twist!

Francoise Hardy


Françoise Hardy. Oooh my – her style symbolises the best of balancing casualwear with a quirky touch. Her effortless looks inspired this casual yet colourful collection with a Méduse spin!


And lastly, how could we not highlight the epitome of gorgeous girly French style. It’s Catherine Deneuve!

Charlotte Deneuve

Her looks are summer-loving, with popping candy colours and bursts of sunshine yellows. Our inspired look below is one that we will be showing off, especially as it features our brand new NIKITA style jelly shoe.

Untitled design (8)

Two looks. Two very different styles. Both French originals.

What inspired look do you prefer?


Françoise Hardy Styleboard                                               

Jumpy boot: Méduse
Jacket T-Shirt: Petite Bateau
Bag: Bibelib

Charlotte Deneuve Styleboard
Shirt-dress: Heidi Klein
Headband: Missoni
Bangles: Overstock

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Monday Music – Best of French

9 Mar , 2015  

collage Méduse jelly shoes & french music albums

Us Frenchies – we really do know how to make an awesome tune.

I mean, let’s look at just a few of our great legends – Edith Piaf, Françoise Hardy and Daft Punk. And you know what? Today – we’re still singing in tune 😉

We know everyone’s familiar with artists like David Guetta and Justice, but that’s not all there is to our musique. We’ve been playing along to many musical movements for years, from the modern chanson in the swinging 60’s to the nu-wave 80’s and now more recently the electro-poptastic scene.

French music gives you the best of both worlds – our music is set to fit any mood. Think about it – we’re all for deep, poetic and meaningful lyrics, but at the same time, we can’t get enough of pumping the music out loud and busting some moves on the dancefloor!

So guys, enough talking – join us in toe-tapping in your Méduse, to our Best of French playlist!

Et voilà !


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Méduse Walks in France

8 Mar , 2015  

Méduse AW15/16 catalogue Autruche & Nolwenn_creme

This week we have been celebrating our friends around the world, to get in touch with our cultural side. French culture, to be specific. Well it’s obvious isn’t it? Méduse = FUN, ORIGINAL… FRENCH!

So dear friends, let’s explore ‘the Hexagon’ and discover the hidden treasures! And to start off this tour guide, we’re focusing on the homeland of Méduse, Pays de la Loire in France.

So what first? Something the whet your appetite – because, well, we love our shoes almost as much as our food. Whether you like sweet or salt more, the Guérande salt marshes provide the ultimate ingredient for our salted caramel treats. And to top it off, who doesn’t appreciate a traditional Crêpe, dripping in deliciously, sticky caramel? Get your French cooking on and check out this recipe!


source: www.caramelaubeurresale.net/recette-bonbons/

source : http://cotegourmandises.canalblog.com/


And so to Nantes, the home of many talented individuals – take us as proof ;p We share this beautiful city with a famous band – C2C. Have a listen and transport yourself to the Nantaise harbour side with its yellow cranes and Loire river running by.


Last but by no means least, this region is home to our two Méduse stars – bloggers Nolwenn C. and L’Autruche. Embodying the Nantaise style and the Méduse charm, they were a perfect choice to play top models for our new A/W ’15/16 campaign. Intrigued? Well,  we’ll just have to leave you in suspense for now…

Nolwenn_creme partage la couverture du catalogue AW 15/16

So, admit it. Life in Western France is pretty enticing no? Pop on your Jumpy and start exploring the region for yourself.

Got a story or recommendation for us from Pays de la Loire? Share your tips and tricks on the best sites, flavours and experiences for jelly friends alike to check out!

Until next time…

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Rising Stars of 2015 – Méduse Music

29 Dec , 2014  

Collage New Music 2015 & Méduse Jellies

You know how much we love spotting the hottest, upcoming talents from around the world! And today, you’re going to love what we have in store…

We’ve searched high and low and heard the most amazing sounds, but here we are – bringing you the most exciting bands and artists to look out for in 2015!

French Cuban duo Ibeyi and pounding electro Swedish pop trio Kate Boy are just some of the rising stars who will be dominating the music scene next year.



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Welcome to Méduse world!

9 Dec , 2014  

Black-Rayures Méduse Camaro boots

Welcome to our webzine! This is going to be the place where you can share, speak and discover the latest happenings in the world of Méduse®.

We’re proud to say that we’re bold in our Frenchness and fashion, and colourful in our style and thoughts. So expect to see plenty of topics which keep our Méduse® minds ticking, interviews with upcoming stars in fashion, music and art, and style services from us and our friends alike.

Welcome to Méduse webzine

We’ve been journeying with our jellies since 1946 and today we’re venturing into the universe of pop culture and innovative French fashion. Our webzine will play host to the snapshots and thoughts of Méduse® in the pop culture world. Not only will it be a place where we talk about what’s on our mind, but we will showcase exclusive pieces for your eyes only.

We hope you get stuck into our playground and keep up to date with the quirky world of Méduse®!

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