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Have fun with Méduse!

13 Aug , 2015  

rio jutam

Your weekly jelly lesson, from us to you.

Jelly step 1: Take time to LAUGH. It’s summer,
which means seriousness is cast away with the clouds.
And what better footwear is there to have a giggle
in the sun with, than well, our SUN sandals? Pick Paille to match the rays!


Jelly step 2: Start saying YES. Yes, you’re not working late,
and you will get some ice cream instead. Yes, you will take
more time to hang out with friends. Yes, you think that the
perfect pair of shoes to say ‘yes’ in is Vert d’eau JUTAM.

jutam vert d'eau
Jelly step 3: Remember to have FUN. Swap work
for silliness and make room for some excitement,
be it going out or staying in. Let your feet match
the fun by wearing a pair of Groseille SALSADA!


Jelly step 4: Be ADVENTUROUS. Nothing says
adventure more than Gris/Bleu RIO: be ready
to explore and discover, and be brave enough to
take the leap into the unknown.

rio gris bleu

Jelly step 5: EMBRACE LIFE. Be ready for the
day ahead, enjoy change and look forward
to the future: the classic Vieux rose/Crêpe JUMPY
boot will be with you every step of the way!


Where are you planning to go with your pair of Méduse? We’re off to get some of that ice cream ASAP to enjoy the hot weather while it lasts! Don’t forget to have a bit of fun – wearing Méduse is your little reminder that there’s always time to enjoy every day!

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Méduse Talks… With Hélène S.

11 Mar , 2015  

Collage Méduse jelly shoes Jumpy boots by Hélène S.


At Méduse, we strive to seek out the underground talents who share our values. Another week, another star…

Her taste in fashion is certainly evident: ‘So Shoes’ – the story of French shoes, by Frédérique Veysset et Isabelle Thomas, is a book that she currently, can’t put down. She has an artistic spirit about her: she makes us dream about our Jumpy boots playing in the snow! She’s sharp, she’s everywhere at one time and she has an eye for spotting Méduse outside of our playground.

PicMonkey Collage So Shoes

And you know us, we’re always keen to highlight those with the Méduse spirit! So when we conjured up the theme of ‘Méduse Through The Ages’, it seemed obvious to contact Hélène (yes, the girl we’ve just been raving about!), a true Méduse fan. The lady is a real Frenchie, she’s lived with Méduse since her childhood and we can’t be any happier about Hélène sharing her memories with us!


What does Méduse mean to you? How have you grown up with Méduse? (We don’t mean the size!)

The practicality, the playfulness, the style and the French quality.

Méduse also signifies comfort for the rainy journeys to the beach. I’m a big fan of my Zebra Jumpy boots, even if it’s not raining!

Obviously my brothers, cousins and I have grown up with Méduse. We each had our own pair at my grandparents’ holiday home in Pouliguen (close to La Baule) and we spent our days in the rocky coves, on the boat. I couldn’t live without my little plastic shoes. (I even found some photos of my brother and I!)

unnamed (6)

Are you more of a jelly daydreamer OR a Jumpy living in the moment kind of person?

I would say, I’m 85% a dynamic Jumpy and 15% jelly daydreamer. Life is short and sweet and I like to make the most of it.


You get the opportunity to travel through time! Which century would you like to live in?

I would say, the 1930’s! Women were so elegant!


One reason you would pick this décade ?

For several different reasons. You could wear extravagant, elegant and luxurious evening-wear, designed by Coco Chanel.

But it was also the start of annual paid leave, and casual wear started to appear on the scene – hello lovely petite shorts!

Finally, since the 1930’s, the designers started using stones, studs and sequins on their creations, something which I am very fond of – just ask my friends!


RANDOM QUESTION! It’s 1946 – the year Méduse was born. If you were dancing to music in this era, would it be classical? Jazz? Or something else?

Probably American Jazz, from right after the war.


Imagine 1946. What would you wear with your jellies ?

I would opt for a lovely Capeline hat or a ribbon in my hair, a polka dot dress and a flared belted dress, and of course my SUN jelly sandals with well tanned pins!


And there you have a talk on vintage fashion! What are your fashion tips if you were to wear Méduse in 1946? Everyone has their own take! We are truly touched by Hélène sharing her memories and snapshots from her childhood. You can discover Hélène’s world on her Instagram here!

We wish you many more memories with Méduse!

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Meduse world

Welcome to Méduse world!

9 Dec , 2014  

Black-Rayures Méduse Camaro boots

Welcome to our webzine! This is going to be the place where you can share, speak and discover the latest happenings in the world of Méduse®.

We’re proud to say that we’re bold in our Frenchness and fashion, and colourful in our style and thoughts. So expect to see plenty of topics which keep our Méduse® minds ticking, interviews with upcoming stars in fashion, music and art, and style services from us and our friends alike.

Welcome to Méduse webzine

We’ve been journeying with our jellies since 1946 and today we’re venturing into the universe of pop culture and innovative French fashion. Our webzine will play host to the snapshots and thoughts of Méduse® in the pop culture world. Not only will it be a place where we talk about what’s on our mind, but we will showcase exclusive pieces for your eyes only.

We hope you get stuck into our playground and keep up to date with the quirky world of Méduse®!

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