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#GetJumpy 2015 – Highlights

11 Nov , 2015  

Love is in the air and so was the world for #GetJumpy! Our kickin’ contest this year is now over, and well – it was the BEST one yet! Our bloggers were challenged to not only style up the Jumpy boots they were given, but to leap, bounce and JUMP in their new Méduse. And ever since the fashionistas showed off their take on #GetJumpy, you guys entered into the fun and took on the challenge for yourselves.  And now? We have three lucky winners.
Let’s take a look at some of the bloggers who showed off their magic…
Jumpin’ in Jumpmat Caramel is blogger Fanny of Madame Virgule, who’s ready for lift off!


Back in black and lookin’ effortlessly cool is Marlene of Dans la Bulle de Kenny. She’s certainly working a rock and roll style in our biker buckled JUMPAT boots!

Not only can she skate, she can also #GetJumpy! Jumping in her pink soled Jumpy boots, we have Rach from Koko Luxe!

Jumping into the Méduse spirit with her splash of colours, Leigh Travers of Fox & Feather works the stripes with this stylish #GetJumpy snapshot!

With her monochrome kimono-cape, she’s a superhero in style and in jumping! Wearing her Jumpy Marron / Bordeaux boots, it’s Amélie of Naturellement Blonde!

Those were just some of the awesome bloggers who got stuck into our challenge, and inspired you guys! If you haven’t seen the awesome ‘jumpers’ who entered #GetJumpy, take a look here!
We loved the entries from @cle.bourhis (top) and her mum @natbourthis (bottom) – full of funky art and colour!

Showing some near-impossible stunts, @o_tennessee (top) and @bobelini (bottom) caught our attention with these acrobatic jumps!


We loved how @aabstraact (top) and @dawnaddict (bottom) not only raised the bar with their jump, but snapped an awesome nature-esque background!


Looking stylish as ever and effortlessly cool for #GetJumpy, we have @fanytrueba (top) and blogger Sophie of @Les idées SoAddict (bottom)!

All you guys who entered did such a fab job and we cannot thank you enough! Check out the rest of the entries this year here – their snapshots will certainly give you tips for Instagram! It’s been an amazing year, and we’d love to thank our bloggers who joined us for this project, and everyone else who got involved. Well done to the three winners – you totally deserved it!
That’s a wrap!  

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Méduse Talks… With Elodie of Tukibomp

11 Mar , 2015  

Méduse Jumpy boots by elodie of tukibomp


At Méduse, we strive to seek out the underground talents who share our values. Another week, another star…

We have to say, we still have that Get Jumpy fever! Our blogger Elodie of Tukibomp recalls her exciting memories of our Get Jumpy contest. And yes, it was a contest that changed her life – seriously! Indeed Méduse still manages to work its magic on new fans, whatever the style and whenever the age.


Our big winner received our prized Jumpy. And, SURPRISE! She’s in love. Elodie tells us about how her new Jumpy boots, are a part of her world.


Totalement fan de mes nouvelles bottines Méduse encore merci!” 


Congrats once again for winning #GetJumpy! How are you planning to style your boots? We’d love to see a photo!

For me my Méduse are synonymous with comfort (they’re just so snug!), so I’m opting for a very a classic pair of blue petrol jeans, a cosy sweatshirt (below is my French Disorder sweatshirt made in Bordeaux) and a maxi Pimkie scarf!

unnamed (3)

How did you come to your winning jump? Where did you take the picture, and what inspired the shot? 

The photo of the contest was taken in my lounge, at 7am in the morning – I was more than motivated to do this – I had my tripod to help me, and I was done in three shots! Now that I have a pair of Jumpy boots, I can take a proper photo of me getting Jumpy!

unnamed (4)


If you could pick three things to wear with your Jumpy boots in your favourite place, what would you pick and where would you go? 

Three things? A camera, sunglasses, a book and I’d pick the beaches on Arcachon – since I’ve got my Méduse, I can go down to the coast to snap photos without getting wet and I fit the scenery, with my blue Méduse Jumpy!


When we say Get Jumpy, you say…?

I think of enjoying every moment, even the little things.

unnamed (5)


What would be the ideal song to Get Jumpy to? 

Happy by Pharrell Williams, Get Jumpy > Get Happy!


When we talk about the ‘French Touch’ – what does it mean to you?

For me, who’s not a total fashionista, the ‘French Touch’ is about celebrating French creators such as Méduse, wearing the ‘Made in France’ label and wearing it with pride.

unnamed (1)

And it’s you who makes us proud! We’d like to say a big thank you to Elodie for her contribution to Méduse. Check out her very own post on herself jumping, prancing and dancing in her Jumpy here! Stay tuned with Elodie’s updates on her blog, Facebook, Instagram & Twitter!

We hope to meet many more with the Méduse spirit just like Elodie, in the next years, decades and centuries!


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A week with Méduse…

10 Mar , 2015  

Méduse zebra Jumpy boots by adelinefrln

We’re coming to the end of the week and we have a spring in our step. Why? Because it’s been one those weeks were everything has been pretty ‘fan-tastic’!

Firstly we’ve seen Méduse friends across the world go voting mad for #GetJumpy – big thanks to you guys and of course to our awesome submissions. What fun :)

So finally, fantastic entries came down to one winner, and we’re pleased to announce that @Tukibomp has won herself a pair of our stylish Jumpy boots with this picture.


But she isn’t the only Méduse fan we’ve been celebrating this week.

All you jelly movers and shakers make us smile on a daily basis – so today, here’s a pick of our fave fashionistas a la Méduse.

Our Monday blues were brightened up by this beautiful shoot by @adelinefrln. Showing that the beach is the perfect place to show off your fashion style! Thank you also to @helenes44!

adelinefrln 1

@amberclaire_ made us dream of warm summer days in meadows avec jellies.


@madhujennyito Woke up with style with a pair of her black Jumpy boots.


@lenamichelet Showed off a little jelly shoe heritage with her childhood Méduse collection! Style through the years!

4 lenamichelet

Finally, this fabulous shot from @sogirlyblog. Keeping it cool, keeping it chic, even in the rain.

3 sogirlyblog

But that’s not all folks!

We’re wrapping up our week in style, with the French fashion show Who’s Next kicking off today! Check out our blog post yesterday for our top exhibitors we’re looking forward to seeing and make sure to visit our live updates here.

So that’s been our week. Pretty amazing isn’t it?

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Monday Music – The #GetJumpy Mix

9 Mar , 2015  

Collage Get Jumpy Mix w/ Méduse Jumpy boots

You’re on a train, with your headphones plugged in… and uh-oh – that electro-foot-stomping-ear-swarming song comes on. All you want to do is kick, thump, and Get Jumpy!

We all have that one song that fuels us with energy, gets us toe-tapping and fires our adrenaline – and for you guys, we’ve created the Get Jumpy playlist that will tick all these boxes!

So if you haven’t entered our competition Get Jumpy, you should follow some VERY important instructions ;-):

1) Play the #GetJumpy mix below

2) Let the tunes sink in

3) Pick up your camera

4) Photograph yourself jumping in the air / getting Jumpy

5) Upload your photo on to Instagram or Twitter with the hashtag #GetJumpy and tagging @meduseoriginal

6) Get voting for your favourite ”GETJUMPY’ shot on Facebook from 16th – 22nd January! Photo with the most votes WINS a pair of groovy JUMPY boots of their very own.

For more information on our contest, check out the details here:

Enjoy the playlist and Get Jumpy y’all!

PS: Don’t forget to follow us on Spotify, for Méduse-style musics!

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#GetJumpy – Our Heroes

9 Mar , 2015  

Méduse Jumpy boots Marine Bleu Get Jumpy Collage

Ahhhhhhh Jumpy boots *drool*… There’s just so many to choose from! We sent our bloggers a range of Jumpy boots for them to #GetJumpy in, and each one of them have put their own unique spin on not only how to Get Jumpy, but how to make them look awesome in an outfit. Take a look!

Jumpy Panthère 

These wild boots, sure did get Yuliya and Apneet roaring!

PicMonkey Collage Jumpy Panthere


Jumpy Anthracite Fuchsia 

Bloggers Amélie and Kate gave their #GetJumpy shot a power of pink!

PicMonkey Collage Jumpy Fuchsia


Jumpy Marine Bleu

Nicoline and Erica are our bouncing blue Get Jumpy stars!

PicMonkey Collage Jumpy Marine Bleu


Jumpy Petrole Bordeaux 

Blue and burgundy – well that’s a match made in heaven! Bloggers Julie, Laura and Lindsay have mastered this style of Jumpy!

PicMonkey Collage Jumpy Petrole Bordeaux


Jumpy Noir Rouge 

Kicking off their daring black and red Jumpy boots, we have Elsa, Mélie and Jen!

PicMonkey Collage Red Jumpy


Jumpy Taupe Noir

This is a shade which is oh so chic! Et voila! Here we have Marine and Maria!

PicMonkey Collage Jumpy Taupe


Jumpy Noir

Back in black Jumpy! These boots were rocked by Keshia, Allison and Nolwenn!

PicMonkey Collage Jumpy Noir


Jumpy Marron Noir 

And finally we have fashion blogger Corinne who’s not afraid to go for it and Get Jumpy!

PicMonkey Collage brown


Our bloggers have done an awesome job right?! We want you to follow their footsteps and #GetJumpy too! You have until midnight on Thursday 15th January to submit a photo of your jump on to Instagram or Twitter tagging @meduseoriginal and including the hashtag #GetJumpy.

All entries will be uploaded on to a Facebook album on our page, where the public will ‘like’ their favourite photo. Voting ends on Thursday 22nd January and the photo with the highest amount of likes will win a pair of Jumpy boots!

Let’s go guys!!!

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The 3 Jumps of #GetJumpy

9 Mar , 2015  

Méduse Jumpy boots Get Jumpy by little tree

Wowzers! As you may know, we have kick-started our brand new competition #GetJumpy! We asked our dear bloggers to reach new heights and snap themselves jumping in their Jumpy boots. The results so far? They’re fantastic.

These guys certainly know how to Get Jumpy – from ‘Jumping for Joy’ to ‘Singing in the Rain’, here are the 3 types of Jumpy jumps that have set Get Jumpy off to a flying start.

The ‘Jumping for Joy’ 

The jump where you feel on top of the world.

La Vie En Rose Get Jumpy
Erica Cats Eyes Gt Jumpy

The ‘Singing in the Rain’ 

Singing in the Rain or Mary Poppins – whichever, it’s still the magic jump.

nicolene defy get jumpy

keshia get jumpy

The ‘Just Jumpy’ 

Well the Jumpy boots speak for themselves!

julie gilberte get jumpy



Now here’s where you get involved!

For a chance to win your very own Jumpy boots, simply upload a photo of you jumping in the air onto Instagram or Twitter with the hashtag #GetJumpy and tagging @MeduseOriginal onto your post.

But hurry as you have until Thursday 15th January to enter the competition! All entries will be uploaded on to a Facebook album on our page, where the public will ‘like’ their favourite photo. Voting ends on Thursday 22nd January and the photo with the highest amount of likes will be the winner.

So come on, Get Jumpy, show us what you’ve got and win that pair of Jumpy boots!

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