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Festival Fashion by Méduse

2 Jul , 2015  

Feature image _ Meduse blog week 27

Your weekly jelly lesson, from us to you.

Jelly Step One: If you fancy rocking a comfy
yet cool style, try out this wide leg hippie style pants by
Topshop. It’s bright and orange,
so it’s perfect with our SUNLIGHT Corail!

Blog Illustrations_WEEK 27_festival outfits2

Jelly Step Two: Or you can really stand out
from the crowd with a bright and brilliant
feather headband from River Island teamed
with our groseille SUN sandals! Festival fever
is alive!

Blog Illustrations_WEEK 27_festival outfits3

Jelly Step Three: For a little something to
rock at night, we’re in love with New Look’s
jungle fever dress! How about a touch of
our glow in the dark jellies, to make
everyone green with envy?

Blog Illustrations_WEEK 27_festival outfits4

Jelly Step Four: Festivals are always
jam-packed from AM to PM, so it’s
essential to keep hydrated! How about
this gorgeous sea-green water bottle from
Urban Outfitters, paired with our NIKITA?

Blog Illustrations_WEEK 27_festival outfits5

Jelly Step Five: You know it. We know it.
And Warehouse knows it. Check out this
awesome kimono, complete with
lace. And it’s not a festival, if there’s no
mud! Say hello to our Flambor wellies!  

Blog Illustrations_WEEK 27_festival outfits6

Did you hit up Glastonbury last week? If you took some jelly shoes with you, send us the snapshots and we’ll celebrate them here! Here’s to more dancing in the sun, rain and mud! 😉

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Méduse Talks With… Méduse !!!

17 Apr , 2015  


At Méduse, we strive to seek out the underground talents who share our values. Every week, a new star…

Come on! You have to admit it. The new Méduse collection for Spring / Summer 15 is pretty damn awesome ;-). We’re forever twirling in our sparkling Nikita and we dance and prance on the rooftops of Paris in our new colours of the season.

But our inspiration stems from the heroic geniuses backstage, and we decided to chat to the clever clogs about the spirit and thought process behind our current season!

Meduse - New Rainbow


Our new collection is filled with colours that enhance the styles at Méduse. What would be THE word to describe this collection?

CANDY : because of the pastel mix that makes us think of sugar almonds and candy! And most of all, the nostalgic “back to childhood” spirit of our SUN jellies!

The new SUNLIGHT are a sparkling inspiration 😉 ! Where would be the best spots to wear them ?

Ibiza at sunset to party all night long! And for the kiddos : perfect to play ghosts in the dark :-)

Meduse - Glow in the dark


The new Saumon and Vert d’eau colors are a perfect match with the pastel trend. Why did you pick these colours ?

We needed some sweet tastes for the summer. Pastel are soft and feminine colours, which introduce the Spring season, the softness of the morning dew and the pleasure of sweet moments.

The new magazine for the new collection in collaboration with Les Paulettes is featured with pictures on the rooftops of Paris. What is the inspiration behind these pictures ?

The rooftops of Paris are synonymous with escapism and city adventure! This is the place where you chill with a few drinks with your friends or have a romantic time with your lover. It is a way to escape from the bustling city when in reality you can’t. But this is what Méduse is about – a walking holiday in the city!


Meduse - SS15 catalogue

Et voila! Words of wisdom from our backstage team!

A huge THANKS to the designers of Méduse, for sharing their words and spirit with us! Keep it up! <3

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A Week With Méduse…

10 Mar , 2015  

Collage Méduse weekly wrap up Jumpy boots at who's next & jelly shoes

Ahhhh… that’s the sound of us putting our jelly feet up. A rest is needed after the week we’ve had! On Monday, we finished off an amazing 4 days at teh fashion trade show Who’s Next 2015, and boy did we finish it off in style. In a true Méduse fashion, the wrap up went on until late into the night, glow in the dark style! Have you checked out our SUNLIGHT jellies yet? Put it this way – they’re the perfect pair of shoes to go rave the night away!

PicMonkey Collage rave

Of course, we showed off our upcoming collection – we’re talking new styles, colours and designs that are destined to be a perfect fit for you. I guess you can’t wait to see it too now! Overall the experience was great – we were on our feet all day, setting the scene, meeting new faces and keeping ourselves caffeinated. Here are some snapshots, from our weekend! Jumpy galore!

whos next 6whos next 5 whos next 4








We also had a chance to catch up with you guys, and as always – you continue to impress us with your Méduse magic. We’re wrapping up this week, with these Instagram heroes, who know how to work the Jumpy and jelly world. Step this way!

First up we have @audeboudard who is making Méduse footprints in the sand…



Next up is @chatfoin who is enjoying a spot of sparkly snow in Flampail!

@m_ham_muler has ticked off her winter checklist! Duffle coat – check! Snuggle scarf – check! Black Jumpy boots – CHECK!



Strolling the streets in Méduse… @margauxlgr



Bootiful in brown Jumpy boots @yukarisienne!


There’s only one Méduse! Isn’t that right @lescamaindemariecarla? 😉

lesacamaindemariecarla 2


And there you have it! Another week over, many more to come! Have a great weekend guys! Which is your favourite picture?

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Light Up the Night!

10 Mar , 2015  

party nightlife light effect

This year’s Who’s Next got us dreaming…about full moon parties. YES! Thousands of people gathering on the beaches of Kho Phangan each month with one fashion rule in mind – glow in the dark. Luminous paints aren’t the only accessory though – and Who’s Next Future of Fashion collaboration had one aim – to celebrate futuristic glow in the dark any way you can!

Who’s Next joined forces with 12 emerging designers to paint a glowing fashion story through a select few pieces – everything from a suitcase to a pair of socks featured in all their phosphorescent glory. A whole host of items we’re totally jelly of, and the perfect companions to our very own SUNLIGHT jellies!


The #GlownInTheDark trend was given centre stage on Sunday evening with a darkened corner of Who’s Next ‘graffiti’d’ with glow in the dark ink. It was a cool space that we felt pretty at home in – and we even spotted a photographer Gabriel Misfire who captured this awesome shot featuring his blog name – Will Shoot People for Food.

View this post on Instagram

#GlowInTheDark #wsn15 #love #life #fashion

A post shared by Gabriele Correddu (@willshootpeopleforfood) on

So here are a few of our glowing picks from this year’s event. SUNLIGHT jellies at the ready and bring on the full moon dance!

Raise your hands and rival the moon with the amazing nails from Alfa K.


As the night draws on – you may find yourself in need of one of these amazing jerseys from Louise de Testa, with their fluorescent futurist designs, it’s our kind of playful! Louise de Testa owns it.



Then, there’s something a little left field but quite up our street – we are in love with Cornaërt socks, because well, your feed need accessorizing too – and why not get a little funky and pair jellies with socks?

Oh and a cool Tokyo fashion statement from Serious Wapanese (it’s a cool look, we promise!)

Aaand lastly, but certainly not least, our SUNLIGHT jellies.  Perfect whether you’re prancing on the sand or splashing in the ocean! Something for the fish to look at too :)

What do you think to the glow in the dark trend?


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