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Méduse talks with… Emma’s Looking Glass

25 Nov , 2015  

Interview Emma's Looking glass
Last time, we got close with fashion & beauty pro Les idées SoAddict, this week it’s all about Emma’s Looking Glass.

Through chronic illness, Emma decided to set up a blog, so that she had a platform to share her passions, including details of her own style, tasty treats, intricate illustrations and more with the world.

“For Autumn I love mustard yellows, sage green and burgundy colours, it makes me happy to see them on trend this year.”


samantha walden
M – Emma! So we’ve spotted that not only are you a fashion & lifestyle blogger, but you’re also an artist, photographer – and cat lover! Could you tell us a bit more about yourself, your projects and your blog?  
E – I’ve always been really creative and I trained at the London college of fashion back in 2009 before becoming chronically ill. I have two long term illnesses, ME/CFS and Postural Orthostatic Tachycardia Syndrome, both have had a dramatic effect on all aspects of my life. It was hard to come to terms with a much slower pace of life at such a young age and left me feeling like I had lost my identity. I wasn’t really aware of blogging until my friend from uni suggested I started a blog, I always enjoyed modelling her creations when we were studying, so the idea of sharing my outfits seemed like a fun idea. A few years on and I don’t know where I would be without my own creative space online, Emma’s Looking Glass has really helped me to engaged with the outside world as well as allowing me to be creative when my body allows it. It’s also helped me maintain and improve my photography skills. I hope one day to be well enough to own an online shop to sell my own illustrations and photography prints. That’s the dream! But for now I focus my energy on smaller projects, earlier this year I created 8 personalised illustrations which I sold with all profits going towards a fund raiser for ME Research Uk, I also dressed up as a princess for a day – which I blogged as an outfit and was a lot of fun too! Both projects combined raised £1189.04 for charity which I’m very proud of.
wood watch skirt and denim jacket outfit
M – We’ve noticed you’re flaunting many floral prints, yet you’re loving autumn on your Instagram! What styles will you be wearing this season? Are there any particular shades that you think fit the season?
E – I do love a good floral print but sometimes I just want to step away from them, on those days I pick stripes. I have at least 10 striped tops. I think it’s becoming a bit of an issue! For Autumn I love mustard yellows, sage green and burgundy colours, it makes me happy to see them on trend this year.
windram design
M – You’re a foodie with many quirky recipes in stock! Which treats are you addicted to at the moment?
E – I have a really sweet tooth, I’d be happy to eat cake everyday, all day if I could. I also love salt and a silver lining of having Chronic illnesses is that my cardiologist recommends lots of salt! At the moment I’ve been enjoying some amazing homemade sea salted fudge that my best friend bought back for me from a trip to Cornwall a few weeks ago. It’s a great treat that I can’t leave alone!
woodland cakes
M – Challenge time! With autumn well and truly here, our Jumpy boots are hot on the scene. Thus we challenge you to mock up a styleboard using a pair from our Jumpy boot collection! How would you pair it with accessories and clothes? Up for the challenge? 😉
E – I loved picking out an outfit for this challenge! I’m currently obsessed with this Mod Dolly acorn shirt and I think pinafore dresses are so sweet and versatile this time of year.  I’ve picked out the tan buckle detailing to the Méduse boots and used that as a base colour for the coat and bag which I think would tie the look in nicely. I hope you like it!
Styleboard emma's looking glass
Thank you so much for your time Emma, we agree that dressing as a princess for the day should be a standard! Keep in touch with Emma’s crafts, recipes and outfits on her blog & amazing Instagram!


vendula london

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Méduse Original People

Méduse Talks With… Camille

1 Jul , 2015  

At Méduse, we strive to seek out the underground talents who share our values. Every week, a new star…

‘The best outfit to wear your jellies is the one when you feel like you’re on holiday.’

Whether she’s illustrating away or musing around town – you’ll always see the cool cat, Camille bopping around in her candy pink Méduse. We caught up with this bright artist who shares the secrets behind her talent! Make way!
M – We really like your illustrations and we notice you have an array of styles within your drawings. How would you describe your style?
C – Firstly, thank you for your interest in my illustrations! Indeed, I use different styles in my drawings. Usually, I make cartoon-style illustrations, with simple expressions and vivid colours – it’s a style which is spontaneous and fun! But I also like to create illustrations which are more realistic and perfectionist. It all depends on the subject. Sometimes, it’s important to come back to something more classical to improve the techniques, the perspectives and the proportions. Having different styles helps to keep an objective perception of my own style. I also like to adapt the illustrations depending on what they represent.
M – Do you have particular source of inspiration? Do some things inspire you more than others?
C – I mainly get inspiration from my daily life, my experiences and my moods. For a long time, I was writing a blog where I would try to bond my illustrations with some funny experiences which were happening to me, even though it was not always very exciting! Now, I start with short stories I get from writers. Or I draw what I observe and what strikes me.

M – We spotted a sneaky snippet of our Méduse in one of your photos on Facebook! What is your perfect outfit to wear with your Méduses?
C – Yes, I have a pair of SUN Bonbon sandals. I love to wear them all the time: at the beach, in the city, on my balcony, when shopping… The perfect outfit to wear with my jellies is the one that makes me feel like I’m on holiday. I often wear rough blue denim jeans, which are rolled up above the ankles – as if I was going fishing!
M – Here is a challenge for you! Could you create an illustration with a pair of Méduse? It can be anything you want, let your imagination run free!
C – Challenge accepted!

M – Finally, let’s take a step back to childhood. Could you tell us one of your memories with with Méduse?
C – The Méduses saved me from weevers in the water, many times when when I was a child. Luckily, my Méduses avoided me from getting bitten so I could fully enjoy swimming. Not only are they pretty shoes but they also insure your safety! Méduse is also necessary for pebble beaches !!

Yep! She said it. Wear Méduse and you’ll be THE ultimate summer girl. High five to Camille for joining us here, we’re super happy to have her featured on our blog! Find all her illustrations on her portfolio and her Facebook page!

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