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Monday Music – The #GetJumpy Mix

9 Mar , 2015  

Collage Get Jumpy Mix w/ Méduse Jumpy boots

You’re on a train, with your headphones plugged in… and uh-oh – that electro-foot-stomping-ear-swarming song comes on. All you want to do is kick, thump, and Get Jumpy!

We all have that one song that fuels us with energy, gets us toe-tapping and fires our adrenaline – and for you guys, we’ve created the Get Jumpy playlist that will tick all these boxes!

So if you haven’t entered our competition Get Jumpy, you should follow some VERY important instructions ;-):

1) Play the #GetJumpy mix below

2) Let the tunes sink in

3) Pick up your camera

4) Photograph yourself jumping in the air / getting Jumpy

5) Upload your photo on to Instagram or Twitter with the hashtag #GetJumpy and tagging @meduseoriginal

6) Get voting for your favourite ”GETJUMPY’ shot on Facebook from 16th – 22nd January! Photo with the most votes WINS a pair of groovy JUMPY boots of their very own.

For more information on our contest, check out the details here:

Enjoy the playlist and Get Jumpy y’all!

PS: Don’t forget to follow us on Spotify, for Méduse-style musics!

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Meduse Life,Meduse world,Original ideas

Monday Music – Best of French

9 Mar , 2015  

collage Méduse jelly shoes & french music albums

Us Frenchies – we really do know how to make an awesome tune.

I mean, let’s look at just a few of our great legends – Edith Piaf, Françoise Hardy and Daft Punk. And you know what? Today – we’re still singing in tune 😉

We know everyone’s familiar with artists like David Guetta and Justice, but that’s not all there is to our musique. We’ve been playing along to many musical movements for years, from the modern chanson in the swinging 60’s to the nu-wave 80’s and now more recently the electro-poptastic scene.

French music gives you the best of both worlds – our music is set to fit any mood. Think about it – we’re all for deep, poetic and meaningful lyrics, but at the same time, we can’t get enough of pumping the music out loud and busting some moves on the dancefloor!

So guys, enough talking – join us in toe-tapping in your Méduse, to our Best of French playlist!

Et voilà !


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Meduse world,Original ideas

#MondayMusic – Red Hot Playlist

15 Dec , 2014  


Red + music = Salsa? Head-bangers? Oooh Luther Vandross?

When we think of the colour red in relation to music, we don’t know where to start. Not only does it make us want to punch the air whilst miming to a passionate power ballad, it also makes us want to kick, stomp and jump around in our fiery red jellies… until we’re really out of breath.

So check out our Red Hot Playlist with some rouge tracks from around the world. We’re talking sizzling salsa songs by Kings of Salsa and rockin’ red tunes from Red Hot Chili Peppers and the Kings of Leon. Kapow!


Follow Méduse Original on Spotify! It’s a Collaborative Playlist, so we are waiting for your songs!



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