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The Jelly Lesson – How to wear jelly shoes with your best friend!

28 May , 2015  

Your weekly jelly lesson, from us to you.

Jelly Step One: There are many ways you
can match your jellies with your best
friend. But let’s start with colour. How
about a mix of dark and light blue
(like our SUN cobalt and vert d’eau)?

blog illustrations week 21_Besties! - Copy

Jelly Step Two: Or, you could
totally rock the #teamjellies look
by matching your jellies and SOCKS!

blog illustrations week 21_Besties!2 - Copy

Jelly Step Three: You know what
we love? We love a colour contrast! And
who better to do it with, than with your
BFF? Let’s go orange and blue!

blog illustrations week 21_Besties!3

Jelly Step Four: Sorry, we haven’t
finished yet! What’s the ultimate
colour contrast? Could it be a spot of
monochrome magic?

blog illustrations week 21_Besties!4

Jelly Step Five: Or how about going 
all out and showing off a sassy salmon-
pink in SUN and Javana! Two styles. One

blog illustrations week 21_Besties!5

However you rock the #teamjellies look. Double the jellies, double the better! Stand bold and show the world what you’ve got!

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