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A week with Méduse…

10 Mar , 2015  

Gotta get down on Friday! We’re getting down and wrapping up our week at Méduse. Explore ‘A Week With Méduse’ to find our highlights, picks and Méduse photos from fans around the world. 


Who’s ready for Valentine’s Day tomorrow?

We’re guilty – we’ve been feeling lovey dovey since the beginning of the week, and well… we’re very very very very very excited for a whole lot of jelly love tomorrow!

But really this week, is sincerely dedicated to the big jelly-loving peeps out there, and in particular two very special superfans…

As you know we spoke to Méduse follower Céline Rodrigues, who had a lot to say about her stylish world. With lots and lots of fashion tips and wise thoughts to ponder on, Céline sure did get us dreaming!

But our week was truly swarmed by singing starlet Sarah Sakusei, who created the BEST jelly song, we’ve EVER heard… EVER! If you haven’t seen it yet, then you really ought to click play button and hear the tune!


So yeah, jelly love has totally been in the air this week! But that’s not all, of course: we ain’t leaving you hanging as here are the best Jumpy snapshots of the week. Big, bold, BOOTIFUL.


@bulledenelly is kicking it cosy, with Jumpy!

bulledenelly (1)

Oooh, a new pair of Jumpy boots – there’s no better feeling, right @t_t_95158?!


Last but not least, it’s our mega Méduse fan @pillapon1!

pillapon1 (1)


Just Jumpy – you don’t need anything else ;-). If you fancy featuring in our Friday wrap up post here, then upload your Méduse photos onto Instagram with the hashtag #meduse and tag @meduseoriginal!

So we hope you guys have an amazing weekend, and a very Happy Valentine’s Day! But one last thing… are you going to see 50 Shades of Grey? We think you should see this instead…


Strip resized 2


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