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A Week With Méduse…

10 Mar , 2015  


Explore ‘A Week With Méduse’ to find our highlights, picks and Méduse photos from fans around the world. 

This week has been super special, as we’ve joined our friends in China & Taiwan to celebrate the Chinese New Year! We hope you had a blast! It’s the year of the yang (otherwise known as a goat / ram / sheep) and those born under the yang are meant to be tender, polite, filial, clever, and kind-hearted. That sounds like a nice bunch! We’d like to think we’re the ying to your yang 😉




Moving on from the Chinese new year, animal print has been on our Méduse minds! Zebra, leopard, panther – you name it, wild prints took over our world. We spoke to several fashion stars, such as Eva-Mona, Alexandrine and Virginie who each gave their own twist on the animal print trend. So much so, that Eva-Mona even made an amaaaaaaaazing cheesecake inspired by our Zebra Jumpy boots! If you fancy baking and scoffing an entire cheesecake to yourself this weekend, you can find the recipe here!

unnamed (1)

Once again, you guys have been sending in your Méduse photos from around the world! This week we’re featuring some Méduse heroes from Japan to Singapore.


First up we have @febnon who’s stepping into Jumpy!


Arty, sparkly jelly-ness with @geusaram!



@m_ham_muler gives you the winter warmer Jumpy checklist! Have you got it?

m_ham_muler 2


Et voilà! The final look! @m_ham_muler


m_ham_muler (1)



You know we love seeing your Méduse photos! So why don’t you upload them on Instagram with the hashtag #meduse to feature on our blog and Instagram! Show us what you’ve got!

That’s all for now guys! We’ll be back on Monday for a very special week where we’ll be looking at ‘Méduse Through The Ages’, so stay tuned.

Enjoy the rest of your weekend amigos! X

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