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A Week With Méduse…

11 Mar , 2015  


Explore ‘A Week With Méduse’ to find our highlights, picks and Méduse photos from fans around the world. 

This week we’ve travelled through the years from when we were born in 1946! We highlighted the friends and legends who have shaped our story so far, and have created the special milestones in our timeline. From Mamie Méduses, a local legend of the Côte des Basques who carried her Méduse everyday, to another Méduse lover – Hélène S., who has gone from paddling in Méduse jellies, to jumping in Jumpy today! Who says you have to be a kid to rock Méduse?!

PicMonkey Collage wrap up


We also spoke to the winner of Get Jumpy 2015, Elodie of Tukibomp! We looked back at the highlights of the competition, and how her life is now with her jumpin’ Jumpy boots. And what do you know? It’s bright, bouncing and BOOTIFUL!

PicMonkey Collage Tukibomp


We also received a lovely photo from our Méduse singing starlet Sarah Sakusei (remember the Méduse song she rocked?), who’s showing off her brand new Jumpy boots in the icy snow! Check it out!




And as always, we’ve got the best snapshots of the week from you guys in your Méduse! So here we go!

First up we have @yukot22 who’s ready to rock n’ roll in the rain!




Hop into Jumpy like @emmie_eliott!




Frenchness from Japan at its finest – striped and Jumpy with @buu_mama!



Splashing about in the rain? Yeah, we’ll join you @alessiabrttoni!

alessiabrttoni (1) 


Once again, it’s our Japanese stylist of Méduse @m_ham_muler

m_ham_muler 2 (1)


HOP! <3 @m_ham_muler 

m_ham_muler (2)



And that’s this week over! We’d like to thank all of the guys who shared their stories with us this week – it is you who makes the story of Méduse so special and so unique.

Stay tuned for next week’s theme, as we’re jumping around the world and showcasing the heroes on the Méduse map.

Have a great weekend! X

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