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You know you’re a Méduse jelly lover when…

11 Dec , 2014  

We all have our vices…ours are, well, Méduse jellies. All shapes, styles, colours, sizes. Who’s with us?

1. The moment you don your SUN jellies you instantly want to do this.


2. You’re not afraid to look a little different – because well…


3. Colour is your friend. Bright, daring, whacky, you can’t say no! And anyway, it’s fine, because maybe you’re a little mad too!


4. You can’t wait for the new season’s styles to be released…


5. Literally.


6. And when they’re revealed, you just can’t choose. Don’t worry though…


7. Your friends are super jelly of your unique fashion sense.


8. Because, when you wear Méduse, you can’t help but feel a little more ‘French chic’.


9. You know you look incredible, and you won’t let anyone tell you otherwise.


10. So – embrace the French Original with both hands and strut your stuff with pride. Méduse – we’ve got you covered!


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